Is this why Eddy is being targetted?

Email 1

I sent out an e-mail on 10th May (which is reproduced on this Blog – see Dear Colleague below) and the Party Leadership responded on 11th May with it’s own e-mail entitled ‘An Update from BNP Leader Nick Griffin’.

It soon became apparent that the BNP Leadership was going into overdrive in setting out its stall in the event of a leadership challenge materialising. A further Chairman’s e-mail bulletin soon followed, along with a six page Organiser’s bulletin, a two day conference, two Radio RWB interviews with the Chairman and a special BNPtv interview. All of these were for internal Party political consumption.

I did not respond to any of these moves as I had earlier written a private e-mail to Nick Griffin asking him to meet and talk about trying to solve what I perceived as the Party’s internal problems. As protracted negotiations were taking place via various third parties in order to facilitate this meeting, I did not want to prejudice the possibility of it taking place.

This meeting has taken place and unfortunately did not resolve matters. Accordingly as the various messages sent out are clearly part of the Chairman’s own leadership campaign, as they are written to justify his own position within the Party, it is now appropriate that they be answered.

Initially I will look at the e-mail sent out on 11th May.

An Update from BNP Leader Nick Griffin
BNP Leader Mr Griffin has responded to an email sent out to BNP supporters purportedly by the party’s former National Elections Officer, Eddy Butler, which contained a number of explicit and implicit attacks on the current leadership team.
“I have not yet had an opportunity to speak to Mr Butler over the email, and as of yet don’t know if it is another fake email like the one rapidly rebutted by Bob Bailey,” Mr Griffin said.

No attempt was made to find out if the e-mail was fake – in fact they knew it was not as otherwise they wouldn’t have sent out their rebuttal.

“I find it somewhat difficult to believe that it could be real, as the email says that the election has been a setback ‘after five years work’ and that the party must ‘move out of stagnant waters’.
“First, our General Election results – though they did not reflect the enormous ‘soft’ public sympathy we all encountered on the doorsteps – were significantly better than five years ago. Second, Mr Butler was responsible for all our election campaigns for nearly a decade, including all the planning for the most recent one, so I cannot imagine he is actually criticising his own performance or seeking to blame others, since any ‘stagnation’ that has occurred in our campaigning abilities would primarily be his responsibility,” Mr Griffin said.

Despite being National Elections Officer I was excluded from the first election planning meeting (held in Brussels last November) which set in stone virtually all aspects of the campaign and was removed from post before the campaign proper started. I agreed in his e-mail that the results this year were a slight improvement but pointed out that slight improvements were not good enough. For big elections such as the General Election, local tactics, for a small party such as ours, count for little. The most important thing is to get the election address out – which the Party failed to do in many constituencies including Harlow which was contested by me! The main factor which affects our overall vote is our general rating in the population’s mind – conditioned by the overall image that we have managed to promote for ourselves. The stagnation referred to in my e-mail clearly referred to this, not to stagnation in electoral technique which for us only has relevance in smaller local elections.

“The email also calls for financial transparency. Once again, I cannot see how this email can be from Mr Butler and in good faith because he has sat on the BNP’s advisory council for nearly ten years and has never once mentioned this as an issue before. As National Organiser he had the position from which to raise any genuine concerns, but has never done so.

Members of the AC have frequently asked to see accounts and these have never been provided. Excuses and vague figures are all that have ever been presented.

“Mr Butler knows the party’s accounts are always published in full and are subjected to the most rigorous scrutiny by forces intensely hostile to the BNP,” continued Mr. Griffin.

The accounts lodged with the Electoral Commission for the past few years have been late and resulted in numerous fines. Last years accounts (for the calendar year 2008) were incomplete which was a total embarrassment for the Party and a disgrace.

“The Advisory Council on which Mr. Butler sat until very recently is responsible for choosing and appointing the independent chartered accountant who scrutinises and audits every single penny of income and expenditure. Neither Mr. Butler nor his close friend Mark Collett, nor any other member of the A.C., have ever questioned our employment of Frank Hogarth of Messrs Silver & Co as our professional independent auditor.

Mr Griffin knows that the AC has never appointed the Auditor or even been asked to approve the auditor that he has always chosen.

“Nor have Messrs Butler or Collett made the slightest attempt to exercise their right as members of the Advisory Council to inspect the party’s central and regional accounts and to question any National Treasurer about any aspect of the party’s finances at any of the dozens of Advisory Council and senior management meetings they have attended over their years in post.
“Additionally, Mr. Butler is also well aware that our independently audited accounts are every years subjected to intense and detailed scrutiny by the Electoral Commission – a body which has a clearly established record of bias against and hostility to our party. The Electoral Commission has a brief to ensure full transparency in the accounts of all political parties, and holds us to the highest standards of accountability.

