The pro-Griffarage, pro-zionist, Green Arrow websites stats. go into freefall.

 After being exposed by us here at GriffinWatch as a Sayanim (Pro-Zionist) honey trap website, that is designed to lead nationalists down the incorrect “support Israel/support Griffarage” path (whilst attempting to empty their wallets in a Griffinesque stylee), the green arrows website statistics have gone into freefall. More and more BNP supporters are clearly now seeing the truth and indeed acting accordingly.
We now know that the nasty little pro-zionist Paul Morris game is up.
Morris is a fantasist and an imbecile, hated by both the right and left in equal amounts (a unique scenario) so who is really pulling the “Green Arrows” strings?

Is it any wonder the the Green Arrows begging/donate button remains firmly in the red?

34 thoughts on “The pro-Griffarage, pro-zionist, Green Arrow websites stats. go into freefall.

  1. Anonymous

    Well Done GW for exposing this Y** loving piece of shit, it was evident from many of the comments put on GA after the Israel brothers in arms article that people were not happy. Hopefully that fat git Greenberg is now chocking on his bagel?

  2. Anonymous

    The whole Green Arrow website thing deserves to die a slow agonising death but I suspect Morris will decide to, or be told to pull the plug long before then now that he and his fellow writers have been exposed for the arch Zionist villains that they are. His constant banging on about Islam which has been deliberately and systematically imported into the west by the Zionists pursuing their Frankfurt School, Marxist nation wrecking, globalist agenda should have alerted many but the 'Israel/BNP: Comrades in Arms' article was surely the last straw for any doubters? The only way you can access the comments now on this article is by using Internet Explorer web browser, which should set alarm bells ringing as has been posted on here previously.There was a follow up article by BC1959 titled 'Allies…Who can we trust?' which seems to have been a damage limitation attempt but has proved just as damaging for Morris in my opinion, Reconquista's further input especially. A couple of quotes from one of his comments—"Same challenge to you as I've given all of your jew-hating, anti-semitic ilk""The jew-haters need to go or I do. Which of you nutzi cranks has got the guts for a fight?"I've looked through the thread and cannot see any reason for him using such hateful language. This Reconquista creature is clearly in need of some serious help.Thankfully I only ever donated a tenner to one of Morris's appeals ages ago. I bet he bought a round with it!

  3. Anonymous

    He is now asking people to donate £3 to the bnp by text ? Anyone would think the BNP is being wound up and the welsh weasel is on commission to bring in as much cash before it folds !Personally i would rather give £3 to the romanian big issue seller in town or starving kids in africa than contribute to nick griffin's next supper.

  4. Anonymous

    I spoke to Michaela two weeks ago on the telephone and she told me that if Griffin didn't pay her on the allotted date she would reveal all, there is no fury like a woman scorned! Her statement proves that Griffin knew who was running the smear blog 'The BNP Truth Chronicles,' many of us suspect Arthur Kemp was running this awful site.

  5. Anonymous

    " i am the music man i come from down your way " joey smith has launched a site called bnp crusaders,this his latest comments on facebook :BNP Crusaders is full speed ahead with plans being drawn up with trips and events for the coming monthsRemember, if you are 18 – 30 and want to join email us at ********lol,dowson will have him running package tours to magaluf for a knock down price of £5000 if your a member,£4000 if your a gold member and £3000 if your a life member.Stick to writing crap songs joey.

  6. Anonymous

    *** pete stafford and peter squire of liverpool bnp have today been suspended by clive jefferson due to their support of eddy butler and griffin wants DEMOCRACY ? ***

  7. Anonymous

    re anon @ 11:43From the desk of Green Arrowitz-Please donate £3 to the BNP by texting DONATE TO *****So forget that cheap bottle of wine for today and go text a message.Morris really has lost his mind. With everything that's going on, with concerns being raised about his pro Zionist credentials, Sayanim honey trap website of which the donate button is permanently at red, for him to now come out with this tacky £3 text request on behalf of the BNP shows his judgement is completely shot to pieces.What's he been promised in return when he's apparently short of funds himself? £1 of every £3 donated? And is it actually £3 that will go on your mobile phone bill or come off your pay as you go credit? Could it be £30 or even £100? He says that you will receive a text message back confirming donation and advising how to donate still more from 25p upwards.With all the info out there about Griffin's BNP dodgy finances and squandering of member's money, anyone who goes near this possible scam with a bargepole deserves all they get stung for. You just try getting your money back if it turns out to be more than £3.

