Jonathan Bowden has his say.

“As the former BNP cultural officer between 2004 and 2007 I wish to urge members of the BNP to nominate Eddy Butler at this time so that he can stand in the leadership election against the current chairman.

I feel that a change of leadership at this time is vitally necessary if the party is not to go backwards and lose the electoral ground that it has already marked out. It is well known that radical right parties have always suffered a loss of support under a conservative government, it is therefore vital that the party renews itself with a brand new leader.

The British National Party faces the danger of returning to electoral obscurity and the complete fringe if it does not renew itself with a new face at the top.

Talk of the present chairman going on for another four years and then handing the reins to his daughter is completely absurd. It will also lead to the party’s semi-destruction.

I urge full party members, particularly those of longstanding membership, to facilitate such a challenge even if they intend to vote for the present incumbent. Anyone can sign a nomination paper in order to allow an election to take place.

It is said by some that elections are treacherous and more realistically that they are divisive. A political party is not a gang and is not the fiefdom of one individual or a small clique; if it is to survive it has to renew itself with new and bold leadership. This is such a time.”


5 thoughts on “Jonathan Bowden has his say.

  1. Anonymous

    Another Gri££in ploy it seems to extract one's limited income is to ignore, after a set time has elapsed the BNP eNews option: > Click here for automatic UNSUBSCRIBEand start sending out those begging emails once again. I have today started to once more get these infernal begging emails after previously unsubscribing. It's the same with the postal mail except that has never stopped after I asked them to remove my name/address from the mailing list after my membership lapsed.Griffin's BNP is nothing to do with saving the country and the indigenous people but fleecing the members and supporters while giving them false hope. It's got to be Zionist and State. All these illegal sackings, court cases and leaked members lists are no accident but a deliberate policy of fleecing the nationalist goyim, financing the lawyers and funding their State lackey's like Griffin's profligate lifestyles.

  2. Anonymous

    Refusal to comply with requests that your details be deleted from both e.mail and postal appeals databases is an offence. You can make an official complaint on


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