By Nemesis

Sixty-six years ago to the day forces belonging to the British, Commonwealth and United States armies launched their assault on ‘Fortress Europe’ on the beaches of Normandy. Eleven months later the Nazi dictator, Adolf Hitler, committed suicide as his Berlin bunker was surrounded by Soviet forces.

Although we are fortunate enough not to endure the horrors and deprivation of war we still have our own battles to fight and on 6th June 2010 a new battleground was set out – this time between the forces of corruption, dictatorship and immorality on the one hand, and those of democracy, transparency and decency on the other.

Numerous officials and members of the British National Party, together with a handful of expelled members, gathered together at Leicester to raise the standard of reform.

It was a meeting of serious intent as those who had met there, some having travelled for over five hours, were acutely aware not only of time running out in rescuing the BNP from oblivion, but also in the difficulties of confronting a regime as corrupt and fanatically defensive as Griffin’s leadership of the party.

Delegates were given professional audio-visual displays of the strategy that was required in order to have any chance in successfully opposing Griffin, and all delegates were given their chance to speak of their experiences regarding him. Everyone was in agreement to the effect that he had treated loyal members and officers of the party with considerable disdain at best, and with bullying and corrupt behaviour at worst.

A motion was passed with three abstentions to support any leadership challenge that is made by Eddy Butler and to promote any further leadership challenges by any other candidates. This marks a new change in strategy as the Conference sees any leadership challenge as a challenge to the power status quo rather than a leadership replacement. The Conference realises that the work needed to change the current corrupt cabal will not be an overnight manoeuvre but a long-term offensive with the emphasis on attrition. The tide has slowly but perceptibly changed from being dominated by Griffin and his cronies to one that is becoming more advantageous to the Reformers.

The main thrust of the meeting was to discuss how the party should be reformed, so that the current situation where one man can not only dominate the party and its machinery, but uses it as a personal and family business empire, will never happen again. This will be achieved by separating the functions of treasury, administration and the political departments so that there is clear blue water between the personnel who operate each of them.

It was accepted that there urgently needed to be financial transparency within the party and that transparent financial, employment and administrative policies needed to be initiated.

There needed to be a wider democratic input as the current BNP has a serious democratic deficit despite, ironically, one of the clarion calls of the BNP being ‘democracy’.

Important decisions need to be taken by the members themselves, either at an EGM or by postal ballot.

Interests, particularly financial ones, are needed to be declared by all officers, particularly by the Chairman.

Accounts need to be filed in time, and these should be done by qualified and competent individuals, and their removal should be decided by the Advisory Council.

Management accounts should be produced and filed to the Advisory Council and they should be made publicly available from the party’s website.

These are just some of the fundamental changes that are urgently needed to ensure that trust within the party and its leadership is created and that full financial transparency is adopted as a matter not only of legality but of a measure of honesty, trust and integrity – three vital words that are missing from the lexicon of the Griffin regime.

Under Griffin the membership are treated with contempt, its activists as ‘grunts’ and the constitution as the personal property of the Chairman, as flexible as he wants it to be. Power has been further and further centralised until it has now become a dictatorship, the fuhrerprinzep in action. Such highly centralised power and dictatorship has meant that challenges and dissent are not tolerated by Griffin and that all decisions and strategy are made by Griffin, whether they are good for the party or bad. Furthermore, such centralisation has meant that there are no controls over Griffin as regards finances and this has gradually led to the moral emaciation of the BNP and a growing culture of corruption – the total antithesis of nationalism.

The BNP has seriously lost its way, blindly feeling its way through a dark corridor of failure that leads nowhere but to a dead end. Its massacre at the polls should be a wake-up call to its members, whilst the serial errors, legal challenges and misjudgements made by its leadership should have led many members to realise that the perception given to them by Griffin is totally at odds with the reality. In fact, serious questions have already been asked by many as to whether those serial errors and failures are rather more than appalling misjudgement, incompetence and negligence. They seem all too much like the work of a State asset, or at least those of an individual who is being guided and channelled by the State in return for political ‘favours’ and the overlooking of financial corruption.

But whether Griffin is a State asset or not, the fact of the matter is that he is undoubtedly corrupt and he is leading a party political machine that is endemically corrupt by nature of its lack of financial transparency.

The fact of the matter is that the strategy that was debated and agreed upon at the Leicester conference will mean that if Griffin is in any way part of a State agenda to neutralise the BNP, then he will be ‘smoked out’. Further details of this strategy will be unveiled nearer to the time but the merits of this particular strategy will mean that no-one – including the media who have largely ignored the endemic corruption and political shenanigans of Griffin – will have no choice but to take an interest in the matter and to report upon it.

