Mor(e)on Jim Dowson AKA Jimbo the jetset.

“Following a meeting of the advisory council over the week-end of 22nd and 23rd May 2010, Nick Griffin has stated:
“The pertinent facts are as follows:

  • The Truth Truck is owned by the BNP, contrary to internet rumour-mongers, a fact confirmed in person by the BNP treasurer who paid for the vehicle, Jennie Noble.
  • Mr Dowson does not take a commission on any membership applications or other transactions which run through the call centre in Belfast, once again contrary to internet rumour-mongers.
  • The Midas Consultancy has raised more that £2.6 million in donations for the BNP since January 2008, at a cost of £165,000.”
So just who is this “party consultant” Jim Dowson, and how has he managed to involve himself so deeply into the affairs of the British National Party so quickly?
All that I write here is already in the public domain, but I thought it may assist those who visit this site to know who Jim Dowson and his “business empire” is.
James Dowson (Born 25th September 1964) gives his address as being 152 Spruce Road, Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 3DS. He appears to be a director of three companies, UK Lifeleague Ltd, Ltd and Albion Logistical Solutions Ltd and also involved with a business Midas Consultancy.

1) UK Lifeleague Ltd (company number SC215157) was incorporated on 29th January 2001 and is currently in the process of being struck off. Its last accounts to 31st January 2008 are showing it to be dormant (as have all its accounts filed since its incorporation), and the next accounts, which should have been filed by 30th November 2009, are overdue as is the last annual return which was due 26th February 2010.

2) Ltd (company number 05252056) was incorporated on 6th October 2004 and has a registered address, as from 17th September 2009, of Suite 406 Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX. Its registered address prior to the change was Tudor House, Green Close Lane, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5AS.

It currently has two directors, Mr James Dowson appointed the day of incorporation, and Mrs Jennifer Matthys (DOB 31/05/1986, believed to be Nick Griffin’s daughter, occupation Data Processor) who was appointed on 24th August 2009. A further director appears on this company’s records, a Mrs Marion Thomas (understood to be alleged Midas (see paragraph 4 below) partner Alex Thomas’s wife) also appointed on 24th August 2009 and resigned on 22nd September 2009.

The last set of accounts filed by was for the year to 31st October 2008. The following year’s accounts have been extended so as to end on 31st December 2009, and will be due for filing no later than 30th September 2009.
From examination of the abbreviated accounts for the year to 31st October 2008, the accountant for was Clyde Business Services, 110 Glasgow Road, Rutherglen, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G73 1SU, Tel: 0141 647 1112.
Figures reveal the following information:
Fixed assets at written down value £24,715, cash and bank balance £2,178, creditors due within one year £4,660, other creditors £20,374 (this appears to be a long term loan repayable other than by instalments later than five years after the end of October 2008. This sort of loan is commonly a loan by a director or someone close to a company). Total net assets therefore £1,859, which is represented by an issued share capital of two £1 ordinary shares and retained profits of £1,847.
Of its two £1 shares, James Dowson owns one and a company CS Company Services Ltd owns the other. CS Company Services Ltd describe themselves as being “professional company formation agents and bank intermediaries” and “adverse credit specialists”. Their website is
You may judge for yourself the financial impressiveness of the company 18 months ago. And we shall have to wait another few short months to see the next set of results. Small companies have no legal obligation to file their profit and loss accounts as a public record, so we cannot know its income and expenditure during the year, only the profits retained and balance sheet values.

3) Albion Logistical Solutions Ltd (company number 06818109) has a registered address of Tudor House, Green Close Lane, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5AS. It was incorporated on 12th February 2009, and its first accounts to 28th February 2010 are not due to be filed until 12th November 2010. However, its first annual return is now overdue for filing, this should have been filed no later than 12th March 2010.
Albion’s sole director and shareholder is Mr James Dowson, who owns the entire shareholding of 100 £1 shares.
The company secretary is Beech Company Secretaries Ltd (co no. 05615896) of Suite 900 also in Kemp House (see above registered address of, there seems to be a lot of suites at Kemp House). Beech’s last set of accounts to 30th November 2008 shows this company to be dormant as well. It seems that following threat of striking off by Companies House, the annual return was filed on 15th March 2010, and the striking off action has been discontinued.

4) Midas Consultancy. Well, there doesn’t seem to be very much information, particularly financial, about this firm. I have to assume that the sole proprietor is James Dowson (of course it could be a partnership with a rumoured partner Alex Thomas). It seems that this firm specialises in training services in Spain. However, according to Mr Griffin last week-end, Midas has been paid £165,000 since January 2008. One would assume that there will be a sizeable income tax bill to the recipient of this money. Care must be taken when looking at the affairs of Midas Consultancy, as there are many other businesses by that name, not connected with Dowson.
Dowson has also been involved with two previous companies several years ago.

1) The Parent Truth Campaign Ltd (co. no. SC215158) whose registered address was 152 Spruce Road, Abronhill, Cumbernauld Scotland G67 3DS and which was struck off and dissolved on 15th October 2004, and whose first and only filed accounts to 31st January 2002 showed to be dormant.

2) Precious Life UK Ltd (co. no. 04138498) whose registered address was 7-8 Kensington High Street, London W8 5NP and which was struck off and dissolved on 3rd August 2004. The first and only filed accounts to 31st January 2002 showed this company also to be dormant.
Thus it would seem that wherever Mr Dowson’s business empire goes there seems to be a selection of dormant, struck off and dissolved companies, and the only one which seems to have done anything we know of was only worth £1,859 by the 31st October 2008, a small base to commence operations rumoured to have received over 1/3 of a million pounds from the British National Party the following year.
Mr Dowson is rumoured to be very involved with Pro-Life UK, a charitable anti-abortion organisation, Solas NI, a victim support group, and a Christian youth fellowship. Indeed, Mr Dowson appears to be such a charitable person that extensive searches of him or his organisations, which one would expect to be registered with the various Charity Commissioner Government Agencies in Britain, reveal no traces of his activities whatsoever. I shall continue to seek out his charitable deeds, and if I find any, write a follow up report.
Those readers of this article who have further knowledge of Mr Dowson’s business empire may contact us via this website with their information. I have only gone into what is readily available from public information. All sources will be treated in the strictest confidence. Rumours are of no interest, facts are what are required.”


3 thoughts on “Mor(e)on Jim Dowson AKA Jimbo the jetset.

  1. Anonymous

    Dowson is an out and out confidence trickster, we see the same type week in and week out on TV programmes like Rogue Trader, it's just incredible that this bastard hasn't been rumbled yet by the vast amount of the BNP members. Hopefully this scumbag crook will get his comeuppance very soon?

  2. Anonymous

    Most members and officials are keeping their heads down with hands covering their ears and mumbling lalalalalalalalalala!Advice for them, grow a pair.

  3. Anonymous

    You have Dowson wrong, he is doing a job and being paid for it. Nothing dishonest about that; Jimmy Saville did it for charity and raised millions. The dodgy bit is Griffin's connection to Dowson through his daughter and maybe creaming off a slice for himself as a sleeping partner.


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