See above

“Mr Butler, who was until recently a European staff member employee, also knows that Andrew Brons and I are not permitted to so much as touch a cent of our European staff salary allowance money. This is paid direct from the European Parliament to our Paying Agent, another chartered accountant, who is approved by them and bound not only by law but also by his professional code of conduct to handle all such funds with the utmost probity. Mr. Butler would be extremely well aware of this reality, since he has been paid a substantial salary for his work for us as MPs every month since August last year.
“Our office expenses money is transferred directly to our constituency office managers into accounts run by two signatories. A full account of this income and the expenditure of this money in the North West region has been kept from Day 1 by Tina Wingfield and has been available on my website for months.

I made no mention of the European related finances.

“However, the thing that really makes me the most sceptical as to whether Mr Butler has written this email and whether it is written in good faith is its shockingly shallow discussion about party leadership.
“I don’t believe for a second that Mr Butler would really think that having a ‘pretty face’ as a new leader would stop a single attack against the BNP by the controlled mass media.

I didn’t mention a ‘pretty face’.

“Mr Butler has been in nationalist politics for decades and knows very well that it is the ideas for which the party stands which cause them to attack us. The personality or style of the leader, election candidates and others make not one jot of difference to those professional liars,” Mr Griffin said.
“The suggestion that it would, might fool a handful of the most naive new members – as it is clearly someone’s intention – but no seasoned nationalist could really believe such naive and politically juvenile nonsense for one moment.

This is clearly nonsense otherwise we may just as well have stuck with John Tyndall – and Nick Griffin was indeed fond of pointing out the baggage that JT carried. It is clearly absurd to suggest that: “The personality or style of the leader, election candidates and others make not one jot of difference to those professional liars”. Is he saying it makes no difference to the public? or the electorate? Mr Griffin has since conceded that he carries too much baggage and that for the good of the Party he needs to go before the next big election.

“That said, it is clear that someone is out to cause trouble, and appears to have done so using an email list acquired during his or her time working for us. That, of course, is a breach of our Constitution as well as of our members’ rights under the Data Protection Act. Formal solicitor’s letters have today been sent to three former members of staff reminding them of their obligations in this regard and warning that any flouting of the law will be met with injunctions and claims for damages.”

No such letter has been received by me or anyone else I know, so he must be talking about three other people not known to me. I have personal e-mail addresses that I have on my personal e-mail accounts – as everyone does. If I chose to send those people an e-mail then it is none of the Chairman’s business. I have never misused any membership list that I have ever had access to.

In conclusion, Mr. Griffin has this message for all our members and supporters: “Of course the local council results were deeply disappointing, but the answer has to be to learn from how Labour organised to maximise their vote and depress not only ours but also those of Respect and the Christians. We are already well into that process, and I’m looking forward to our rolling out the Education & Training programme that will turn our new knowledge and techniques into productive action for the future.
“Most important of all, more than 8,000 enquiries have already been passed from our Belfast admin centre to our Regional Organisers. That’s a huge harvest of potential new members and activists just waiting to be visited and signed up. Speed is of the essence here, so this is no time for ‘what ifs?’ and navel gazing. Together, we’ve got work to do!”

Mr Griffin will recall that the National Front contested the 1983 General Election with about 60 candidates who got a paltry vote. They got about 6,000 enquiries. I would suggest that the 10,000 or so obtained this time are actually a poor return – but understandably poor as a very high proportion of our election addresses did not get delivered by the Royal Mail due to late delivery from the Belfast printer that the contract was awarded to. Obviously the enquiries that have been received need to be followed up efficiently.

Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin, MEP”


26 thoughts on “Is this why Eddy is being targetted?

  1. Anonymous

    I'm still reading through Griffin very lengthy statement put out today, it's full of complete bullshit and utter lies, he says Eddy and Emma Colgate couldn't cope with the work, that's nonsense what they found out was that Dowson is a thieving bastard and Griffin wouldn't act against him. Griffin's statement goes to great length to distance himself from any of the recent troubles in the party over the last 3 or 4 years. As with Griffin's recent interview with Kemp on BNPtv a whole scenario is conjured up to make out that everything is wonderful and perfectly run in his little illusionary world, going into great detail. Griffin must spent the greater part of his time (around 80%) plotting and creating theses tales, it's a pity he doesn't spent more time organising our party properly?

  2. Anonymous

    Gri££in really does have the cheek of the devil, what a lie, when has he ever cared what happens to our members' money, accept when it's in his bank account!"Why should we pay good money to people who are not good value for money? Because it's not our money we'd be wasting; it's members' money."