This is a ‘win-win’ situation for the Reformers and it is clear that the strategy as envisaged by the Leicester Conference has a far greater chance of success than previous attempts. As someone who has participated in earlier attempts at reform I can bear witness to a new life that is emerging from the growing numbers of officials and members who are now beginning to realise that there is a problem within the BNP – and that the problem is Nick Griffin. A new sense of urgency, maturity and wisdom is emanating from the new reformers, and the lessons of the last two recent failed attempts have not been forgotten. The Voice of Change movement never had much chance of success as it was instigated largely by the failure of an attempted Advisory Council coup and the ‘Decembrist Rebels’ simply had no choice but to set up a body that was outside of the BNP. Its failure stems from the simple fact that they tried to negotiate with Griffin and reach a compromise with the man. Their primary goal was an ancillary target- Mark Collett – and they failed to understand that Griffin would not let Collett go under (their corrupt associations having been entwined many years back). Furthermore, they failed to get the measure of Griffin the man, his nature and his sociopathic personality. Griffin is not a man to be trusted or to compromise with. He is a ruthless individual who will not tolerate dissent or opposition and will exploit any weakness or indecision on the part of his opponent. The Voice of Change Movement turned out to have been a lost cause even as they held their first and final meeting back in 2007.

The Chris Jackson/Mike Easter Reform Group has always had a better chance as it was internal and had an experienced and decent challenger to Griffin in the form of Chris Jackson. But it failed because of a lack of momentum and the difficulties that they had in countering Griffin’s unlawful and devious manipulation of the BNP constitution to deny them a rightful and equal challenge. Without recourse to financial and legal resources such challenges stood a poor chance of confronting the Griffin regime in any leadership challenge. But with the changing tide of circumstances and the current disenchantment of Griffin with much of the rank-and-file a serious leadership challenge can be mounted.

It is clear that drastic changes need to be made within the party before it implodes. Griffin has little intention of resigning, at least for another three years so as to accumulate further funds for his retirement. We have no option – as the alternative is the implosion of the BNP, something that the State and the Left want to see happen.

We cannot allow this state of affairs to remain unchallenged. Matters within the BNP have become steadily worse as disaster and dissatisfaction increase. All those members who are acutely aware of what is happening to the BNP and why it is happening now have a vehicle to support and move behind. It is true that there will always be some who will never realise this fact and will continue to support the Griffin-Dowson Axis. They are like ostriches with their heads in the sand, who cannot admit that the one patriotic leader who have their trust and support is actually a con-man, who does not have their interests at heart, who uses them simply as money-making machines, and his activists as ‘grunts’.

Others are tied to Griffin through ambitions of power and obligation, and it was recognised by the Conference that that there should be a review of all current Regional Organisers and other Organisers to ensure that the most competent and morally upright of them assumed power. A nationalist party has to behave and act in the nationalist creed, and that is with fairness, courage, fair play, decency and honesty. There can be no room within any nationalist party for individuals or forms of behaviour that are any less than the highest standards expected within nationalism.

It is clear that Griffin is prepared to settle with a smaller BNP and would accept a party some two-thirds less than what it is now if it meant his continued hold on power. But such a state is not sustainable and would initiate a major rank and-file rebellion. But Griffin is only interested in money and his hold on power is predicated on the fulfilment of that quest. The continued erosion of the BNP’s nationalist ideals, values and members is part and parcel of his agenda, it is his Gotterdammerung, his twilight of the gods, the turbulent ending of his regime and the destructive paths of his scorched-earth policy designed to ensure that he eventually leaves with as much money as he possibly can with a party that has become nothing but a burnt-out shell.

But the Leicester Conference intends to ensure that Griffin’s continued reign of terror and corruption will no longer go unchallenged. A new programme of reform has been set up and a strategy initiated that will lead, sooner or later, to the unmasking of the truth about Griffin and – hopefully – his eventual relinquishment of power and a new rebirth of a true nationalist BNP.

Like Alan Sugar’s TV programme, The Apprentice, there are more and more BNP members who are relishing the opportunity of taking Nicholas Griffin to task in the BNP Star Chamber, pointing their finger at him, and telling him, “Nick Griffin – You’re Fired”.”

A further report:

BNP Reform Meeting


It is our pleasure to inform everyone who seeks probity, transparency, and efficient organisation within the British National Party, of the results of the first meeting of the BNP Reform Group.

