“In a recent BNP News article Nick Griffin attempts to claim all the credit for the investigation of former Respect MP, George Galloway, by the Metropolitan Police when Galloway made a hate speech in June of this year in London to a crowd of Muslims.
According to Griffin a Facebook campaign started by South Wales BNP member, Michael Green, led to the Met initiating their investigation of George Galloway. However, he refuses to admit that North West Nationalists and other individuals also played a role. Griffin and his Zionist allies always refuse to credit any independent nationalist, organisation or website, preferring to take all the credit so that he and his Zionist agenda can receive all the kudos.
North West Nationalists published their online response to Galloway’s hateful speech against the EDL on 23 June:
We consider it important that traitors like George Galloway are held to account for their actions, actions that if performed by a white nationalist, would have seen them arrested and prosecuted. Whether the “dead bodies” that Galloway threatens in his hate speech to the Muslim mob are supposed to be non-Muslims or Muslims is irrelevant. The fact is that Galloway was inciting racial hatred and violence, and when he refers to hijabs and beards he is of course inciting religious hatred against the EDL and non-Muslims on the streets of London:
And lastly to the EDL , take a look around you,  boys. Take a look around you at this crowd.  If you dare touch a hijab on a Muslim woman’s head if you dare  – if you dare – if you dare turn a hair on the beard of a Muslim man in Tower Hamletsyou will have to fight your way through 10,000 dead bodies first. Thank you very much indeed”
This is an important video as it provides the evidence that the authorities can use to prosecute Galloway. I have already received confirmation from the Met that this matter is being taken seriously and that they are investigating not only my complaint but the complaints from those who have seen and responded to Greenberg’s Facebook campaign (activated at the same time as North West Nationalists published their account) and to the North West Nationalists campaign. We hope that the decision to prosecute Galloway will be made by the Crown Prosecution Services as it is clearly within the interests of the public. If they fail to prosecute then they shall open the doors for potential counter-responses by the EDL and others who will see that the Muslim minorities are being favoured.
Whilst we acknowledge the positive action of Michael Green in this respect, reporting Galloway to the Metropolitan Police for incitement, we are highly suspicious of his motives.
Michael Green is a Jew and a Zionist, check out the link below:
This is what Mr Green says about his ethnicity on the Zionist and Griffinite Green Arrow website:
“My family name is Greenberg. Careful what you say brother. These people are a disgrace to their heritage. In demonising the Jews you show the worst taint in nationalism. If you lost that old fashioned ideology you might have a voice. Otherwise ‘shut up’ about anti jewishness mate. I am a BNP activist, Jewish and British. So solly you poor excuse are not welcome here.”
On 26/3/10 Mr Greenberg announced his intention to stand as a General Election candidate for the BNP in South Wales:
“A former South Wales CID officer, Michael Green, is to stand for the British National Party against Welsh Secretary Peter Hain in the Neath constituency in the forthcoming general election.”
So we have an individual who is both a Zionist Jew and a former CID police officer who is active within the BNP. Such a combination of traits would surely make any acutely aware leader of a nationalist party question as to that individual’s motives as to their membership of the BNP. But then again Griffin is no nationalist and his own motives are obvious to anyone who carries out a routine inspection of the available circumstantial evidence as to his real agenda.
Mr Greenberg is closely associated with the Griffinite extremist and uber-sycophant, Paul Morris and his Zionist blog, Green Arrow. Morris is a dangerous entity whose job seems to be to fracture the BNP and to assist his fuhrer, Nick Griffin, in remaining in control of the BNP. Morris will publish extreme article and contentious views on his blog, for example, on homosexuality and describe certain homosexual activities in the most explicit manner, yet will expose and condemn those BNP posters who comment in support of those particular views as expressed by Morris himself. It is
evidently the case that Morris is an active agent in promoting Griffin and his agenda, and by this policy of dividing nationalists Morris has exposed his real motives in assisting Griffin.
It is a safe bet that Michael Greenberg is a potential sayanim, a Diaspora Jew who aids and assists Mossad, the Israeli Intelligence Service. These non-Israeli Jewish volunteers work as the outreach partners of Israel, providing low-level sources of assistance and information to their agency.
Perhaps that is why Griffin, in his drive to Zionise the BNP, is so keen on promoting Mr Greenberg; the Zionist ‘Useful Idiot’ Paul Morris, who runs the depraved Green Arrow website; and his attack dog, Lee Barnes, who has promoted his Zionist views and pro-Israeli strategy on his blog. Attacking George Galloway for his incitement and ensuring that his rabidly pro-Muslim views are silenced is one thing; assisting the work of our Zionist enemies is a totally different matter and one that must be exposed. Israel needs organisations and political parties to support it and a political party like the BNP is a useful vehicle in aiding that country. Focussing energy and strategies on a sole threat – a Muslim one – ensures useful allies with Israel, and a possible pay-off for the BNP is finance or influence as Zionists have considerable influence in government, media and other powerful parts of society. Israel needs to divert attention from its own influences within the western democracies, whilst at the same time shoring up support for its occupancy within the Middle East and ensuring its national integrity amongst a sea of Muslim states opposed to its existence. By helping to create the main focus against Islam will, in the long-run, assist Israel in its bid for western support against the threat of Islamic militancy on its borders.
Both North West Nationalists and Griffin Watch will be vehement in their efforts to not only expose the fraud and corruption of Griffin and the mismanagement of the BNP by his cronies, but also to investigate and expose the powers and agencies that use individuals like Nick Griffin, Michael Greenberg and others to destablise and fracture the nationalist movement in this country.”