  8. Anonymous

    Dear Mr MorrisCan you please remember to clear up your stinking mess, disable the donate button trap-doors and turn the false nationalist light out when your dodgy Green Arrow and Fiends website finally and thankfully shuts its cyber doors for business for the last time any day soon.Many thanks.

  9. Anonymous

    Ive said time and time again the inner cliche are only there to make money they dont give a flying hoof about nationalism or the future of our children.Morris probably now has a bat phone direct to welshpool and every time it rings and that little red buttom lights up he suffers from premature ejaculation when he see's the name St sir nicholas griffin.Sad time people but i will give the BNP at least two months before if folds with regional organisers like howson,mcbride,jefferson and deacon the writing is on the wall. griffin has done this deliberate as he got his money pot of gold promised by the establishment on the understanding that the shop must be closed if he gets a nice little nest egg out of europe.Have a good life nick i hope you one day rot in hell with pol pot and stalin you traitorous bastard !

  10. Anonymous

    Did someone on Griffin Watch state or suggest recently that Reconquista who penned the now infamous Israel and the BNP: Brothers in Arms article, is in actual fact Michael Green real name Mikahil Gteenberg? Either way, is Michael Green your actual Green Arrow and Paul morris just the front man? Morris is on record in one of his articles that the idea of using the name Green Arrow for his blog came from someone who use to regularly write into his local rag years back and would sign themselves off as Green Arrow. I'm now just wondering if Mike Green/Mikahil Greenberg and Green Arrow – and Reconquista if in fact he is Mike Green – are one and the same. Zionism and deception certainly go hand in hand. Is this why the article was allowed to appear in the first place because it is Greenberg and not Morris who owns the blog and calls the shots? Morris in fact actually works for Greenberg? It would make a lot of sense as to why Morris didn't know why comments on Reconquista's Brothers in Arms article suddenly became inaccessible to anyone not using Internet Explorer. This article on Reconquista's blog was and still is the only one affected in this way. Is anyone posting on there via Internet Explorer – because there is no other way of reading them or posting on there – under some sort of threat or future monitoring that IE's security holes apparently provide? Even governments have warned people about using Internet Explorer as Morris has warned himself, or at least one of the writers on there Anjin-sama has pointed out. Their computer liable to later state or other attack? Has Greenberg been the Green Arrow all along?

  11. Anonymous

    The foolish, discredited leader Gri££in has stated time and again that Hindu & Sikhs are wonderful settled immigrates etc, predictions are that these **** will double in number in the next 40 years and spread out into small towns and villages, at this rate Gri££in will have them as neighbours soon in his rural retreat?"One in five Britons will be from an ethnic minority by 2051""The study predicts an increase in the number of Indians – nearly doubling from 1,432,000 to 2,672,000."'At a regional level, ethnic minorities will shift out of deprived inner city areas to more affluent areas, which echoes the way white groups have migrated in the past.'

  12. GriffinWatch

    A little moan. Can we quit with the epithets please?If it were up to us, you could say what you wanted to.It isn't up to us, we edit comments to keep the blog legal and online, we haven't the time to do this.We don't make these nasty little laws but have to abide by them.Your help and understanding in this matter would be greatly appreciated.Regards.The GriffinWatch Team.

