Welcomed transparency from the Butler team.

We can confirm that the GriffinWatch Team made a donation of £20 via paypal on the 3rd of July 2010:


Eddy Butler Publishes His Campaign Donations

In a party where information is deliberately concealed from party members, Eddy Butler has blazed a trail by publishing a breakdown of his campaign donations and expenditure, as promised.

In a move of refreshing transparency, Mr Butler revealed that he has so far managed to raise £1,384, with £600.07 being donated at his highly popular election roadshows.

Mr Butler has pledged a further promise to provide weekly updates on his campaign finances.


All monies raised during the leadership challenge will be administered by Campaign Treasurer, Steve McCole and Campaign Deputy Treasurer, Chris Francis.

All donations will be paid into a joint business account named ‘Leadership Challenge’ and withdrawals will require the signatures of both the treasurer and deputy treasurer.

Petty cash records, bank statements and Paypal statements will be regularly scrutinised by members of the campaign team.

All expenses claimed by members of the campaign team must be approved by both the treasurer and deputy treasurer.

Weekly reports of donations and expenses will be displayed on this blog.

Donate with confidence:
No name of any donator will be published on this site

If you wish to pay by cheque please make it payable to:
Leadership Challenge
Send it to:

At the end of the campaign, after all expenses have been claimed and paid, any remaining funds will be paid to the Royal British Legion ‘Poppy Appeal’.”




2 thoughts on “Welcomed transparency from the Butler team.

  1. Anonymous

    Griffage at the palace today for the queens garden party should be fun.Golding should have a whale of a time with "charlie" Reynolds might score with a few overweight corgis and Darby can talk about all the latest gadgets with the security/M15 team.


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