To our Researchers. A big thankyou. We have Griffarage and his cohorts under the microscope.

We are recieving some excellent information of late, from our wide pool of researchers, keep up the great work, we couldn’t do this without your help and it is very much appreciated.

As always anonimity and the protection it provides is guaranteed by us here at G.W.

Again, a big thankyou to you all.

The GriffinWatch Team.


13 thoughts on “To our Researchers. A big thankyou. We have Griffarage and his cohorts under the microscope.

  1. Anonymous

    A posted, therefore approved by the GA Admin comment tonight on Greenberg Arrowitz and Zionist Freunds'The white race – not the Jews – bear ALL the blame for what is happening to them nobody else'. ReconquistaReconquista also manages to get in the hateful and totally unnecessary and uncalled for 'jew baiter' accusation in reply to the unsuspecting poster. This seems to be a modus operandus for the Greenberg Arrowitz s*ite to scare people off from posting on there about Zionism and the awful truth. Reconquista is listed as one of Morris's writers. It's on today's 'Sigmund Freud and the BNP' article. I won't bother linking.

  2. Anonymous

    If anyone wants to contact Ian Anderson just pop over to the Jethro Tull website…..I'm sure he'll even sign pictures of himself, you don't get anything if you don't ask!

  3. Anonymous

    Latest from Greenberg Arrowitz and Fellow Zionist Fiends—By the way, thank you to those so called nationalists accusing me of being a Zionist, it is a pleasant change from being called a drunken paedophile.A thank you and not a denial in sight. Plus the usual stuff that anyone attacking him or Griffin is not a true nationalist. No mention of Marmitegate and the £70,000 wad going to Unilever c/o BNP funds. Did I read somewhere that the settlement amounted to no less than 2333 standard membership fees? Not including the court costs either. Thankfully I didn't bother renewing though I very nearly did out of blind loyalty. Seems like Griffin Watch was spot on. I wonder what the Griffinite sheep posting on there will do now? How much evidence do they need that they've been had?

  4. Anonymous

    Thankfully I didn't bother renewing though I very nearly did out of blind loyalty. Same here,mine has ran out and i cant believe no begging mail from Belfast as yet ? Maybe ive been BNP blacklisted for having an open mind,speaking out and ocassionaly asking questions.

  5. Nemesis

    Thanks to all readers and posters to Griffin Watch who have contributed so much in terms of both information and interesting opinions.Your contributions are invaluable and worthy!Thanks to you all – keep up the good work all Griffin Watch readers and information gatherers.

  6. Anonymous

    Re Green ArrowI visit the GA site occasionally to keep abreast of what Morris is up to but also to take a look at some of the comments.Of course anti Griffin comments are shot down in GA cyberspace though I notice there are some taking a swipe at some of the rhetoric being used and the damage being done to the party. However these are very much in the minority and the vast majority are scathing of those who don't support their hero Griffin. Some of the comments are excruciating to read and one in particular stood out for me the other day.No names no pack drill but the poster in question said that the best moment of their life EVER was meeting Nick Griffin. The poster went on to say that they had met him on a couple more occasions since and they were the next best moments ever of their life. That was it. That was the comment and nothing else. I looked at it in total disbelief wondering how anyone could count meeting such a tacky or even any politician amongst the best moments of their life when there are so many other good causes to choose from. I don't know what age this sad person is but if they had a partner with children at home it doesn't speak much for them. If I had been an admin I would have deleted such a comment out of hand it made me cringe so much. That's just one example as well. I'm sure the Green Arrowitz site will soon be defunct as more and more true nationalists wake up to the reality of what's really going on there. Morris will be left with a rump of posters who always did know what he was about and are on his side anyway like the fake civic nationalists that they are or similar Zionist sympathisers who are quick to defend that criminal state of Israel. Good riddance to bad, fake and Zionist nationalist rubbish I say.

  7. Anonymous

    GA has certainly let his begging bowl go onto overdrive in his latest story.BNP No Go Areas – Birmingham Seems a lot of activists from across the country are out in Barking & Dagenham today for the Gorsebrook by election. I wonder if it will be the same for the Bilston North by election in Wolverhamton on 29th of this month candiadtes from LIB/LAB/CON/UKIP & BNP ?


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