This meeting was instigated by a number loyal members and ex-members from all over England and Wales, and held in the Midlands to discuss the ways and means of gaining positive reform within the British National Party.

Power point and film presentations were given prior to discussion of organisational matters; these were well received by the delegates.

An early motion was passed to support the leadership challenge by Mr Eddy Butler, with but three abstentions. We see this as a challenge to the present hegemony, rather than a nominated leader replacement.

The main purpose of the meeting however was to formulate tactics and strategy in the event that the leadership challenge proved unsuccessful.

It was agreed that the current leadership needs to be replaced and that the constitution should be rewritten to make any future leadership challenge easier, fairer and better organised than at present. The party structure would need be reorganised into three autonomous divisions.

Administration Department

To be staffed by people with the following credentials:

a) A proven and unblemished record of success in the field of business and / or political organisation and administration.

b) Intelligence, and well versed in the use of the English language and grammar.

c) Forward looking, ambitious and loyal to the party and the cause as opposed to a particular leader or person.

d) Management skills, particularly those of man-management and human resources.

Treasury Department.

To be headed by a qualified accountant who will ensure probity and transparency in accounting and that:

Official accounts are submitted properly audited to the requisite state authorities on time and every time.

Financial accounts will be made available and completely transparent to all members.

Political Department.

Staffed by politically erudite people with proven experience of electoral law, political tactics, and strategy.

The party organised in this way would never again be dominated by one person, nor would the administrative blunders and legal challenges which have so dogged the party in recent times, ever be repeated.

A new leader would be a figurehead to represent the party but have no direct influence over the new tripartite management.

A party web presence would be structured in such a way as to offer a central online community for all members and activists in addition to providing the tools and information required to successfully undertake their role as a member or activist. This will also include the data for all approved personnel to actively and securely manage and organise their region to the best of their ability. The website should be a tool for the members and not a propaganda machine or a revenue generator for the leadership.

It was acknowledged that several of the attendees present, even if not all currently members, were of sufficiently high calibre to effectively begin the reform process immediately.

It was also unanimously agreed that a review of all current R.O’s and organsisers should take place to ensure that only those most capable and morally upright should occupy these positions.”



  1. Anonymous

    Totally agree,i know many members not renewing their membership on the basis that dowsons call centre staff who know sweet F/A about the BNP are constantly calling and begging for this and that.Its straight into the sales pitch,no chat no humour and being Belfast born myself i too sometimes find someone on the end of the phone with a Belfast accent trying to sell puts me off quite a bit.

  2. Anonymous

    I have been called on numerous occassions to subsribe to the Voice of Freedom. It was a sales pitch when I refused I was asked why . The person then went on to persuade me to take out membership for the Trafalgar club. Now when they phone I hang up immediately.

  3. Anonymous

    Goodness me turning the BNP from a personal criminal fiefdom into a modern, accountable political party and three refused to support it.I suppose you always get the odd character who finds honesty and integrity something to be fearful of instead of embracing such attributes as a way forward.Eddy will make a brilliant leader. He leads from the front and is showing his guts and courage by facing down the evil within the BNP.

  4. spiv

    "I suppose you always get the odd character who finds honesty and integrity something to be fearful of instead of embracing such attributes as a way forward."Actually, those three were extremely supportive during the meeting. Abstentions are the signs of a true democracy. Indeed, it quickens my pulse when I realised the levels of agreement during that meeting. It was fantastic.A PowerPoint file, shown at the meeting, can be found at the end of this article at feel free to disseminate it.

  5. Anonymous

    This story shall the good man teach his son; And Crispin Crispian shall ne'er go by, From this day to the ending of the world, But we in it shall be remembered- We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition; And gentlemen in England now-a-bed Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,

  6. Anonymous

    No retreating this time lads. The line in the sand may be one hundred miles from the sea but Leicester Conference must be the Alamein for the real BNP.

  7. Anti-Freemason

    Nemesis,if Griffin is state and i believe he is, then it would be logical to believe that when his handlers see that his time is coming to an end, they will replace him with one of their own. If he isn't state the same applies, but he is showing all the characters of a state agent. Are you sure about Butler? Absolutely sure? I am not, i do not trust him and i am not alone in my opinion. Do you know what his father does for a living? Find out you maybe surprised. Is his father a Freemason? Does his father associate with top Police officers and judges? I believe he does unless i have been given disinformation. I mention his father because this blog has just reported on Nick Griffins father. Could it be that Mr Butler senior is a top Freemason? Mr Butler does have baggage as well, quite alot, and that word baggage has been used alot with reference to Nick Griffin. Can i refer you to the case of one of the best state agents this country has ever seen in my opinion, the agent known as Keven Fulton. He infiltrated the IRA over many years and when he got to the top discovered that it had already been infiltrated by the British state and run by them in some cases. Was it a case of different security agencies working independently getting their man to the top, yes i think it was. This will be the same with the BNP, different intelligence cells all working independently to get their man to the top. Are you sure about Butler? You have to be sure, we don't want to be in the same position as we are now in 11 years time.

