The vile abuse that the Griffinite VNN moderator "Bev" tried to hide from you by deleting the thread.


8 thoughts on “The vile abuse that the Griffinite VNN moderator "Bev" tried to hide from you by deleting the thread.

  1. People like you

    The BNP as a ‘product’ is utterly ruined. Gri££in’s arrogance and incompetence has seen to that. Even with him gone the damage he has done is not going to wash away with a new chairman. Gri££in is the equivalent of a blindfolded goalkeeper that insists on throwing the ball into the back of his own net, and then insists that hordes of invisible ‘Reds, moles, searchlight agents and little green men from Mars’ are to blame. Butler is no idiot, a cold fish yes, but not stupid. He is standing against Gri££in not with the intention of taking over and rebuilding the BNP, but ridding us of Gri££in and his poison, before launching a new party. This way with Gri££in gone and politically buried, a new direction can be taken without the slime that infests the current BNP upper Party structure. Good people that have been purged by Gri££in in the past can be invited into this new party without the genuine trouble makers which can be left to fight over the scraps of what was the BNP. Nationalism then has a chance. Effort can then also be made to see to it that Gri££in does not get re-elected into Europe with a hard-hitting counter-campaign against him with a clean and smart nationalist alternative in his European region – ripping the carpet from under him once and for all. Some people may well bang on about ‘saving’ the BNP because it’s a household name etc, blah, blah. I say that yes, it is a household name, for all the wrong reasons! To top it all off, Gri££in made an absolute arse of himself AND the BNP in front of millions of voters on national TV and in the polls. Eddy is playing a shrewd game and he has learnt lessons from others who have tried to depose Gri££in in the past. By removing him FIRST, then beginning the process of rebuilding nationalism, the task will be considerably easier than having him bullying and attacking from within with his faggot attack-dog blogs with his greasy hands on the web-site and the Party cash. Come on Eddy, show us what you are made of.

  2. Anonymous

    BNP Wives was a disgrace and made the BNP look absolutely stupid. I remember the last Leadership challenge which was shown on BNP Wives with Cass showing a black bin liner filled with votes on a settee in his house. The BNP must have come over as a laughing stock. I cringed when I watched that and couldn't believe that Griffin allowed that to be filmed.


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