Griffarages begging bowl puts in another appearance.

We knew that it would be long before Griffarage and his cohorts (co-defendants?) launched another appeal. He just can’t seem to help himself, from trying to help himself to your dosh!!!!!
Let us not forget that if Griffarage had abided by the judges ruling, regarding the E.H.R.C.s nefarious interference in a legal political party, in the first place, there would be no need for the party to be in court again, with the obvious expense and wasted time that this incurs.

Clearly the post below, on the B.D.F. forum is deliberately timed to help to encourage you to “lighten your wallet” at Griffarages behest:

BNP Books to be opened up.

The ROs via Acting National Organiser Clive Jefferson have asked Nick Griffin for a AC meeting to study the party books to get the info to blow all the mis-information away.
Nick Griffin has said “No problem” and has welcomed the move.
The meeting is to be held on the 14th August.”

Here are some cutting edge comments that expose Griffarages, quite frankly pathetic attempts at allaying the members correctly held suspicions. 

The books to be opened up? And quite rightly so. Sounds like a big event, although, of course, they should have been transparent at all times. I am a professional accountant who is a gold member. Will I get access to these? Will members of the AC be able to understand the books and be able to analyse them? Will they know the questions to ask once they are looking at the books?

Griffin, invite me along as well. I’ll bet you won’t.”

“So it’s only taken Nick Griffin 11 years as leader and because of the most serious challenge to his leadership to undertake such a move and all because Mr Purgative of the North himself in a Damascene conversion to transparency and openness has requested it.

You may fool the gullible, misinformed and naive but you do not fool anyone on here.

Have the accounts been submitted yet?”

“I assume that all supporting paper work i.e. bank statements, invoices, purchase orders, paye records, petty cash reciepts, utility bills, etc, etc will be available to a qualified accountant such as Horatio for audit purposes?”

“If anyone believes that ‘the books’ to be shown to the AC in August will be genuine then you’re living in cloud cuckoo land. There will be furious activity between now and then to concoct a set of innocent looking accounts and neither itemised invoices nor receipts wlll be available. When David Hannam was Deputy Treasurer he used to send statements out to group fundholders and the fundholder saw what he expected to see. Had the regional accounting unit accounts been available they would have told a very different story. The party is not above concocting accounts and issuing false statements to hide the fact that the central account is always on the take from the regions.

And I’d bet my life that neither the Trafalgar Club accounts nor itemised statements of purchases made on the party’s credit cards are made available. If the AC had their wits about them they would insist on seeing them too.”

What drugs are you on mate? Griffin could of opened the books weeks ago! He was asked to call an EGM and appoint three independant auditors he agreed then twenty four hours later renaged. The Party could of been given a clean Bill of health then, however certain RO’s now want to see the books to make sure there not being duped by ‘Nick’. They have questions to ask, they wish to know how much debt the Party is in!”
Cooked books can be spotted by an accountant. Quite easily. And that is, of course, a criminal offence, money laundering at the very least. I would not advise people to ‘cook books’.”
(Words from a qualified accountant. Ed.)
Whoever opens the books, should use gloves when handling. Tip-Ex on the hands can be an irritant to some people, a bit like Griffin.”
The BNP accounts to 31st December 2009 were of course due at the Electoral Commission’s offices on 7th July. The Commission is likely to publish the accounts of those parties that filed on time on its web site this week, or at the latest, next week. They should make interesting reading. The national treasurer and former supermarket trolley shover Dave Hannam is too incompetent to prepare quarterly management accounts. I doubt that he can prepare bank reconciliations, or even knows what they are. So what will the AC see on 14th August that the Electoral Commission didn’t on 7th July? (always supposing that audited accounts were filed on time, which they probably weren’t!)”
“I just noticed on the Election Commission website under News Releases there is the following statement concerning the BNP:

Election Commission News Release

BNP Statement of Accounts

14 Apr 2010

In January 2010 the Electoral Commission, the independent party finance watchdog, began a case review following concerns raised in the independent auditor’s opinion about the adequacy of the 2008 statement of accounts of the British National Party.

The case has now become an investigation. However, it is important to note – particularly during an election period – that no conclusion has been reached and therefore no assumption should be made as to whether a breach of the rules has occurred.

Obviously this is old news, but there doesn’t seem to be any indication this has been concluded or the investigation findings reported. I note that the BNP has already made statements previously saying the investigation found nothing wrong with the BNP’s
accounts or fund raising donations (I’m assuming their comments referred to this recent investigation).

Any comments on this? I have contacted the Election Commission to query the outcome or status of the investigation, waiting for a reply.”

“I have contacted the Election Commission to query the outcome or status of the investigation (into the 2008 accounts), waiting for a reply.

UPDATE: Just got a reply from the Election Commission to say the investigation is still “ongoing” and they will publish the findings on the website when it’s completed.”

(With the Electoral Commission still investigating the 2008 BNP accounts, Griffarage shows an amazing amount of cheek by asking for yet more money. Ed.)
“What has happened to this years accounts? If they were filed on time, the Electoral Commission will publish them on 29th July. Otherwise, more fines for Nicholas.”
As you can see from the above comments, Griffarages pathetic, I’m going to open the books scam, like the average U.A.F. supporter, just won’t wash. Ed.

3 thoughts on “Griffarages begging bowl puts in another appearance.

  1. Anonymous

    With the Begometer back up and begging, it is important to remember that the now infamous Truth Truck appeal which similarly showed a target of £30,000 actually raised in the region of £80,000 for a 2nd hand Dowson anti abortion truck that he apparently still owns? The begometer was deliberately held back then to fleece the last penny out of those stupid goyim. With many nationalists a lot wiser and poorer as a result these days, that's unlikely to happen this time but no doubt there will still be plenty of dupes around who stupidly think that all this stuff about Gri££in is a load of hogwash and all who don't support him are just a bunch of Reds. Stupid is as stupid does.

  2. Anonymous

    It just occured to me that the begometer rearing its ugly face again could be a ploy to disguise flagging support for the Gri££in camp. Even if they get not a single donation, just watch that mercury rising up the scale to make it appear like the money is rolling in. Who's to know? Of course those doubting Thomases or ex Griffin campers who are stupid enough to fall for such deceitful begometer nonsense may be swayed and finally tempted to throw their hat as well as their hard earned money into the Griffin ring circus as they see that begometer on the up and up. It's just a thought but such Zionist deception really does work if you let your guard down. It worked before on the Dowson Truth Truck appeal but in the opposite sense. Then they held the mercury back to keep those donations rolling in, all the way up to £80,000 though this was never disclosed until I think Simon Bennett spilled the beans on this monumental deception. Nothing to do with SB of course especially when trying to be loyal to one's employer and not to rock the BNP boat for sake of people and country. It would all be well spent after all would it not?Now I reckon they'll nudge it upwards first past £5,000 then past £10,000. Just watch people's consciences prick and kick in as they feel they are letting the Griffin BNP side down, what with all those (self inflicted) court costs to pay and that nasty Trevor Phillips who calls BNP members less than human. I'm certain this is the real agenda with this latest appeal.


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