Natural justice? or any justice for that matter, not with Griffarage in charge.

Name removed for obvious reasons (above screenshots)

“Many years ago I remember my parents trying to dissuade me from being actively involved in nationalist politics. It would ruin my career, I could get attacked, I could go to jail, it would bring repercussions onto my family – and so forth. I pointed out that if these things were true then I was even more honour bound to resist as clearly by making these statements they were conceding that we were living under a tyranny.

I flattered myself that nationalism was on the side of freedom and goodness, of openness and fair play. Most nationalists are of course open and fair and decent people and our philosophy, our program, calls for a freer more open society, with free speech and opposition to the surveillance state, true to the old spirit of free born Englishmen (and Scotsmen and Welsh and so on).

It is very important therefore that the Party itself operates in this manner.

But what do we find?

Today three prominent members from Cornwall have had their membership suspended, with no specific accusation made against them, contrary to natural justice (although I believe remarkably, that the Chairman inserted a clause in our Constitution saying that natural justice has no part in the workings of the British National Party).

I have heard of another organiser who has recently been summarily sacked and as he was a probationary member (i.e. he hasn‘t been a members for over two years) his membership was instantly terminated. I have heard of other branches which are about to be closed down.

The reasons for these actions are not hard to find. There is going to be a leadership challenge, which is already being conducted in a climate of fear where people openly talk about, figuratively, ‘having their legs cut off’ if they are seen to be opposing the current Chairman.

Associated with this challenge are grumbles about the state of play within the Party, most notably there are grumbles about the finances.

Are these grumbles legitimate? Is it best to sack people for grumbling or is it best to cure the problem they are grumbling about – presuming of course there is something valid to cure?

So are our finances run in a proper manner?

For the last few years our accounts have been presented to the Electoral Commission late and we have been fined.

The last set of accounts were incomplete and our Auditors gave us a bad report.

The Electoral Commission are currently investigating our donations.

The figures recently presented by the leadership on the website and at various meetings to justify their probity laughably do not add up.

No set of accounts has ever been presented to the Advisory Council despite numerous requests.

Contrary to the Constitution the Advisory Council has never appointed the auditor.

It is claimed that we have an independent accountant – yet he is an employee of the Party, is based in the unit Jim Dowson runs in Belfast and so far as I have ever known (and I met him twice on business) he is a friend of Jim Dowson’s. Whatever his qualifications or competencies may be this cannot be termed an independent accountant.

The above facts alone fully justify my request that Nick Griffin makes arrangements for an independent internal investigation into the Party’s finances to clear this matter up once and for all and provide a clean bill of health. The only way this can possibly be done is via an EGM appointing such people, yet Nick Griffin has refused this. It can hardly be wondered that rumours are spread if there is no willingness to act in a transparent way. The answer is not to act as a petty tyrant throwing the Party’s weight around to silence internal dissent.

When I was National Organiser I only had to properly suspend one person – who was in fact from my Region. He accepted the suspension without recourse to a tribunal – although I would not pretend that he liked me for it (he is still moaning now even though his suspension has expired). I issued instructions that no probationary member was to have their probationary membership terminated without informing me of the facts first – as it is all too easy for people whose face doesn’t fit with a Regional Organiser to be unfairly dismissed.

I issued instructions that no one was to be suspended without discussing it with me first as the proper processes have to be followed. If a member is disciplined and they appeal, the matter will go to an outside court – and I am afraid that natural justice and English Common Law then comes into force, even if the Party Chairman deludes himself into thinking that it does not if he writes it in the Constitution.

We are against Sharia law being introduced into Britain, but now the Party leadership thinks that BNP law can run side by side with English law! The simple fact is however that if you do not act properly from the outset in matters of internal discipline, then you are negating any chance what-so-ever of enforcing an expulsion.

This is why the leadership blundered in holding a mock show trial of Mark Collett on Easter Monday in front of about 100 members. It is impossible now for Mark Collett to get a fair hearing in the Party and it will be impossible for the Party leadership to take disciplinary action against him. The same goes for Simon Bennett who in his absence went through a similar show trial conducted by Jim Dowson (strange you might think as he is a non-member and an outside contractor, contracted to provide fund-raising services) at a meeting near Leicester a couple of Sunday’s ago.

Instead of walking into the minefield of tribunals and suspensions, it is far better to address the points of concern. There is genuine concern over the Party’s finances. It has been an on-going concern – a festering sore – for many years. It is time to lance the boil once and for all which is why, in the face of Nick Griffin’s refusal to allow an independent internal investigation – we simply need new political leadership for this party in order to re-establish financial confidence.”

It all comes down to money, it always has with Griffarage and his cronies, if you question the finances, you are suspended or ejected from the party and that is why they MUST be removed.

15 thoughts on “Natural justice? or any justice for that matter, not with Griffarage in charge.