  3. Anonymous

    This statement by Gri££in today is bloody outrageous, the only people with their fingers in the till are him and the crooked conman Dowson! Why doesn't he name names if he is so sure of a thief?"Even more bitter, even more understandably, are the several people — staff, independent contractors and senior officials alike — who have been caught with their fingers in the till by Mr Dowson. Not surprisingly, they want to get rid of him, and will tell any lie in their bid to do so"

  4. Anonymous

    Is Richard next for the chop? He made Dowson look a complete incompetent fool in front of the AC on Saturday. Dowson got all his figure wrong and was corrected by Richard, Gri££in looked at him with daggers."Others are genuinely incapable of understanding the situation which we now face. Richard Edmonds, for example, who grasped very well the need to change our constitution in order to avoid destruction at the hands of the Equalities Commission, argued at the last Advisory Council meeting that we shouldn't involve outside professional contractors at all. We should, he maintains, do everything 'in-house'."

  5. Anonymous

    Harrington is a dishonest piece of shit, to say he was dodgy, sly and underhand would be an understatement! Speak to anybody who was in the NF in the early 1980s, except Griffin of course."Over the last few years, however, two other individuals have come under heavy, sustained and equally dishonest attack.The first is Pat Harrington,"

  6. Anonymous

    Ooh No! Not more expulsions on the horizon?"But, most of all, I know from the trouble we've had sorting out the party centre over the last two years, that getting the rest of the organisation fit for purpose is going to cause more trouble. Yet we all know it has to be done. We all know that there is dead wood that has to be cut out so that fresh young growth can sprout for the future."

  7. Anonymous

    More Griffin & Dowson bullshit lies, the Electoral Commission update recorded donations especially in the run up to big elections regularly, why is the BNP not mentioned or any large donations noted?"Last year’s accounts — on course to be submitted to the usual intense scrutiny of the Electoral Commission in July — show a fantastic rise in central income to £1.9 million, of which £1,600,000 was raised in donations thanks to our main expert external contractor "14 May 2010 Electoral Commission StatementEight political parties registered in Great Britain reported receiving over £13.46 million in donations during the 31 day UK Parliamentary general election period, according to figures published by the independent party funding regulator, the Electoral Commission

  8. Anonymous

    Nothing seen here either of Dowson's 'sterling' work!Party donations and borrowing in fourth week of general election campaign published11 May 2010

  9. Anonymous

    Or here!Party donations and borrowing in third week of general election campaign published04 May 2010

  10. Anonymous

    "I have not yet had an opportunity to speak to Mr Butler over the email, and as of yet don't know if it is another fake email like the one rapidly rebutted by Bob Bailey," Mr Griffin said.Gri££in's above bullshit conclusively proves beyond all doubt Gri££in is a fucking inveterate liar, because Gri££in has always had, and still has, instant direct access to Eddie Butler 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by landline, mobile phone, text messaging, fax and e-mail.In the time it took Gri££in, together with joint-fairytale ghosting authors Kemp and MI5imon, in concocting a litany of bullshit claiming he, Gri££in, of being unsure if Eddie Butler's letter was or wasn't genuine, then typing their joint-authored long letter first starting with pious claims he was in a quandry as to the genuiness of Eddy's letter, then going on to try shifting onto Eddy all his (Gri££in's)own failures, decisions, tragi-comic public performances, and many embarrassing public fuckups 95% causing the BNP disasterous failure in not gaining a single parliamentary seat and loosing dozens of BNP council seats onto E.B., and the lengthy diatribe against E.B., together with the time of putting on the BNP website the agreed final edition of his litany of his poisonous lying crap, Gri££in could've sucessfully contacted Eddie Butler hundreds of times and had a long chat with him each time.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On The Wall

  11. Anonymous

    Fly On The WallThere's a funny photo worth seeing of Kemp on yourBNP.I'd swear on a stack of bibles that the other day, when I was in Martins the newsagents to post a parcel, as I passed the magazine shelves, I'm sure I saw the same photo of Kemp on the front cover of a magazine titled SHIRTLIFTERS `R' US , with the banner blurb `WINNER OF THE DANNY LA RUE LOOKALIKE CONTEST' – seems the runner-up was some soon-to-be-a-defendent sleezy party leader called Gri££in.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOU

  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Oh no this smacks of all those other scams set up. Abex, Christian Coincil, Solidarity etc etc. Surely not Help for Heroes.Bodicea Bus scam.Mobile shooting gallery scam.Truth Truck scam.ECHR court case fund scam.Kitting out Stroud BNP hub scam.£80,000 BNP security phones scam.Flogging out-of-date beer at RW&B scam.

  13. Anonymous

    What happened to the £5,000 back in 2007 that Griffin said had been donated during the Leeds trial? He said it on TV. It never appeared on the Electoral Commission list of donations. What about the £1,000 that some old dear donated that when direct into Griffin own bank account, again never appeared on the EC's donors' list!