If Michael Greenberg is so proud of his Jewish heritage as he states, why does he use the name Michael Green instead of Greenberg?
This is clearly the act of a duplicitous man, why does he feel the need to lie?



  1. Anonymous

    I think if jesus christ rose again or ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars landed Griffin would claim it was his doing.Another begging letter today im surprised old del boy dowson isn't yet selling welshpool spring water at £10 a bottle blessed by the hand of st nicholas griffage ! the green rabi arrow would be running round the fields of wales buck naked singing " hallelujah " by leonard cohen.

  2. Anonymous

    Galloway is known for what he is.Sad to say the BNP is now little more than a proto-Zionist outfit.NG doesn't like or trust Jews. But there's money in this new outlook.kerching.

  3. Anonymous

    i'd rather Galloway than Griffin.galloway has been consistant and you know what you get with him.with gri££in you cant trust him as far as you can throw him.

  4. Anonymous

    The whole Green Arrow thing is quickly falling apart. I've been observing this Morris creature for quite some time, visting his site regularly and posting genuine comments as a true nationalist which is what I am. I knew what he was about with clear Zionists on board like Aussie Bob, Mister Fox and Reconquista to name but three. The thing that confused me about Morris looking back was his laid back way in conning the gullible out of money. It was actually quite sophisticated appearing as a side issue and definitely not the main purpose of the site. Projects like camera equipment were the hook rather than just asking for donations. I don't believe money was the main reason for the site until the BNP site imploded. Not like that anymore of course.The likes of Morris like all con artists have to be applauded in a sense. They are after all is said and done, very good at what they do. He carried out his Griffin master's instructions to the letter and was only exposed by the whole stinking Griffin's BNP lie being finally exposed by the likes of Eddy Butler to name but just one. Many others have tried and failed and been cast aside and vilified but Eddy Butler seems to be onto a winner of sorts here. Trouble is, Griffin's got that Teflon establishment persona about him. If Griffin is state which I think he is then Eddy Butler needs to be aware of that which I'm sure he is.

  5. Anonymous

    A gut churning post from the Greenberg Arrowitz sh*te tonight—The Party finances with Eddy Butler and Nick Griffin MEP, BNP —AND Crook.British OakI wouldn't worry about any potential loses(sic) on account of the nazi/state Butler insurgency GA. It's merely evolution, the weak are sorted out by these episodes leaving the Party leaner and fitter for it's heroic mission to save the indigenous people of these noble Islands.The only person in the BNP who is not expendable is Mr Nicholas Griffin BNP MEP. As long as he is leading the fight ultimate victory is assured.The BNP will be immensely benefited by Butler taking the chaff of nazis and imbeciles off into the Wilderness to die a political death in utter obscurity. It will leave the BNP compromised only of those capable of seeing Nicholas' vision of a reformed BNP committed to pure patriotic values and capable of taking on the LibLabCon.I wouldn't be surprised if Nick and his lieutenants had even encouraged or engineered this schism to complete the reformation of the Party into a modern nationalist party free of the taint of racism and anti-Semitism.This obvious left wing or Zionist Green Arrow troll British Oak is allowed to strut their stuff by GA Admins because it makes nationalists(sic) look ridiculous.Morris is a real nasty Zionist SOB to dupe the members with such utter garbage.