  13. Anonymous

    Richard Barnbrook has just been sacked!"An account of the BNP's presence and progress in Barking and Dagenham from 2003-2010Yesterday, 14th July, I was sacked as the Barking and Dagenham Branch Organiser. Those who have an interest in what I have achieved over the last 5 years and my membership of 11 years. WATCH THIS SPACE… "

  14. Anonymous

    Israeli Saban is a Billionaire media mogul with huge business interest in the US and around the world, he is the chief donor to the Democratic party. Many be some of that vast wealth trickles down into Greenberg pockets to ran blogs and spread disinformation and dissent?His greatest concern, Haim Saban says, is to protect Israel, by strengthening the United States-Israel relationship. At a conference last fall (autumn 2009) in Israel, Saban described his formula. His 'three ways to be influential in American politics,' he said, were: "make donations to political parties, establish think tanks, and control media outlets."

  15. Anonymous

    re anon @ 22:48 and "Has Greenberg been the Green Arrow all along?" I'm sure of it, the Jews have their poisonous tentacles everywhere.————I wonder if this latest low life 'text the BNP £3' stunt is an attempt to punish and fleece those stupid goyim for one last time? There are only 7 comments on there, 2 of them from Donna/PoliticalMIZZ who I'm convinced is state or at least part of the Green Arrow/BNP deception. She writes like a robot, like someone being paid to do it. Her comments are invariably without any real emotion or conviction. The fact that she stood as a BNP candidate in May means nothing other than she or someone on her behalf had £500 to throw away on a near certain lost deposit. I reckon Griffin's BNP is about to be wound up and Green Arrow is about to go offline. The game is definitely up and they just want to grab a final few quid from those stupid goyim before the plugs are pulled. Griffin's BNP and Green Arrow are now as welcome in the real world as HIV and AIDS.

  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous said … I bet he bought a round with it!==================================If he did, I hope it was a .45 ACP hardball round – Moritz could do with one for doing the only act putting us out of his misery – suicide.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On The Wall

  17. Anonymous

    Re: The Griffin Watch Team @ 21:30 and (Racial) EpithetsGW – I knew roughly what you meant and I avoid using them myself but it got me reaching for the exact meaning of the word 'epithet' and here's what I found at Wikipedia. Some of these words and terms are hilarious in the non pc, non Marxist, non Frankfurt School, non Zionist disappearing world.

  18. Anonymous

    Is Green Arrow and Friends—Mikahil Greenberg/Mike Green and Zionist Fiends?"By way of deception, thou shalt do war." Mossad's MottoZionism Explained

  19. GriffinWatch

    Re: The Griffin Watch Team @ 21:30 and (Racial) EpithetsGW – I knew roughly what you meant and I avoid using them myself but it got me reaching for the exact meaning of the word 'epithet' and here's what I found at Wikipedia. Some of these words and terms are hilarious in the non pc, non Marxist, non Frankfurt School, non Zionist disappearing world. July 2010 01:19I never knew that yidish was an old shitter, you lives and learns, what an excellent comment.

  20. Anonymous

    The despicable BNP/Israel/Brothers in Arms article by Reconquista is back on the Green Arrow front page at No 2, no doubt in a blatant show of last ditch defiance to Griffin Watch and to rub the goyims' noses in it before the plug is finally pulled by Morris and Greenberg on the orders of their Zionist state handlers. Those who donated £3 yesterday to the BNP text scam are some fools, while even bigger fools are those who became BNP life members (£295/£395?) when that particular scam was unveiled. What a waste of one's hard earned money to just keep the upper echelon of Gri££in's BNP in the style they've become accustomed to. Dumb and Dumber.

  21. CorshamCrusader

    Have you lot lost your minds on here? The Green Arrow site is not about to close, Mike Green is NOT the Green Arrow and as for the site being a Zionist operation linked with Nick Griffin to make money…..well, you really have lost the plot now. I know Green Arrow and Mike Green personally and what you are claiming is laughable and sad really. GA works tirelessly from morning till night everyday to keep the site running and tries to do it all off his pension. The only time he asks for donations is when we have a special project on the go like the current documentary he is producing with Wales BNP and for things like the camera equipment which enabled the famous "Wembley" video to be made. The reason the site is still on red is because when the original appeal was made to help fund the documentary "How green was my valley" GA forgot to account for a few things that have since cropped up. It is a big project and a lot of hard work is going to in to it by all concerned. The Green Arrows are true patriots and to suggest anything else is just crazy conspiracy theory.For god's sake grow up with these ridiculous and false allegations against a site that works very hard to help regain our country.I can also tell you that GA has had a lot of problems trying to get stories and videos posted on the main BNP site over the past couple of years because someone (Bennett?) has been blocking contact. The idea that GA and Nick Griffin are working together to destroy us is pure fantasy so please desist with these unfounded rumors.

