Everyone point and laugh at Morris and his handlers.

The Green Arrow false flag nationalist (actually a zionist/sayanim website) webstats. are continuing to rapidly decline.
Keep up the ranting and ever increasingly more delirious posts Morris.
You are making the job of true nationalists, like us here at GriffinWatch, so much easier. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Everyone point and laugh at Morris and his handlers.

  1. Anonymous

    Remember when morris attended his first RWB last year and put a picture of himself from behind up on his blog speaking to a billboard in a tent with no one in attendance in the background does make me wonder ! didnt he resign shortly after from the party or was he pushed ?

  2. Anonymous

    This from 'James' Dowson (if it is him) today on the latest Morris article that is not worth mentioning by name but is about an apparent cyber attack or re-direction of web traffic or something or other on Richard Barnbrook's blog that the judge, jury and executioners over at Greenberg Arrowitz and Griffin's BNP are blaming all on – guess who?Web Monkey!!! Get over here and explain yourself!!!'Once again we see the Butler/Bennett gang doing what they do best, lying, cheating and stealing'Also:-'I am no great friend of Richard Barnbrook and vice versa'Coming from Dowson the first quotes a bit rich!From the second quote it looks like one big happy family over in the Dowson/Griffin/Morris camp.You can be certain that Simon Bennett is on the right side of the law on this seeing as it was SB's server/domain (not 100% sure of the terminology) that Richard Barnbrook continued to use and SB allowed him to. I can't say I blame SB for teaching RB a lesson for changing allegiance, then having the brass neck to stand along with Adam Walker as well to deliberately frustrate the Eddy Butler challenge. BNP democracy? Looks like SB has given them all a legal lesson in democracy. Griffin and cohorts should try it sometime.

  3. Anonymous

    Gri££in wants at lot of us traditional working-class Nationalists to walk away, it's what he has always planned, our shoes are to be filled by right-wing Middle-class Tory types and disillusioned Christians, and he doesn't mind what colour they are either as long as they have deep pockets. We should stick to the BNP like glue and not let go!

  4. Anonymous

    I wished this shower of shit Harrington would keep his ugly State Asset face out of party business, this arch-shitbag has been a thorn in the side and a wrecker of Racial Nationalism for far too long, he needs to be sorted out big time!"BNP Nomination Process and Solidarity Union – a Personal Statement from the Pat Harrington" "I don't believe in beating around the bush. I have been asked to express my opinion and I will. Eddy Butler hates our Union. Don't nominate him. If you have nominated him on one of his invalid, unofficial forms don't worry. It will not count anyway. Use the official form to nominate whosoever you please. Eddy has had a lot to say about our Union and now I say this of him – Eddy is a wrecker who does not deserve the support of any genuine Nationalist." http://www.thegreenarrow.co.uk/news/solidnews/2225-bnp-nomination-process-and-solidarity-union-a-personal-statement-from-the-gs

  5. GriffinWatch

    We have detailed files on Harrington. :-)The STATE are in deep shit, they've already tried to distance themselves (Darbys resignation as deputy leader), it won't be long before the STATE are forced to cut Griffarage loose totally.Then of course there is the states Special Branch monitoring of LEGAL POLITICAL parties, which they have tried to use in order to interfere in a member of G.W.s family matters.It will all come out.We are winning, make no mistake about that. 😉

  6. Anonymous

    His arch-Highness the right reverent James Arbuthnot Dowson MBE DSO has spoken Amen: " Those that lie about me shall be cast into the Fires of Hell, I'm am the truthful all seeing one!" More bull from Dodgy Dowson posted on the pro-Zionist Green Arrow blog."Jim Dowson · 10 hours ago Incredible! First we had all the lies about the truth truck-DISPROVED, then we had the lies about the TC paying for a Griffin wedding- DISPROVED, then we had the Simon Bennett lies about his fees, then the laptop lies – DISPROVED, then Mr Edmonds lying about my fees – DISPROVED, then the stupendous lies about Marmite, DISPROVED, and, many, many more ridiculous lies and smears. These are the tactics, indeed the classic tactics of the’ Frankfurt school’ of cultural Marxism. Just look how the far left are bigging up Bennett and butler while ignoring some of their more ‘interesting and newsworthy antics while me and the Belfast staff are slatted EVERY single week in Ireland’s leftwing papers. Anybody continuing to believe the torrent of DISPROVED lies spewing from the butler/Bennett camp really needs to get a grip of themselves and do not allow these men to make a fool of anymore good nationalists."

  7. Anonymous

    Very foolish statement made by Bi-Sexual Baffoon Barnbrook tonight, this faggot is being used by Gri££in to spread poison and confusion!"I have been fielding phone calls all day after it was announced that I was standing for nomination in the BNP Leadership Elections. Yellow forms have been dropping through the boxes of those eligible to nominate since yesterday. The forms are an improvement on previous years with a number of security features to ensure that forgeries can be detected. This is very important as Red Fascist groups like the misnamed 'UAF' have indicated that they will seek to submit fake forms based on the leaked membership lists. Eddy Butler who has design his own signature nomination paper and make it available for download on the web! No wonder that Head Office has rightly said that only nominations made on the secure, official form will be accepted as valid.Anyway, back to the phone calls! I've been asked by people who signed the unofficial forms produced by Eddy if they can nominate me instead. Members who want reform in the Party have said that they did not know at the time that I would be putting my name forward and prefer me to the other candidates. The answer is simple. The forms produced by Mr Butler are invalid. They will not be counted. There is therefore no reason you cannot change your mind now that you have the full facts and nominate me by writing in my names on the official, valid yellow form.I hope that you will consider nominating me as I will ensure that there is fairness and transparency in the Party and end the back-biting and disunity"http://richardbarnbrookgla.blogspot.com

  8. Anonymous

    Griffin's BNP is like Reservoir Dogs. True Nationalists are caught in the crossfire of these Griffin Dogs of internecine War. Griffin's attack dogs are capable of anything like the lunatic in Reservoir Dogs who struts his gangster-like stuff on a hostage cop while Stealers Wheel play #Stuck in the Middle With You# on the radio in the background. The hapless cop survives that attack but not for long. In fact, everybody and I mean everybody dies. There's not a man left standing. The Reservoir Dogs were all better off dead anyway as Bruce Willis in Last Man Standing would say.

  9. Anonymous

    Re anon at 18:22"I can't say I blame SB for teaching RB a lesson for changing allegiance, then having the brass neck to stand along with Adam Walker as well to deliberately frustrate the Eddy Butler challenge."Adam Walker should in fact read Derek Adams. You could be forgiven. All these Griffinites look and sound the same. lol

  10. Anonymous

    will dowson then hand back the 50K he conned from Irish pro-lifers on the condition he wouldnt raise funds from Ireland?of course he did exactly that!


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