The establishment panic and "pull" their man 5IMon Darby?

“As a result, and wishing to avoid a descent into personality-orientated factionalism, I am going to set an example. I have therefore decided to resign as Deputy Leader of this Party with immediate effect. My purpose in this decision is not only to take this distraction out of the election. Also, if I can endure self-imposed demotion for the greater good of this Party, then I have the moral right to ask that others at least exercise responsibility and restraint.” 

Well it looks like the writing is on the wall for Griffarage, could this be the “establishment ” pulling their man 5IMon Darby out of the fray in case Griffarage loses the leadership election  and  the accounts are investigated internally?
From the leaked accounts we know that the payments to Dowson are dubious, to say the least.

It certainly appears that the establishment are now “cutting Griffarage loose”, I’ll wager a pound to a penny that arses are now clenching tightly over at H.Q.

As always, time will tell.

14 thoughts on “The establishment panic and "pull" their man 5IMon Darby?

  1. Anonymous

    Smug Darby is no man of principle as he make out on his idiotic stupid blog, the reason is the rat is deserting the sinking ship. Darby is personally libel for cost in the new EHRC case and is running scared, he is an utter coward. Gri££in used Darby's home loss as emotion blackmail during the February EGM, for the plebs to vote through his treacherous constitution changes.' The high court is to decide whether Nick Griffin and two other BNP officials should face contempt of court proceedings in which their assets could be confiscated under a "writ of sequestration".'

  2. Anonymous

    I heard the Darby signed his house over to his partner and Griffin signed his house over to his wife. They knew what was coming so made sure they had no assets to sieze. I wonder if Darby is putting himself forward for the leadership challenge.

  3. Anonymous

    More bullshit spin from Gri££in, there are only 4,200 two year or more members, so the other 10,000 are all new people, pull the other one!"BNP Leadership Election — Official StatementThe number of 24-month-plus members eligible to nominate/vote was precisely 4,200 as of noon today. The threshold for a valid nomination for any given candidate is therefore 840 signatures.The number of Voting Members eligible to nominate is 278. The threshold for a valid nomination for any given candidate is therefore 56 Voting Members’ signatures.Please note that the current BNP membership is some 14,000, but that until recent organisational improvements ‘put the plug in the bath,’ the non-renewal rate was very high."

  4. Anonymous

    SD has clearly not written that post. It has been written for him by some very high up establishment wallahs or at least the 'expert' writers that work for them. It reads like the crap you can see through every single day from ZOMBIE meaning the Zionist Occupied Media Bullshit Institutionalised Establishment. This is their weakest link, their unbelievable garbage. Their minds are so preoccupied with inventing lies that they will tell you it's raining outside, forgetting that you only have to look out the window to know the truth. Our weakest link is that the sheep will remain sheep and not bother looking.

  5. Anonymous

    Very intriguing, I wonder what he is plotting behind the scenes, may be a bogus leadership challenge himself to scupper Butler's campaign? Or will he cut and run? Whatever the bastard ihas always been an utter coward and arch- Gri££in sychophant!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Rumours are coming through the grape vine that BNP staff haven't been paid for the month of June, what with all that Dowson donors money supposedly coming in, what could be happening?

  7. Bradford Patriot

    Why does 5IMon say that attacks against Gri££in must cease – yet no a word abaout the disgusting blogs NG has set up or feeds disinfo to, to attack Butler.Where's 5IMon's ire against the pro-Griffin crap put out by the Sheffield druggies on their CUNTs site?

  8. Anonymous

    Darby says:As many of you will know, the position of Deputy Leader of the British National Party was created as an ad hoc, purely practical operational measure by Nick Griffin in the middle of 2005. This is another lie.

  9. Anonymous*/www.bnp.toarchive of old BNP web site.NATIONAL TREASURER Michael NewlandE mail: letters@bnp.netA former building contractor and trained accountant, Michael Newland handles all funds coming into the BNP's central accounts. As well as dealing with banking and day-to-day record-keeping, he provides full monthly accounts to the Chairman and Deputy Chairman, and gives a financial report to each meeting of the BNP's Advisory Council, which includes key regional officials and meets on a quarterly basis.Michael Newland also does a superb job as the BNP's National Press Officer and runs the Party's main text-based website. was first to walk out over Griffin ripping members off!DARBY=INTERNET OFFICER Simon DarbyE mail: si@bnp.toHaving been involved in British Nationalism for nearly ten years, Simon's main task is the overseeing of the technical logistics of Internet operation coupled with the maintenance of the BNP's multimedia website. This site is at the cutting edge of the development of nationalism's 'alternative media'.The site's weekly email bulletins now reach a huge number of members and supporters all over the world, something that is beginning to have very significant organisational effects, as well as helping to raise much needed funds.

  10. Anonymous CHAIRMAN Sharron EdwardsE mail: Deputy Chairman, Sharron has her finger on the pulse of the Party. She is our foremost exponent of intensive community politics, dealing with local people and authorities in the West Midlands, but also providing advice on this crucially important subject to BNP branches around the country.Sharron is also head of the Party's family circle, Renaissance.


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