  22. Anonymous

    GW – these are the 80 comments posted on the Green Arrow/Reconquista article that is only accessible via Internet Explorer. It is a very long post but hopefully informative to all. The 71p etc denotes those posting via Intense Debate and others posting as Guests or Members etc. The · 5 days ago etc is the start of the next comment. The Truth is nothing to fear? So I hope no one will find this objectionable seeing as the whole world can see them providing they use dodgy Internet Explorer. Page 1misterfox · 6 days ago I have written several times calling for committees for the mutual defence of White and Jewish communities to be set up here. Both people are under attack. Reconquista sees them as Comrades In Arms. My caveat is that Jewish people need to stop opposing us as their enemy and identifying with the other ethnic groups against us. They are not in ghetto's now! They must face that they are being persecuted now in Europe and we can help them but they must stop promoting immigration and attacking us in the media. If Europe falls they will be openly attacked in the streets and will have to flee but where to? America is importing Muslims and their president is biased against Jews and in favour of Muslims; so they must take a long term viewand not be so myopic. If America continues to implode Israel will collapse. As we are both in danger from the same forces we must co-operate to ensure our mutual survival. Reality is throughout Europe Jews are in danger and if they want our help they must stop supporting other ethnic groups against us. Walesrocs 71p · 5 days agoYour heart seems to be with Israel Reconquista. We are in the UK and the parties job is to protect British People. My heart is with Great Britain. Your pro Zionist articles are very one sided. The Talmud also tells the Jews who follow it, that the "Goys" (AKA non Jews i.e. Christians) can be cheated and lied to. There is zero Zionist love for the Christians, only the destuction of it. Have you looked at the Frankfurt School and who created/runs it? As Lee Barnes told Melanie Phillips, "If you love Israel so much, then go and live there" Merlins-Cat · 5 days ago We need Israel. We must join with them to fight this terrible wave of Islam trying to take over the world. The Jews know all about ethnic cleansing, and they will never allow themselves to be in that position again. A well written article, well done. I am a proud Gold Member of the BNP and a supporter of Israel. Rijker · 5 days ago Jews have a habit of cutting their own noses off though. Support them all you like and they will still call you "odious" and "nazis". Especially those in the media. I don't care about Israel or Zionists. Its my own people I'm concerned with. There's a reason why Jews have been persecuted for so long.End of Page 1

