Griffarage and his cronies ILLEGALY use the BNP members list to smear Eddy Buttler.

“Taken from Nationalists online

“I now have the proof that the person who did in fact send out the emails to members and ex members breaking the data protection act and abusing the trust of the BNP members was none other than Paul Golding.

Can all those who have received one of these spiteful emails unsubscribe within the email sent, and then resubscribe. Follow the steps to resubscribe and the address of the sender will appear on your screen as…

Almost Finished…

We need to confirm your email address.

To complete the subscription process, please click the link in the email we just sent you.


Add us to your address book”

The above address belongs to Paul Golding who is also charged with sending out ALL begging emails from which he collects a 5% cut of everything the duped members pay.” 

This could well be the straw that breaks the camels back for Griffarage and his cohorts (co-defendants?).



9 thoughts on “Griffarage and his cronies ILLEGALY use the BNP members list to smear Eddy Buttler.

  1. Anonymous

    To use members' e.mails in this way as a means of linking them to two foul blogs is nothing more than conduct unbecoming. How can Griffin, who should be leading by example, defend these attacks on fellow nationalists, or the method he employs to do so? I have to say that Eddy's replies to the smears are written in a reasonable, analytical and calm way and exhibit none of the vicious hysteria we observe on eddybutlerexposed and the laughably misnamed BNP Truth Chronicles.Eddy is conducting himself as a leader should, and Griffin, instead of attacking anyone who challenges or questions him, ought to set about addressing members' concerns in the same reasonable, analytical and calm way instead of screaming "Traitor! Searchlight spy! Red!' like a demented hyena under a full moon. He should take heed of Eddy's example and try to emulate his former National Elections Officer's honourable and rational conduct.

  2. Boudicca 2

    Very well done to the lady who exposed Goldings address, she used her brains, clearly Golding didn,t or even worse, arrogantly thought no one would check him out. Everyone who recieved this email should now contact the Data Protection people and make an official complaint.Comparing Mr Butlers' reaction to NGs' is like comparing the rants of Hitler to the reasoning of the Chrurchill he laughingly tries to emulate. Bye bye hegomony.

  3. Anonymous

    INFORMATION COMMISSIONERS OFFICE Complaints DeptBy email: If all your supporting evidence is available electronically, you can send your form via email by taking the following steps. Data Protection Act complaint form (Word version) 1. Complete and save the form to your computer.2. Open a new email, with 'Complaint to the ICO' in the subject line.3. Attach this form and any other documents you wish to send us.4. Send to post: If your supporting evidence is in hard copy, you can print out the form and post it to us with your supporting evidence.Data Protection Act complaint form (Word version) Send to:Customer Services TeamInformation Commissioner's OfficeWycliffe HouseWater LaneWilmslowSK9 5AF or Tel : 0303-123-113

  4. Anonymous

    Gri££in blew nearly £50,000 on the Barking & Dagenham election campaign, most of it was spend on his own parliamentary bid. £1,600 was wasted on individually addressed letters to the bloody ethnics, Dowson made a small fortune out of the campaign printing a lot of material from his own company Romac. Over £3,200 was wasted on the 50,000 special VoFs that went out in Barking, 43,000 were pulped when Margaret Hodge took a High Court Injunction out to stop their distribution as they were libellous ( there could still be a court case over this.) Harrington's smear Sentinel magazine cost £1,7000 to print, all to no effect. It members money down the drain. Griffin and his goons spent nearly £900 on hotel bills!

  5. Anonymous

    More Gri££in pie in the sky crack pot ideas, "we can win elections from behind a computer screen, no need for leafleting or canvassing anymore folks!" I see windbag Wingfield is back in charge of VoF, the command centre is the office which has laid empty for the last 9 months while we have been paying the rent, it's in the middle of nowhere! This is Gri££in next begging project to squeeze funds from the poor members.

  6. Anonymous

    More total lies from the Gri££in camp, fat fool Hannam flashed through the figures very quickly, so attendees couldn't grasp the amounts, one member stood up very angrily and said : "For every £20 that is donated to the party Dowson gets £1.50!" Hannam didn't reply to this, the whole article below is a utter sham. Lets hope that Fat Boy Thick get the 2009 accounts in on time this year and stops feeding his face? "BNP’s National Treasurer Deals with Financial Queries at Open Party Meeting in Leicestershire"


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