  6. Anonymous

    GW, I can remember the article to which you refer, something really distasteful about Glory Holes or something with no holds barred descriptive text about homosexual acts. Morris the Zionist scumbag knew exactly what he was doing, just like Reconquista scumbag knew what they were doing yesterday with the 'I love Israel' article. Unwitting posters waded in on the Glory Hole article with forewarned homosexuals or just those trolls pretending to be, making it appear that they were an integral and normal section of Griffin's BNP. A clash of opinions ensued with the two 'camps' firmly entrenched. Scumbucket Morris left his homosexual troll friends well alone but along comes this hapless Oliver McQueen about to get a swift education in dealing with the deviant likes of Zionist Morris. Instead of Morris just deleting McQueen's apparently offensive comment (we'll never know what was actually said if anything) Morris quite deliberately and unusually edited it and added to it a nasty comment of his own to humiliate the poor guy. Morris added his own comment to really humiliate this goyim creature who dared to surpass him in his homosexual descriptive text. I haven't seen the name Oliver McQueen back on there since. I can't believe anything the poor McQueen chap said could be any worse than what I read on Morris's overly descriptive and repulsive article.Good riddance to Green Arrow Morris and his Zionist bunch of crooks and subversives.

  7. Anonymous

    I think we should also warn people of the probable Solidarity trade union scam. It's definitely suspect in my opinion and they too appear to be having problems accounting for funds, internal squabbles and submitting accounts as all registered trades unions have to do.Green Arrow has a link to it on his site so that in itself should set alarm bells ringing.I'm sure Mike Green use to go by a pseudonym on the old BNP website. Nothing particularly unusual in that as most people still do. It's the same avatar of himself as he now uses with his 'real' name on Intense Debate.

  8. Anonymous

    What's your betting moves are fast afoot for BNP to distance themselves or even disassociate themselves completely from Green Arrow? The garbage that now seems to be flowing out of that Zionist mouthpiece must be damaging the BNP almost beyond repair. Griffin's state handlers must be very worried and so they should be. Support for the state of Israel has to be done far more discreetly and with some panache and certainly not shouted from the rooftops Reconquista style, as such support for a criminal genocidal maniacal state can easily be misinterpreted.I wonder how many visitors and regular posters to that site thought Zionists, Jews and Israel were one and the same but now know very differently and are busy trying to find out more?

  9. Anonymous

    URGENT!Do not try and access the Green Arrow article Israel and the BNP: Comrades in Arms. Access to the comments section is being denied to anyone not using Internet Explorer. There must be a very sinister reason for this which hopefully computer boffins out there will know and explain. Scumbag Morris has posted that he doesn't know what the problem is but use of IE as opposed to Firefox and Chrome solves it. He is a right Zionist bastard of the first order especially as he has run two articles warning people not to use IE for very real security reasons. The guy has lost his mind.

  10. Anonymous

    Is Greenberg Morris Arrowitz the fake nationalist version of the Daily Backstabbing Mail? Barking mad Sunny Hundal of La La Land What is the point of such an article?It is designed to rub indigenous noses or their minds into the dirt? The image says it all. Smirking ethnic thing.Morris is 'state' beyond any doubt. I pity the posters who trusted in him and are about to get a rude awakening. Their trust and money went somewhere hopeful and nowhere useful.

  11. Anonymous

    A statement from Mikahil Greenberg:Although I am a member of the BNP I have never met, and know only what I have seen written about Michael Barnbrook. I decided to do a bit of research.Firstly I did not know that Mr Barnbrook was once a member of UKIP.Like Mr Barnbrook I was a former Police officer who stood in the 2010 general election. Mike Simkins who is ex-RAF Police also stood. Strange how we are all called Michael.Now to the point.Mr Nick Griffin MEP. is my chairman and my leader. I will not make my views about him or anyone else public, neither will I attempt to influence anyone elses views.What I will do though is say that anyone with the right credentials has the right to challenge for leadership of the party. Also anyone with voting rights has the choice to vote or not.What is not right in my view is to campaign for a prospective candidate in order for him to have sufficient support to mount a challenge.If Mr Eddie Budler does not command enough support amongst the membership to mount a challenge, then he has little chance of winning the election.What I read in between the lines of the statement issued by Mr Barnbrook is that Mr Butler does not have enough nominees to stand, and this is an attempt to gain more.Therefore I belive that Mr Barnbrook does support the challenge, and he should damn well say so in plain English. Free Gaza – Jews Against Zionism (Washington, D. C. July 6, 2010)