  1. Anonymous

    I watched the Afghan President Karzai on the news today and like many a person who follows politics, know that he his a puppet of America. Many of you will agree and if you agree ask yourself this question. If the Americans (NWO) can get their man to the top of a country the other side of the world, how simple would it be for the NWO to get a man to the top of a nationalist party in Britain. So so simple.

  2. GriffinWatch

    We have been saying the same for over a year now, Griffarage is a state controlled puppet, it becomes clearer with each passing day, fortunately the members are now starting to awaken to this.

  3. Brin

    They need to be scared, I cannot be sacked, I resigned. I am most upset by this corruption and I can spot it with Nick and Dowson. Publish the accounts or nothing goes away.

  4. Anonymous

    One thing group of people i hate and thats the far left but if griffin is treating so many hard woking members and officials like this then the left have a point when the call him " a fat one eyed fascist bastard " the guy has lost the plot and needs to go.

  5. Anonymous

    Ive noticed recently on NWN forum there seems to be a lot of new pro griffin members starting to get very agressive against some very good forum members ? I think the griffinites know there are quite a few people on there with a lot of information some recently departed from the party and they are getting a little bit scared of the skeletons coming out the closet.

  6. GriffinWatch

    Yes, it's clearly desperation all round for Griffarage and his cronies, despite the blatant state protection,(no serious investigation into the accounts as yet) the bubble has to burst soon, there is simply too much information coming out.Griffarage won't be protected forever. Griffarage and his cohorts know that they are facing prison when it all comes out, hence the panic that we are witnessing.

  7. Nemesis

    Collett has yet to be disciplined and he has yet to go public with his own claims regarding the allegations of threats etc which led to his suspension and his arrest. There has been nothing in the MSM about all the skeletons that he has often proudly boasted that he can dig up.Clearly he has been paid off by Griffarage to keep his mouth shut.I wonder how much he was paid off by Griffarage?Will that surface in the accounts or was it a private transaction from Griffin's personal accounts?We await with baited breath, not

  8. Anonymous

    Darby has now got to be taking the gnats piss ? because i have just pissed myself at this.Between working on the agenda for the next plenary session in Strasbourg I've managed a couple of one hour birding sessions in the sunshine. Although I've heard a nightingale again, I've not managed to spot it as these secretive creatures are notorious for their ability to hide away in deep thickets. However, the haul I've managed is not bad at all considering -House SparrowDunnockGreat TitLong Tailed TitBlackbirdBlue TitSong ThrushGreen WoodpeckerJackdawCarrion CrowRavenMagpieBuzzardBlack Headed GullPheasantBullfinchGreenfinchChaffinchHouse MartinSwiftSwallowWood PigeonPied WagtailRobinWrenBlackcapChiffchaffYellowhammerNick's throat is much better after his successful operation and he can now talk albeit with a little bit of pain. It will be a long time before he will be risking some of my home made wine though, where as you can see a second batch was started today. Yes I know what it looks like but let's hope it doesn't taste that bad!FFS is that a list of party candidates or a line up of bands at glastonbury ?

  9. was bnp 2009

    How in Gods name can we end up with a situation whereby a moronic drug-dealing thug like Jefferson can throw people out of the BNP at the behest of an equally large corrupt shit-head like Gri££in. Nationalism has hit an all time low; lower than whale shit to be more succinct. There is no way back for the BNP now, I say let it rot away completely then we can build something new and fresh once scum like these two are just a bad memory.

  10. Anonymous

    was bnp 2009 said…How in Gods name can we end up with a situation whereby a moronic drug-dealing thug like Jefferson can throw people out of the BNP at the behest of an equally large corrupt shit-head like Gri££in. Nationalism has hit an all time low; lower than whale shit to be more succinct. There is no way back for the BNP now, I say let it rot away completely then we can build something new and fresh once scum like these two are just a bad memory.Its down to every former member and current member to start working on a blacklist of people we dont want when the current BNP fall.I can name at least a dozen in my region who have wrecked nationalism within the space of a few years,time is not on our side but we must stand vigilante.

  11. Anonymous

    Let's get it straight, there are two camps, those who are BNP and those who are members of the Nick Griffin Party, one good thing to come out of this is that it highlights those who need to be disposed of (ie. Griffins cronies) just as an example of the mindset of the Griffinites just take a gander of the Green Arrow site-the rantings of a pissed up pro-zionist!

  12. Anonymous

    3 prominant members from Cornwall. If Simon Bennet is one who are the other two and why? Sounds like the Dictator is getting jumpy. Those who don't bow down to Griffin will all be suspended sooner or later. Time to make a stand.

  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Those who don't bow down to Griffin will all be suspended sooner or later. The only ones bowing down to Gri££in are gri££inites wearing suspenders – Gri££in once boasted, "If I can stand the pleasure Paulie can stand the pain" so KY Kid Morris, bend over, hang onto your hat and brace yourself, you're about to be Gri££ined again – Cheers Queers.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On The Wall


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