  8. Anonymous

    I am sorry but Eddie has almost as much baggage as Griffin. We want someone with no connections to Griffin or anyone connected with him. Unless this happens we might as well not bother. We would not vote for him. He is arrogant, humourless, and distant. He has been a bully in his time, and there is talk of his son being involved too. We don't want this, we have had enough. We want new blood, someone we can trust and depened on. If you put Butler forward all his history will come out and that is a waste of time for everyone. We can do without further embarrassment.

  9. Anonymous

    You obviously have no idea about Butlers past. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the leadership in our view. I don't know anyone who likes him. He would be the same as Griffin. Yes he has leadership skills, but it takes more than that. Why didn't he do something about Griffin years ago if he knew what was going on? Because it suited him not to, because he was part of it.

  10. Anonymous

    It looks as though you have made your mind up about Eddie already. Think it might be an idea for you to think again. He is not without baggage himself. He's been with Griffin for years, how can he not not be tied up with him in the public eye? He could have walked a long time ago but didn't. We want to see someone totally new and not connected with anyone at the top table. And this time we would like to meet the candidates, unlike last time when we didn't even meet him.

  11. Anonymous

    Posting this here as when I tried to log onto yourBNP it was down again. I forwarded the entire report about the New BNP Reform Group meeting out to my mailing list of 30+ regular contacts. I also included the link to the PowerPoint presentation. Only question – who put together the PP presentation. It reads well enough but they had used an Old English/Gothic typeface which on smaller monitors is hard to read against the background.No I am not anomymous. It's Ivan Winters (DN Party Secretary) aka Ivan the Yid from Bradford

  12. Nemesis

    Thank you Anti-Freemason, you have provided many invaluable insights as well as ideas for further debate.You are right in that if Griffin is State, or State-guided, then his handlers would prefer to have another asset, or someone who could potentially be manipulated.Regarding Butler it requires evidence and until that evidence is provided the man is innocent.I'll reserve my personal opinion of the man at this time.I would consider him as a caretaker leader only and would hope that Mr Butler would keep to his original indication that he would not want to stay as Chairman is elected.I see him as a stalking horse candidate, whose impact will be felt by his challenge. that is sufficient for our purpose.My instinct is that there is a candidate unknown to the rank-and-file who may well be a 'Man of Destiny', whose task is to lead our nation from out of the abyss and into a New Age.I am grateful for your comments Anti-Freemason as they show that you are a very deep thinker who is aware of the bigger picture. I appreciate you raising the memory of that great agent, Kevin Fulton, whose skill and courage must mark him down as a Great British hero.And yes, you are right there there are several arms of the British establishment, each with its own agendas, who compete with one another and may well have penetrated the BNP. Such 'multi-pentetration' – as I call it – was indicated to me when I investigated the case of Tony Lecomber.I look foward to any further analyses, views and information that you may care to provide this blog with in the future.

  13. Anonymous

    Anti-Freemason said… Are you sure about Butler? You have to be sure, we don't want to be in the same position as we are now in 11 years time.There's always risk of secret service infiltration, but we got to restart sometime, but with a new leader, and Eddie Butler is willing to stand as an interim leader. He's is also in full agreement for a BNP constitional change implementing an Advisory Committee whose members are drawn from all the regions, after each being democratically elected by their regional members – and, for the better, we'll build on from there.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On The Wall

  14. Anonymous

    I congratulate all the members of the BNP Reform Group who managed turning up, for conducting the meeting in a professional, courteous and friendly manner – and also for keeping the venue secret. The failure of any vociferous attack on the Reform Group by Gri££in, through the BNP and Green Arrow websites, in the weeks before the Reform Group meeting and to the present date – 8/5/2010 – is proof the meeting has caught Gri££in and the rest of the BNP hierarchy by surprise, and they're in deep shock, leaving them temporarily unable to respond immediately – and is also proof all the Reform Group members took their responsibility for the security of each other seriously.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On The Wall


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