The truth about the costly "Marmite-Gate" fiasco.

“This is Paul Golding.

Paul is the British National Party’s Director of Communications. He is also the Director of Publicity, the head of Media and Public Relations, and he is now the Director of Internet Operations which include the main BNP website, Email begging letters as well as the two hate blogs (Eddy Butler Exposed & BNP Truth Chronicles).

Paul is currently taking elocution lessons, paid for by the party and being promoted to a whole range of glamorous positions by Jim Dowson & Nick Griffin. He is also Jim Dowson’s number one poodle and receives commission on every penny that the website raises.

Paul is also “alleged” to be the man responsible for the 6,000 hate-mail leaflets sent to every residential and business address in my home town, urging my entire community to contact social services and report me for a whole array of non existent “alleged” crimes, in the hope that my children would be taken into care.

Aside from Paul’s own short-comings, questions need to be asked as to why on earth this man is elevated into such positions by the current leadership. Paul was responsible along with Jim Dowson for dreaming up the Marmite Stunt that was given the seal of approval by Nick Griffin.

As the following recordings will reveal, Paul Golding is hardly “Communications, Publicity or Media material, let’s hope he is not the one being groomed to be our next leader;

Recording 1

Recording 2

What these recordings reveal (aside from the fact that Jim and Paul think the members are all “Plebs”), is that Nick Griffin and Jim Dowson thought the Marmite / Unilever Copyright Infringement was “Brilliant”. No-one knows the true cost of this “brilliance”, but I suspect the figure of £170,000 being suggested elsewhere would be quite accurate.

This incident was one of many, many such disasters I was unfortunate enough to have to witness in my three years as webmaster for the party. Most were swept under the carpet, but all were avoidable. My advice was always ignored.

It was as if Jim and Nick were on a suicide mission as I could not believe some of the decisions being made were the actions of “Industry Experts”, Leaders, or even half sane people. It was because of my many objections to Jim Dowson’s un-professionalism and down right stupidity that my fate was sealed a long time ago.

The website / election saga was the pinnacle of an eighteen month battle with Jim Dowson and Nick Griffin that was being played out behind closed doors, and I had hoped would remain behind closed doors.

Transcript of First conversation between Paul Golding and Simon Bennett:-

Paul: Simon you Muppet.

Simon: Yes you w****r.

Paul: (Laughs) How’s it going.

Simon: Err yeah not bad. Has, Has Arthur got hold of you? He’s been trying to get hold of you.

Paul: No.

Simon: Err, erm I thought this video we…. I mean I’ve got major concerns with it, I think Arthur has as well, err I thought it was going to be like a little tiny jar or something on the desk or a quick second frame. I mean that’s a blatant breach of f*****g copyright what you’ve done in that video.

Paul: No, nah Nick, Nick and Jim think it’s brilliant.

Simon: Hmmm.

Paul: F**k it, if they want to p**s and whinge, we’ll just take it down tomorrow.

Simon: Err yeah.

Paul: What we’re trying to do is trigger the media into, into, into a big hoo-ha, so that everyone starts thinking oooh the BNP broadcast, ooh get us in the papers, it’s get…triggering attention.

Simon: Yeah (yawns).

Paul: It’s trying to get an increased viewership.

Simon: Right ok.

Paul: Because when the real one goes, when the real one goes out, it’ll just be a p**stake at the end.

Simon: Yeah

Paul: I’ll, I’ll tell you what just as a, a double check though I’ll ring Nick straight away and I’ll, I’ll, I’ll tell him, you know, are you sure with the copyright and stuff. Thing is we’re f****d anyway aren’t we, we’ve got 15 minutes until the broadcast goes out.

Simon: (Laughs) Yeah I know. I mean it, it’s pretty much ready to go all I got to do is f*****g switch it over. But I, I was just….because, I thought it was it was going to be, you know, an edited jar of marmite, so it looks like marmite but it’s not. I didn’t know it was going to be the real f*****g thing. I’ve looked at that and thought oh my god, love BNP and all that at the end, they’ll, they’ll go f*****g mental.

Paul: No it’s just going to take, take the p**s big time.

Simon: Hmm. I, look I don’t think a lot of people will get the joke either (laughs).

Paul: (Giggles) People are going to be thinking what the f***s that doing up there.

Simon: Yeah exactly.

Paul: Nah, it, it, it’s just like Jim said. I, I kept saying No we can’t do it, it’s s**t, it’s b******s, you know the Plebs won’t understand it.

Simon: Hmmm.

Paul: But like Jim, Jim made a good point it, it’s not for the Plebs. It’s for all the um, it’s for all the media and the marmite and the, and the marketing and advertising people.

Simon: Hmm.

Paul: And the, anyone out there that is looking to f**k us up is going to go into overdrive to try and get marmite to do us on copyright.

Simon: Yeah.

Paul: When the real one goes out it’s just going to have that p**stake thing at the end.

Simon: Hmm.

Paul: You know what I mean.

Simon: Yeah.

Paul: Hopefully, it will trigger quite a lot of publicity. And then if it does trigger, trigger a lot of publicity, the amount of people actually watching the broadcast on Monday, will be big time increased wont it?

Simon: Yeah. Yeah, well it’s up to you mate, like I say I was just worried about that copyright thing, but if you’re comfortable with that?

Paul: I’ll check with Nick, I’ll double check with Nick, he’s got to have the final say hasn’t he.

Simon: Yeah.

Paul: So erm, I’ll double check with him quickly and I’ll ring you back yeah?

Simon: Ok mate.

Paul: Ok mate Speak to you in a bit.

Simon: Cheers buddy bye.

Transcript of Second conversation:-

Simon: Trying to do it now. I’m trying to upload the image. B****r that’s not working.

Paul: Yeah, I’ve just spoke to Nick, the lawyers have looked at it. They said run with it.

Simon: Right.

Paul: If we get any paperwork through we’ll just pull it and that’ll be the end of it.

Simon: Right ok. Alright mate I’m on it now.

Paul: Ta mate bye.

Simon: Cheers buddy bye.”

(click on the link above to hear the audio evidence)

7 thoughts on “The truth about the costly "Marmite-Gate" fiasco.

  1. Anonymous

    Golding was an immature griffin arse-licker years ago on Stormfront.Then he disappeared.Now he's abck again licking arse again, only this time for money!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Paul is currently taking elocution lessons.===================================The thick zionist twat Goldberg needs main-grid electricution therapy for curing his £4000 a month coke addiction.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    SearchlightJews, communists, subversives, thieves, pimps, libellers and career criminals.British National PartyJews, communists, subversives, thieves, pimps, libellers and career criminals.

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… SearchlightJews, communists, subversives, thieves, pimps, libellers and career criminals. DRUG DEALERS, MONEY LAUNDERERS, PAEDOPHILES, WIFE-SWAPPERS, FORGERS, BANKRUPTS, ETC. AD INFINITUM.British National PartyJews, communists, subversives, thieves, pimps, libellers and career criminals. DRUG DEALERS, MONEY LAUNDRERERS, PAEDOPHILES, WIFE-SWAPPERS, FORGERS, ANKRUPTS, ETC. AD INFINITUM.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On The Wall

  5. Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot

    Is Golding jewish? He certainly looks it and his surname is jewish. According to and numerous google searches Golding is a jewish name from Latvia and Lithuania. Quote: "golding Family History Facts 1920 – (from Latvia and Lithuania): habitational name from Golding, the German and Yiddish name of the city of Kuldiga in Latvia"Says it all dunnit mine boy.Pip pip


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