B.N.P. Cllr. tells of the problems with Griffarage.


“I don’t make a habit of talking about myself but following an interesting coversation the other day I think it’s time I made my position clear.

Someone in my home village apparently had told a local inn keeper that I was to challenge Nick Griffin for the leadership of the BNP.

This is nonsense of course as I’m not even the leader of our group and don’t consider myself to be either a good speaker or interested in being the next Chairman.

Apart from that, I wouldn’t want the workload or the travelling about that Nick does whether we like him or not.

As for the party, I am totally supportive of anyone who wants to challenge for the leadership on the grounds of democracy and if Nick wins again then so be it.

The constitution is a farce and designed to make it near impossible to instigate regime change. Those who voted for the current version must be deluded if they think that is democratic.

Whatismore, I haven’t got a clue who the Founders are and would think collecting the required number of nominees as impossible.

I see people are being expelled for asking questions about the accounts and have to wonder what is there to hide. Therefore I conclude there is something to hide and I don’t like it.

Some good activists have been lost over recent years simply for speaking out. This is not acceptable to me either. I believe in people’s rights to challenge everything in the same way as Scrutiny operates on the council.

The answers are not always what we hope for but we still ask and don’t get sacked for having the nerve.

I might also point out that my membership has expired and Belfast were supposed to ring me on May 28th but failed to do so, therefore my five years continuous has been broken, ruling me out as a candidate and voter.

Leicestershire is a strong area for the BNP but I don’t see anything wrong in supporting a challenge whether or not it results in change.

The Party is paramount and I believe it isn’t being managed in an open and honest way. How can I be expected to encourage people to join, knowing that it is run as a personal empire where the members are merely a scource of income.

Frankly, I don’t think a challenge would succeed but I would like to see it happen to calm the situation although I’m yet to see a worthy opponent.

Eddy Butler seems to be being touted but I don’t know much about him other than what I’ve read on the internet and can that be trusted?

If Nick Griffin is to step down in three years time, there will be a leadership contest anyway so let him accept a challenge now and save the Party three more years of squabbling and membership losses. “



9 thoughts on “B.N.P. Cllr. tells of the problems with Griffarage.

  1. Anonymous

    West Midlands BNP is definatley being broken up deliberatley internally.Solihull is one of the most professional branches across the country who stood 16 out 17 seats this year.Dear Solihull Members / supporters. During the last few weeks your committee has been in dispute with the Regional Organiser, Alwyn Deacon and sub Regional Organiser, Richard Lumby. The facts of our difference of opinion are contained in a letter sent to Simon Darby which we enclose with this communication. To date, we have not been able to have a constructive discussion with Simon Darby and have instead been subjected to the bellicose attitude of Mr Deacon and Mr Lumby. It is your committees affirmation that certain time worn groups within the BNP need to set aside their belligerent attitude towards the general membership. We are the voluntary paying members of the Party and we insist that our voices are heard and considered. Without us there is no Party.The way forward in any organisation can only be achieved by the improvement of its proficiency. There are regrettably many officials within our Party whose only success in life has been in failure. Their brutish and impoverished methods of management are a relic of the past. Your Committee is of the opinion that it is the Solihull Members who should determine their own way forward to achieve a greater BNP presence in their Borough. Your input encourages others to join our ranks, which in turn, enables the group to master new skills. Mr Lumby, who is in control of Bham, has now threatened to impose himself on the Solihull Group as organiser and to put Solihull under the authority of Bham BNP, a group that is in some disarray and that has little support. Their meetings are held in the back rooms of inner city run down pubs. Is this an outcome that you would be content with ? We predicted several weeks ago that Mr Lumby would be the likely placeman in Solihull. Only with your support can we avert a takeover of your group by those who covet your accomplishments. Please reply to this dispatch. Only with your support can we preserve your group that has achieved much in the last ten months.

  2. Anonymous

    Since Gri££in watered down our polices and send out peace feelers to the Jews and Non-Whites, we have started attracting human shit and degenerates into our party, hence we get people like this Maxfield buffoon, who are really Tory multi-cultural types and this sort of problem is created, how many times have we seen it. If the party sticks by it's core principles we wouldn't attract these weak fools.'Former BNP activist made Blackburn with Darwen's culture bossCoun Maxfield said he no longer shared the views of the far-right party. "I no longer share the BNP’s views, and you can ask any of the Asian members of the council. "I get on with them very well.' http://www.lancashiretelegraph.co.uk/news/darwen/8200722.Former_BNP_activist_made_Blackburn_with_Darwen_s_culture_boss/

  3. Nemesis

    Cllr Partner is a top man. I know him personally and can vouch for his integrity, honest and sincere values and his extremely hard work as a local councillor.Cllr Partner and his fellow Cllrs in the region have done fantasric good work in building grassroots support and local community politics – the sort of unrecognosed and hard work that actually pays off in the real world.We owe Cllrs like Graham Partner a considerable debt. We cannot afford to lose such decent, hard working and honest people like him from the BNP.I am hoping that Graham will be able and willing to return to the fold when the Griffin Occupied Territory has finally been cleansed of the vermin currently occupying it.

  4. Anonymous

    If one IQ of brain power equalled 1watt of power, two IQs of brain power equalled 2 watts of power, and so on and so forth, Alwyn Deacon's IQ level wouldn't power a 25-watt shithouse bulb – Nick like's 'em thick as a brick.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On The Wall


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