  12. Anonymous

    Been browsing through the main BNP website and noticed there are no regional stories ! nothing about branch/group meetings,nothing about new groups etc.Maybe there is nothing to report as most decent organisers and active members have left.

  13. Anonymous

    I've just spoken to the press department of the Electoral Commission and they unfortunately wouldn't confirm if the BNP annual accounts have been submitted for 2009. As most of us know all parties with an expenditure of over £250,000 had to submit their accounts last week, on Thursday the 7th. The young lady I spoke to at the EC told me all the accounts they have received so far will be published on their website on Thursday 29th July, so two more weeks to wait to find out.

  14. Anonymous

    Solidarity is definitely a BNP scam set up. Wasn't that 'BNP Ballerina' part of that? The one they who was going to marry Richard Barnbrook. ABEX was another scam set up as well. They all start up as a means of money making and eventually fold up. The question where is the money!!!!!

  15. Anonymous

    The Green Jew's Israel And The BNP: Comrades In Arms article ( I'm sure that fat Jewish git Greenberg wrote this) is now available to read, it bloody unbelievable, there are some interesting comments about this though posted at the end of the piece."I believe it is absolutely imperative for British Nationalists to be fully aware of the lies, deceptions, hypocrisy and moral cowardice surrounding Israel and the Jewish people. From the Marxist spun narratives about “Zionists” to the sham “Palestinian” issue, awareness of how the existence of Israel is destroying the West – including Great Britain – and the consequences that will result if the ignorance continues – is desperately needed. Israel and the British National Party need to be “Comrades In Arms” and here I’m going to explain why this is so important.Who Has The Right To Exist?I have to say that I am sick and tired of reading the Jew-hating comments left by pig-ignorant fools around the various BNP websites. Driven by nothing but an irrational hatred for the Jewish people, they infest almost every topic and contaminate the websites with their constant Jew-baiting.Without exception, these intellectual pygmies will attempt to justify their rants and conspiracy theories with a piece of sophistry so transparent a child with an average education could rumble it. The “blame the Jews” nonsense will be disguised with something I’m sure you’ve read all too often:"

  16. Anonymous

    more begging letters from Griffin, this time he is using the promise of recruiting young people. why does HQ not give them cash to get started? dowson is raking in millions of quid for the bnp.The BNP has never liked young people cos young people are harder to extract cash from and griffin has always been scared of being out spoken by a young pup.In my time i have seen two very good speakers in the party one being a young sarah cain who at the time was probably about fourteen and brought tears to a lot of peoples eyes in her speech,griffin was in attendance and didnt like it one bit that this young girl whipped up the emotions of a lot of people in a packed social club.Another one was a new lad about 18/20 very well educated who spoke at a regional meeting a few years back.Dictator griffin was yet again in attendance as this lad sent the crowd into rapturous applause and a lot of people were saying he is a potential future BNP leader with his good looks,education and his manorism how to speak to people.This lad just vanished off the radar ? purged by griffin goons ! did griffin already have it in his mind then that the BNP is a family business and already have his daughter in line for the throne ?Griffin has failed miserably to attract or even keep young people in the party through his mental paranoia,just take a look at the EDL thousands of young kids who twelve months ago had never heard of the likes of the UAF and weyman bennett,taking to the streets chanting " we want our country back " these kids are now being educated about leftism,marxism,communism etc something the new BNP has failed in terribly under the guise of griffin,instead it sits like an old apple core in a back street pub just extracting cash from its most loyal people.I will be in Dudley on saturday along with thousands of other like minded nationalists taking to the streets,time is not on our side but in the twelve months it has taken the EDL to reach this level it makes the new BNP look pathetic.I was in that political route for ten years and under griffin saw it held back and demise because of his arrogance.EX BNP OFFICIAL

  17. Anonymous



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