  14. Anonymous

    Not forgetting raising money for the call centre scam. What happened to the YNP is that still going? Where are the accounts for that. What happened to the money for ABEX and I recall donations were asked for a memorial fund for an ex-Major. Never heard where that went to.

  15. Anonymous

    The Christian Council for Britain is run by Rev West a BNP member who also stood in the elections. This was condemned by the church as politically motivated. Rev West has never been ordained.

  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… What happened to the £5,000 back in 2007 that Griffin said had been donated Over a period of time a kindly old lady living in the South-West, directly blood-related to a famous WW1 soldier, personally handed over to Gri££in £27,000+ that never appeared on any BNP accounts presented to the Electoral Commission.For an answer to into whose secret bank accounts the £27,000 disappeared, before calling the Old Bill, please put the question on a postcard addressed:Nicholas John Gri££in, BNP MEP,C/o. The European Parliament,Brussels.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On The Wall

  17. simonben

    "What happened to the money for ABEX and I recall donations were asked for a memorial fund for an ex-Major. Never heard where that went to."I ran Abex (third time around) and every penny was accounted for. Dave Perkins, brother of Major Robbie Perkins received a memorial trophy for his local golf club. I paid £500 from Abex for it. Dave Perkins will confirm this.Under my control Abex was run professionally and honestly, I have the accounts to prove it.Under others control I cannot vouch for that.

  18. WH

    Butler is a spineless bastard! He should have supported the Decembrists in 2007 before the Party entered into the unsalvagable state it's in today.WH

  19. Anonymous

    WH said… "Butler is a spineless bastard! He should have supported the Decembrists."I make clear I write the following as no fan or follower of Eddie Butler.The problem Butler had with the Decemberists' situation was, though the Decemberists' cause was beyond question morally correct and fully justified, they had left themselves open for a fully frontal attack by Gri££in. I know as fact Butler tried mediating between the Decemberists and Gri££in, but Gri££in played hardball all the way. By Gri££in insisting on harsh capitulation terms for resolving the situation, he effectively booted all the Decemberists out of the BNP – and, regardless to whatever Butler had tried, he would not have saved the Decemberists without them accepting humiliating terms – which none of the Decemberists accepted, as Gri££in foresaw and planned.Remember, three years ago, during the Decemberists' saga, very few BNP members knew about Gri££in's and his gansters' corruption and its depth, and literally none in- the-know would have been listened to by the greater membership, and, on blowing the whistle, would've been instantly booted out of the BNP, and villified as `reds', `commies', `marxists', `searchlight moles', etc.Four years ago I knew of Gri££in's and his gang's fraudulent fiddlings and scammings. The few BNP people I trusted and told about the hierarchy's corruption, they took some serious convincing before they began believing I was telling the truth, not mad.Even with all the convincing damning evidence of Gri££in's and Dow$on's blatant corruption and lies now made widely known to the public, there are, like Gri££in's worshipping leading arse-licker `Manxman', still many diehard Gri££inites incapable of believing the brass-necked crook they see and hold as their beloved Heroic Leader (Manxman thinks `Flagship')has feet of clay and is rotten through to the core, like the vermin now infesting parliament.Whatever Butler's faults are, they're far from being bad enough for disqualifying him from being a leader. Not for nothing is he called Steady Eddie – while Gri££in was doing all the talking Butler was doing most of the walking, and most of the planning Gri££in fraudulently claims his own. Unlike Gri££in continually does is public, Butler never puts his feet in his mouth because he takes his time and gives thought before answering questions. We could do far worse than having Butler as BNP leader. Given time and chance I think Butler would develope into a far better leader than Gri££in – and, unlike Gri££in, Butler is honest where money is concerned.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On The Wall

  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Oh no this smacks of all those other scams set up. Abex, Christian Coincil, Solidarity etc etc. Surely not Help for Heroes.Bodicea Bus scam.Mobile shooting gallery scam.Truth Truck scam.ECHR court case fund scam.Kitting out Stroud BNP hub scam.£80,000 BNP security phones scam.Flogging out-of-date beer at RW&B scam.I forgot including:Solidarity trade union scam.Trafagar Club scam.Donations for Heros scam.Jenny and Jackie need-abortions scam.Gri££in needs a rectal operation for removing Paul Morris's head out of his arse scam.Donations for the pope's visit scam.Donations for Tom Cobbley and all scam.DITCH NICK BEFORE NICK DITCHES YOUFly On The Wall

  21. Anonymous

    'The elderly lady in the SW donated £27,000'I know her and she wrote out personal cheques to Griffin. She said she doesn't have any money left now but is still receiving begging letters.


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