  23. Anonymous

    Allan@Aberdeen · 5 days ago Very powerful article, GA. The reality is that the lands of Israel are historically Jewish and are now Jewish again. If one were to argue that these lands should remain muslim because the muslims conquered them then half of Spain and much of south-east Europe would be muslim. The Jews reclaimed their land just as the Spanish reclaimed theirs. As for marxism, it was certainly derived and inscribed by Jews (Weishaupt, Rothschild, Marx) but to blame Jews as a people for the evil produced by some of their number is like blaming all Georgians for Stalin, or all Austrians for Hitler (or all Scots for Gordon Brown). Those who suffered most as a result of these people were Jews themselves and, as far as I'm aware, Israel is not marxist. Indeed, it is the only place in the entire Middle East for which normal, civilised people would feel an affinity. Israel is developing itself to be fully independent of the US because the US is on the verge of economic collapse brought about by the greed of the bankers. We should take measures to make ourselves economically independent in a similar manner to Israel.borderreiver 66p · 5 days agogreat article;but i have to agree with misterfox,the israelis are very different from the liberal intellectual jews in our midst,who through their poisonous ways are undermining our societies and are therefore our enemies. bains · 5 days ago Some of the jewish organisations in the UK seem to enjoy giving the BNP a hard time as much as the liblabcon.Maybe the BNP should open an office in Israel to show our solidarity with the Israeli people.And bypass the British Jewish community who seem to be interested in trying to please the British Muslims. Anglo_AusAllies 76p · 5 days ago"This is a Zionist false-flag operation…" -Nick Griffin, interview with Simon Darby discussing the EDL, September 2009. (1 min 30 seconds in). "Zionists. The code-word these hard-of-thinking nut-jobs use to try and fool the gullible that they aren’t “anti-Semites” or “Nazis”. Reconquista, see above, paragraph 14. It seems Mr Griffin, Simon Darby (who concurred with Mr Griffin's analysis) and a large section of the Nationalist movement have fallen foul of Reconquista's label. Oh dear. Careful observers might want to re-read Reconquista's article this time keeping in mind the two issues of PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLLUTION and HEGELIAN DIALECTIC. sam cash · 5 days ago How can we assist the Jews as a Party? Its the Jews who own all the media (Newspapers,Radio Stations,TV Channels etc) in the UK and they all go out of their way to slag off the BNP. So how can we help? It seems funny that both labour and conservatives have Friends of Israel associations,what is that all about? The Jews are in control in the Political parties in this country but they are not helping Israel. shaunantijihad 100p · 5 days agoWell, let Israel and British Jews prove it. We need money and the support of a libtard media that Jews have a lot of influence over. And we need it now. The longer the libtard cowards submit, the stronger the Islamic dragon becomes, and thus all the more bloodier will be the fight to freedom. mgigc59 53p · 5 days agoI say british jews who show allegiance to britain are ok ( disraeli was a good example ) but lets keep out of foreign wars

  24. Anonymous

    To Corsham Crusader:When those called Reconquista, Aussie Bob to name but two of the Zionist shills on that sayanim blog start to call TRUE nationalists Jew baiters and anti Semites for having a different point of view of Israel and those who worship that criminal murderous state, don't then be surprised when bitter eternal enemies are permanently made of once good cyber friends. You don't know the half of it as they say.Tax is Theft AussieBob · 30 weeks agoEdward, I say this with the greatest of disrespectGo stick your jew hating head up your swastika shaped arse and keep pushing until you vanish without so much as a bad smell left behind.See what I mean? So Mr Errand Boy, go tell your Zionist chums to stick a six point suppository up their you know where. Even the pro Israeli Jews in 1948 didn't want this false star of the House of David on their false Israeli flag because it is in fact the satanic star of the House of Rothschild and they knew it. Greenberg Arrowitz is a nasty, nasty Zionist blog.

  25. Anonymous

    Part 3Hidden Comments from BNP and Israel: Comrades in ArmsAllan@Aberdeen · 5 days ago Jews who have great influence in our media will not help Israel because the media owners are internationalist Jews whereas those in Israel are nationalist Jews. The direct analogy is that Brown/Blair/Cameron/Clegg are, as internationalist (non-Jewish) Britons, not going to help us as nationalists because they want our nation effaced and rendered unrecognisable, and we don't. We as nationalist Britons have more shared aims with the nationalists of Jewish Israel than we do with the internationalist LibLabCon. Btw, I consider that Jews born and raised in Britain are British because Britain is a Judeo-Christian country and Jews are fully assimilable culturally and racially. A muslim born and raised in Britain is not and can never be British. A muslim convert is a traitor and should be exiled to dar-al-islam when we get to power: see how the traitor likes that! Freeborn_John 61p · 5 days agoBritain should be disengaging itself from Israel not seeking to move closer. The Zionist pressure group 'Friends of Israel' has 80% of Tory MPs (including Cameron) as members, 80%! The other parties are just as deeply involved. I would hope that any future BNP MPs would steer well clear of such treachery. Patriot A1 · 5 days ago Reconquista's article is very long, almost to the point of defending itself from being read as Churchill would say. Just kidding and in need of some lite relief with the way our once great country is going down the Marxist agenda pan. What I would say is that the meaning of the word 'nationalism' is constantly being eroded and even re-invented. The EHRC can say and do what they like but I for one will NEVER vote for anyone but an indigenous British candidate in elections. I may shake the hand of one of our guests and even buy them a beer if they are a decent sort but they need to stay out of British politics like I would stay out of theirs. So what about our House of Zion guests? Well Miliband is just one of two of them that goes by the Miliband name in OUR Parliament. Sons of an illegal immigrant and grandsons of a mass murderer of White Russians opposed to their particular brand of Communism. I think their illegal immigrant daddy Ralph (real name Adolphe) is buried close to Karl Marx and other left thinking retards in Highgate Cemetery. Is it good for Britain to have such people as the Milibands determining our destiny? I think not. Israel is where their hearts and minds and politics are, and Israel is where they should sling their hooks to. Faustian · 5 days ago I don't see any Jews standing up in the defence of the British Indigenous people in the face of multicultural Genocide of said people and inded the British National Party under attack by the elite and the EHRC One only as to cast one see on the for the most part Jewish owned and controlled media and see how the White European is represented to see where things are going.—-GW There may be too much of this stuff?

