The Green Zion site is after your cash.

Notice the donate button at the top on the right is indicating red for funds needed (or is it actually red politically?)
The slavishly pro-Griffin and pro-Zionist, Green Arrow website, is nothing more than a Sayanim run honey trap, hell bent on indoctrinating potential nationalists into a nonsensical zionist stance, whilst extracting funds from them at the same time.
The fact that funds aren’t forthcoming and the falling Alexa stats., indicate that Paul Morris (AKA Green Arrow) and his nasty little Sayanim setup are failing.

Just like Griffarage, Morris and his nasty little crew will soon be erased from the nationalist scene and will no longer be able to dupe honest nationalists both ideologically and financially.
Bye bye Nick and Paul, actually, good riddance.

9 thoughts on “The Green Zion site is after your cash.

  1. Anonymous

    What is the legality of this? We have already been collecting nomination signatures on forms that Eddy had prepared, surely no institution sends out its own nomination papers and who will scruntinise them?BNP Leadership Election — Official Statement "Official nomination forms will be sent to each Member and Voting Member eligible to nominate/vote in such an election, and will have to be returned by post to be received between 20 July and noon of 10 August. It is recommended that such forms are sent by registered or recorded delivery mail."

  2. Anonymous

    Shitbag Green Arrow wrote this tonight, State Agent or What?"I would also be interested now, in receiving the names of all those who sign Butlers nomination forms, in order that I may make public all information that I may gather on those people who are either deliberately trying to destroy the BNP or those stupid enough to support them."

  3. Bradford Patriot

    Green Sparrow is a zionist twat. thatv he supports Griffin speaks volumes.Griffin has betrayed evertything he once stood for.He quit the NF because it became pro-zionist for goodness sake!

  4. Anonymous

    People are nuts who foolishly donate to this deceitful Zionist supporting/funded shit. I sussed him out a long time ago. He does occasionally let his guard down as do those who write for him. They are very quick to call critics of Israel, anti-semites and nutzies. His recent post re Gaza? Those who criticised Israel by default supported Hamas and terrorism and should clear off and post elsewhere? Says it all. A nasty Welsh lamb shanker.

  5. GriffinWatch

    " Anonymous said… But Butler is pro queerism, pro having immigrants in party and probably pro Isreal. So why is this blog supporting him?"Provide proof, or S.T.F.U. OK?

  6. Anonymous

    If anyone was in any doubt as to the hidden Zionist black heart that is Green Arrow, take a look at this comment in particular from one of its 'writers':- Edward, I say this with the greatest of disrespectGo stick your jew hating head up your swastika shaped arse and keep pushing until you vanish without so much as a bad smell left behind.OT posts should be deleted, am I right? Edward seems to have got the message and got the hell out but his post was approved before he deleted it himself. What was AussieBob's problem that rattled his cage? The inconvenient truth? Another reply from this AussieBob Zionist miscreant on the same thread:-Sentinal(sic), people like you are the reason nationalism has been hamstrung.I write an article about tax and the BBC and you bring up zionism?This is the difference between an anti-zionist and an anti-semite. An anti-zionist is against Israel when Israel is being talked about, an anti-semite is anti-Israel when ANYTHING is being talked about.A really nasty piece of work is AussieBob and gives the Zionist Green Arrow game away which is probably why Morris fired him seeing as he hasn't written or posted since, as far as I can make out.Another one from GA writer AussieBob on the same thread replying to Sentinel:-They bother me because socialism is death for the nation.Also if you come out against socialism it pisses off nazis like you.A N Other:-Please take your anti-semitism elsewhere (replying again to a self-deleted 'Edward' comment).Not everyone agrees with ZionistBob's anti-semite slurs:-Brilliant link EDWARD, I have bookmarked it for later as there is a lot of information there.————–Keep up the good work Griffin Watch on exposing this traitorous Green Arrow Zionist money scamming filth.

  7. Anonymous

    The Green Arrow s*ite will not be around for ever to bore to death those who have to or feel the need to read his dross. He's previously posted that he will pull the site when Griffin steps down as leader in 2013. We may not have to wait that long. He made a big issue of resigning from the BNP so he could allegedly speak off message about them. All I've ever seen on there from Morris and Co. is cringeworthy adulation, even divine-like worship of Griffin along with similar type comments from duped posters. Such behaviour is abnormal and unhealthy in a democratic party, which of course the BNP is definitely not. It is in the state's interest to keep Griffin at the helm of the BNP because many electorate will never vote BNP while he is in charge. Even if Griffin is not actually state or it cannot be proven, he is effectively a state asset. If Eddy Butler does become leader, it will be of a rump BNP as the Griffinites like Morris and his band of Zionist hatemongers will take off to continue with their state-sponsored watered down and meaningless civic nationalism. Eddy Butler will need to act fast and decisively to stop the EHRC induced rot that I am sure Griffin's co-Zionists and fellow party/nation wreckers welcomed and even engineered all along. I won't have anything to do with civic nationalism which is meaningless and doomed to become part of the mainstream party con to maintain the nation-state destroying status quo. It won't be easy and civil disobedience and daring them to jail thousands may be the only way forward with Zionist, Marxist and EUSSR race and hate laws engineered and now stacked against the indigenous people.


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