The desperate and blatant lies from Griffarage continue unabated.

On the 23-05-10 Griffarage said:

“This is going to take at least 18 months to implement and after that I intend to hand the party over to someone who will be able to drive support up to where it can be a serious contender for power,” he said.”

(1st screenshot) 

Yet on 27-06-10 Griffarage says:

“Apart from the fact that I am on record as saying it will not be my daughter, I said that I believe that a new leader will have to be someone who is already in their thirties, and that the decision on who that person is will lie completely with the membership,” he said.”

(2nd screenshot)

The lies spew forth, first he intends to “hand the party over”,  then it conveniently changes to becoming a future  membership decision. If Griffarage told me that it was raining, I would have to go outside and check!!!!!!

How can you trust a single word that this man says?


5 thoughts on “The desperate and blatant lies from Griffarage continue unabated.

  1. Anonymous

    If the EHRC go to the High Court to seize BNP assets it will be interesting to see what the party owns or doesn't. I bet any money all that equipment in Belfast belongs to Dowson? It was the same situation with the Truth Truck. I wonder what date has been arranged for the hearing in London? Incidentally the incompetent lawyer that Gri££in was using behind the scenes during the first court hearings against the EHRC was Dowson's, she f**ked it right up and it's cost this party an utter bloody fortune!!!!!!! And the case still isn't settled yet!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Wasn't it Nick Griffin himself who once said that if you hear someone accusing another of being a searchlie mole then it is probably him who is the mole.

  3. Anonymous

    Griffin is really vicious and vindictive. Simon Bennett worked hard and gave the majority of his time to this Party and is now the subject of a smear campaign. Griffin and Dowson used him along with so many others and when he had the courage to do something they tried to hang him out to dry. It hasn't worked because of the lies spewed by Griffin.

  4. Anonymous

    Griffin is now totally devoid of credibility and respect. He knows his time is up but he will cling on to power just long enough to completely destroy the party. That has been his mission from the very start.


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