Statement from Richard Edmonds.


Dear Fellow Member,

The need for a BNP Leadership election this year.

Ours is a democratic party and elections for the post of Party Chairman shall be held each year, as Section 7 of the Constitution makes clear.

This year, the long-standing member, Eddy Butler, our former very successful National Elections Officer, is seeking to challenge for the leadership. And I, Richard Edmonds, a founder-member of the Party, and currently serving on the Party’s Advisory Council, am supporting Eddy Butler’s challenge, and for this reason: a leadership election, held under the rules of the Party Constitution, gives members the opportunity to raise matters of major importance for our Party, and thereby in effect to hold the Leadership of the Party to account for their stewardship of the Party.

The matter that I want to see raised in this leadership election is the employment by our Party of an outside businessman, Mr Jim Dowson, who acts as a “consultant” to our Party at a salary of just under £2,000 per week. Yes, just under TWO THOUSAND POUNDS each WEEK.

At a recent Advisory Council meeting I spent a whole week-end in the company of Mr Jim Dowson, and I can say with all respect to him, that he is a forthright man, who answers all questions directly, without any fudge or smudge. At the Advisory Council meeting he confirmed to us that he was not a member of the Party, and he informed us that he receives £7,500 per month as a consultancy fee; that is £90,00 per year, just short of two thousand pounds per week, as his ‘consultancy fee’. Mr Dowson further informed us that he receives an additional £72,000 per year for managing a part of the internal administration of our Party. I will say here, that there is nothing, absolutely nothing that Mr Dowson does for our Party that we could not do for ourselves. And I say that it is a SCANDAL that an outside businessman be paid these colossal sums per week, and for doing what we could and should be properly doing ourselves. As I said to Mr Dowson at the Advisory Council meeting in front of the Party leadership, “Mr Dowson, we should not be employing you.”

Eddy Butler’s challenge is timely and most worthy, I hope that you will support it.” 


11 thoughts on “Statement from Richard Edmonds.

  1. Anonymous

    It's good to see Richard ruffle Gri££in's feathers, it's just a pity he backed Gri££in's constitution change at the EGM and spoke in favour of it from the top stage, I'm pleased now he has seen the errors of his ways. Incidentally because Richard supported Gi££in's treacherous motion other racial Nationalists have fallen out with him hence no John Tyndall Memorial Meeting this year.

  2. Anonymous

    Last nights by election results :Darlington Cockerton West ward, Lab 388 LD 347 Con 84 BNP 41 (4.8%) Chadwell ward, Redbridge,Lab 800 Con 580 LD 576 Green 413 BNP 115 (4.5%) UKIP 54Gorsebrook ward,Barking,Labour 881 BNP 642 (34.0%) LD 136 Con 108 Ind 63 UKIP 50 Ind 11 At this rate the party will drop off the radar and who is now national elections officer ? lets see what the main website and the green tomatoe have to say today i can already hear the word sheeple.

  3. Anonymous

    Richard Edmonds and the other voted for Griffin bloody constitution changes not 21 weeks ago, now they want to get rid of Gri££in, it's a bit shodding late, they gave him so much power on Feb 14th, they are bloody fools the lot of them, it was a great opportunity to rid ourselves of the one-eyed creature and they helped consolidate his power!

  4. Anonymous

    Nonsense and spin from BNP HQ, what a sick joke bollock brain Barnbrook lost, end of story!"Goresbrook: Defiant Richard Barnbrook Increases BNP Vote Share in Lower Turnout"

  5. Anonymous

    Oldham, Burnley, keighley, Bradford, Kirklees, Sandwell, Stoke and Barking are all areas where Griffin has caused internal problems, fallen out with people and set about destroying. It about time Nick Griffin put the party first how many more areas will be set on by Griffin.


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