  26. Anonymous

    Regarding the Israel and the BNP: Comrades in Arms article hidden (apart from by using IE) comments.I have no problem at all with my comments being posted here on GW or anywhere, although I have now removed them from the Green Arrow website and deleted the Intense Debate account. My reasons? I have asked Morris on numerous occasions at and near the time (now 30 weeks ago according to ID) to remove that disgusting comment by Aussie Bob to no avail. What was my crime for inviting such a reply? Well fortunately I had saved the comment before I angrily deleted all my Edward comments on Green Arrow after seeing and being shocked that Aussie Bob had seen fit to write such hateful, disgusting garbage and, that it was allowed to remain after I reported and complained about it. How many visitors to that website as well as regular posters were similarly shocked and took their true patriotic business elsewhere? Here is my comment-The Green Arrow – Tax is theft · 1 reply · +4 pointsBBC Lies, Damn Lies and WTC7 – “After so many years of setting the tone, bribing UK politicians and controlling the BBC they (Zionists) are used to being untouchable.” (Gilad Atzmon, “Britain Must de-Zionist Itself Immediately,” Nov. 17, 2009, MWC News) – I'm glad I'm not funding these 11th September Criminals at the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation.Aussie Bob's reply (still there)-AussieBob · 30 weeks ago · -4 pointsEdward, I say this with the greatest of disrespect:Go stick your jew hating head up your swastika shaped arse and keep pushing until you vanish without so much as a bad smell left behind.OT posts should be deleted, am I right? This is the real Zionist face of the Green Arrow and Friends when they allow their fake nationalist masks to slip. Edward/Patriot A1

  27. Anonymous

    Looking at today's article on Green Arrow – A Day Out With South Wales BNP – I'm now more certain than ever that the GA website is a wrecking ball operation aimed at undermining and destroying true nationalism. The first picture shows an overweight scruff-bag Mikahil Greenberg sat to the right of Roger Phillips looking smart as a carrot as ever. There's just one problem for me. Is it a good idea for BNP super-activists to go around in dark suits, dark blue shirts and silver-white ties? Does this along with the smart but short haircuts resonate with the public, but for all the wrong reasons? You won't find Cameron or Clegg dressed this way. It's easy to invite the 'nazis in suits' jibe when we help them. On purpose?

  28. Anonymous

    The Zionist shills and senior gofers at Greenberg Arrowiz are trying to make out that they just 'happened along' a "BNP R US" sign at the side of the road. This is the problem when you are involved in such a fake nationalist operation. You start to lose touch with reality. Are they seriously trying to suggest that it is along the lines of "You are now entering Free Derry"? in Northern Ireland, or Berlin's Checkpoint Charlie, "You are now entering the American Sector"? Probably not but to try and make us think that the sign was a long term roadside featurette is insulting one's intelligence. The sign would have been burnt down or trashed or taken away hours if not minutes after it was 'posted'. "I liked this image because Roger spotted the sign as we were driving around. I really must go and find out who put it there and when."Paul MorrisGod help us if they want us to believe that.


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