The Lecomber Angle.

Taken from the book “Action: Race War To Door Wars” by Joe Owens.

The full book can be downloaded/read here:

Tony Lecomber is still very much within the movement and can be seen still cheerleading Griffarage and his cohorts on a certain web forum.

10 thoughts on “The Lecomber Angle.

  1. Anonymous

    GW, You are correct this mentally unstable bastard is operating in the shadows, smearing and doing other errands for his one-eyed sociopath master, I wonder how much he gets paid?

  2. Anonymous

    Good reading.I think theres quite a few more running errands for the one eyed sociopath. I never thought i would ever say something like this in my life but the left have a got a point when they call griffin a "fascist dicator" if the hard working members get treated like this then god help the rest of society if griffin ever came to power ! doesn't bear thinking about.BON VOYAGE BNP.

  3. Anonymous

    Gri££in & Brons suck up to the Big Bankers including Goldman Sachs!'MEPs approve tough new curbs on the City's bonus culture'British MEPs criticised the BNP and the UK Independence Party for opposing the rules. A Liberal Democrat MEP, Sharon Bowles, said: "Today we voted to ensure that there will be… a cap on cash bonuses and measures to make sure that top bankers take the hit rather than taxpayers. I'm gobsmacked that UKIP and the BNP don't see fit to support these measures and I wonder what their constituents would have to say on the matter."

  4. Anonymous

    The Electoral Commission put out this statement today, I wonder if the BNP accounts were submitted today was the cut of date?"Enforcement policy consultationDuring 2009 we consulted on our draft enforcement policy. The consultation explained how we intend to use the new powers and sanctions granted to us by the Political Parties and Elections Act 2009. We have documented this process in our report on the consultation. We also commissioned independent research to gather views from members of the public and volunteer treasurers about the Commission's regulatory approach to party and election finance.We have published the following documents to inform Parliament's consideration of the draft statutory instrument that must be debated before we can access to our regulatory powers and sanctionsDebate of the draft Political Parties Elections and Referendums (Civil Sanctions) Order 2010 is likely to happen in the autumn we expect these powers to take effect from 1 December 2010. We will publish the final enforcement policy later this year alongside a series of practice notes and guidance for those we regulate which will explain in greater detail what these changes mean and how we will work with these new powers and sanctions. We will also publish information on allegation handling; interview process; disclosure policy, and each of the new civil sanctions."

  5. Anonymous

    3 months ago the Electoral Commission put out this statement, still we have heard nothing!"BNP Statement of Accounts14 Apr 2010In January 2010 the Electoral Commission, the independent party finance watchdog, began a case review following concerns raised in the independent auditor’s opinion about the adequacy of the 2008 statement of accounts of the British National Party.The case has now become an investigation. However, it is important to note – particularly during an election period – that no conclusion has been reached and therefore no assumption should be made as to whether a breach of the rules has occurred."

  6. Anonymous

    All Joe Owens' reveallations of Gri££in-Lecomber bizarre close relationship taken together with Gri££in seemingly inexplicably opposing MEP-approved tough new curbs on the City's bonus culture, and Gri££in's obvious sabotaging of the BNP's 2010 election campaigning, establishes beyond question that what I have been saying for some years now is unquestionably true:GRI££IN IS A STATE AND JEW/ZIONIST CONTROLLED JUDAS.IT'S ALL BUT OFFICIAL THAT GRI££IN HAS FINANCIALLLY BROKEN THE BNP.LET THE TREACHEROUS CUNT STEW IN HIS OWN SHIT BY NOT GIVING HIM A PENNY.Fly On The Wall


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