Griffarage, from desperation breaks the BNP constitution.

BNP suspension is against party code of conduct

THREE British National Party (BNP) members from Cornwall have been suspended indefinitely for criticising leader Nick Griffin.

Parliamentary candidate James Fitton, who stood in the St Austell and Newquay constituency, has also accused the party of breaking its own constitution after he was suspended. Two other members, Peter Mullins, from Liskeard, the party’s former regional organiser for the South West and Simon Bennett, from Camelford, who designed and maintained the BNP’s website, have also been suspended.

In a letter from party bosses, Mr Fitton is said to have been suspended for a “serious breach of BNP code of conduct” but the letter does not state any specific reason – something Mr Fitton says is against the party’s own constitution.

He said: “Myself and two others in Cornwall have been suspended along with a member in Torbay and there’s been members suspended in the East and West Midlands.”

Section 9.9 of the BNP constitution states: “The individual member concerned should, as soon as practically possible thereafter, have in writing details of the alleged offence.”

Mr Fitton also accuses the party of bending the rules to suit its own needs, after a member who joined in February became sub-region organiser for Devon and Cornwall in April.

Party rules state that members are on probation for two years and are unable to attain any positions within the party during that time.

All three members of the party have been vocal in their criticism of Nick Griffin in recent months and the party’s attitude towards Cornish members.

Mr Bennett, a member for five years, has accused Mr Griffin of “entrenching himself” as the leader.

“There’s been a vast majority of members up for removal, there’s a climate of fear. But the truth is more important,” he said.

Mr Mullins said: “There is a pyramid structure within the party and at the apex is Nick Griffin. What he says happens. He doesn’t do democracy and it’s virtually a dictatorship.”

“They’ve kissed goodbye to the whole of Cornwall and literally thrown us in the bin.”

Both Mr Mullins and Mr Bennett recently attended a meeting in Leicestershire, where a vote was carried to support Eddy Butler, from Essex, as a potential challenger for the leadership.”

No respect for the members, or for the party constitution, par for the course with Griffarage and his cohorts (co-defendants?)


10 thoughts on “Griffarage, from desperation breaks the BNP constitution.

  1. Anonymous

    Gri££in will be expelling dozens of members now, the same people who only a few months ago were praising him to the hilt, if Butler goes for a serious leadership challenge, Gri££in will get rid of him and his supporters before the nomination signatures are in.

  2. Anonymous

    The capacity crowd cheered when Mr Griffin described the EHRC dossier as a “crock” which was easily refutable, dramatically threw the EHRC dossier on the floor and promised never to surrender.“The BNP has done what the EHRC wanted with regard to membership and now they object to our principles,” Mr Griffin said.From BNP site ROFLMAO, now that's a "crock".Does NG know what the term surrender actually means?

  3. Anonymous

    Has Griffin Watch got an opinion of Green Arrow? He seems a lapdog of Nick Griffin even though he is not a BNP member. Some of his articles are disturbing.

  4. Anonymous

    The SW has definitely gone under. Hard working members built it up and raised thousands of pounds for the Party. To watch this breakdown is gut churning. Damage has been done which cannot be repaired. Good honest members have left and will never come back. Thanks Nick.

  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous @10:33I will never go back after giving years of my life freely only to witness lies and deceit on a probably massive scale. The time and money I have given that I could ill afford. My only consolation is that ordinary members are mostly untainted by the hierarchy's snouts in the trough treachery if that's what it is. I still voted BNP last month to help try to save the candidates deposit to no avail. I knew him and he is an ok guy, or at least I think he is. It's difficult to know what to think anymore of people or who to trust. Maybe that's been the plan all along to sow mistrust and doubt. It's worked a treat in this house. We just let our memberships time out rather than resign because we didn't know what to believe and still don't. The establishment have won this battle, of that there is no doubt. The present BNP are finished. Long live the New BNP providing it's corrupt free and sleaze free but I'm through with it all and will just wait for the fighting to start this time around.

  6. Anonymous

    I agree. The rot began when Griffin sacked Michaela, SW members were up in arms, some resigned, others took Griffin to task and got suspended for it. And don't forget Shrek Howson's part in this. His appointment was deeply unpopular with good members. Howson may be SW RO but he has no region left to organise. He trashed it and Griffin rewarded him with the position of Training Manager.Tells you all you need to know about Griffin's agenda.

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Shrek Howson – trashed it and Griffin rewarded him with the position of Training Manager.Not for nothing does Howson go by the sobriquet `Animal Farm'. This piece of verminous filth is an unconscionable moral cripple – just the type of low-life Gri££in finds attractive and surrounds himself with.Anonymous said… Green Arrow – seems a lapdog of Nick Griffin – his articles are disturbing.Son of Owain Glyndwr Paul `Green Marrow' Morris's articles are disturbing because he's been mentally disturbed since incurring brain damage caused by oxygen-starvation after having his head stuck too long in Gri££in's arse.Q. How does Green Marrow Morris find his favourite pet lamb in very long grass?A. Irresistable

  8. Anonymous

    Even with a new leadership the BNP are regarded as low life. It will take years to prove otherwise and time is running out. I for one will never donate money to this Party again, spend hours trudging streets or attend any meetings. Griffin was treated with adulation and he loved it but money is the root of all evil. It happened in the NF, UKIP etc


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