Griffarage, on the ropes and desperate and isn’t it showing.

Full text here, with our comments in red:
“The British National Party’s Advisory Council (AC) and other key figures of the party’s structure 
Griffarages cronies and fellow money grubbers
have completed a weekend of forward planning to overhaul and modernise the party as Nick Griffin MEP announced his intention to step down as leader by the end of 2013 to concentrate on his re-election campaign to the European Parliament.
The members are onto us now and are baying for blood we have to tell them something to calm them down until this blows over
The extended AC meeting and strategy planning session, held in the East Midlands, also contained a full analysis of the election results, a report on current membership levels, a review of the modernising measures the party is putting in place to bring its election fighting capability up to speed and a no-holds barred presentation and question and answer session with party consultant Jim Dowson.
Jim the money scammer in chief who is bleeding the party dry. (see leaked accounts below for proof) 
Mr Griffin made his leadership decision announcement at the end of the first day of the proceedings.
“By then I would have been leader of the BNP for 15 years and that is long enough,” Mr Griffin said.
Far too long in fact but there you go. 
“It will be time to make way for a younger person who does not have any baggage which can be used against the party.”
Perhaps he is hinting at his daughter? So that he can still have control of the party and the members money from behind the scenes. 
Mr Griffin said the timing of his move was predicated by his desire to bring about what he called the putting into place of the last “building blocks” of the BNP’s administrative and political machine.
The timing of his move is because the members are up in arms and Griffarage is very desperate. 
“This is going to take at least 18 months to implement and after that I intend to hand the party over to someone who will be able to drive support up to where it can be a serious contender for power,” he said.
Griffarage is very telling in the above statement, it clearly shows that he thinks that he owns the party, he doesn’t it belongs to the members and of course anyone who he may hand the party over too, would inevatibly be someone in his clique so that he could continue to control the party from behind the scenes.
Mr Griffin said he would concentrate on getting re-elected to the European Parliament in the 2014 Euro elections, adding that he was sure the party could retain its two seats and add several more to the tally.
Of course he will, he has gotten used to the wages and perks via expenses. 
“I then intend to help the other European nationalist parties to achieve the level of sophistication which the BNP has been able to build up, because a victory for any one of these parties is a victory to all of us.”
Other nationalist parties have already refused to work with Griffarage in Europe, this has been shown by the failed attempts to form an E.U. nationalist block. 
Other news to come out of the conference included:
– Current party membership stands at just under 14,000 and is increasing by several hundred every month;
– The party membership churn rate — the rate at which members fail to renew their membership — has been cut from over 70 percent to less than 20 percent thanks to the efficient call centre and administrative machine the party now possesses;
The same call centre that your daughter Jen and lacky Paul Golding earn commission from? Talk about blatant nepotism. 
– The BNP’s communication team has been reorganised and will soon be dovetailing with the revamped elections team;
As well as spying on officials. 
– The way that the BNP fights elections is to be revolutionised. The “bloody nose” which the party received in the local elections has provided the BNP with an insight into how the Labour Party has switched to a technologically-intensive campaigning methodology, and the lessons have been learned. The BNP will also now be upgrading its systems to match that of the Labour Party and will leave the old method of election fighting behind;
The figures behind the BNP’s fundraising campaign were revealed in Jim Dowson’s presentation which was followed by an intensive question and answer session. The pertinent facts are as follows:
– The Truth Truck is owned by the BNP, contrary to internet rumour-mongers, a fact confirmed in person by the BNP treasurer who paid for the vehicle, Jennie Noble.
The party does not own the Truth Truck, this has been proven in court, what an utter and blatant lie:
(However, High Court Enforcement Officers attempting to seize the vehicle to settle judgements on behalf of freelance journalist Mark Croucher were informed that the vehicle did not, in fact, belong to the BNP. This was confirmed in a subsequent letter from the BNPs solicitors, Gilbert Davies & Partners of Welshpool who wrote, “the goods referred to are registered in the name of another person who…has no connection with the judgement debtors”.

Mr Croucher said, “As the vehicle is not owned by the BNP, it is clear that the fundraising campaign was a farce. Ordinary people have been suckered twice: once into joining a racist party like the BNP, and again into donating cash to buy something which Mr Griffin lied about having bought.

“Mr Griffin clearly has some questions to answer, and not just to his members who thought they’d purchased a truck.)

– Mr Dowson does not take a commission on any membership applications or other transactions which run through the call centre in Belfast, once again contrary to internet rumour-mongers.
– The Midas Consultancy has raised more that £2.6 million in donations for the BNP since January 2008, at a cost of £165,000.
See leaked accounts below. 
“The BNP emerged from the meeting re-energised and ready for the ongoing struggle to save our nation from destruction at the hands of the old parties,” Mr Griffin concluded.
A BNPtv interview with Mr Griffin will follow shortly.”
Despite the increasingly desperate attempts by Griffarage and his cohorts (co-defendents?) to calm the membership, judging by net conversations it isn’t working at all: 


20 thoughts on “Griffarage, on the ropes and desperate and isn’t it showing.

  1. Anonymous

    I bet the green sparrow will be crying in his bear this morning making pro plus comments on the main website in support of his beloved St Nickolas ?

  2. Anonymous

    Current party membership stands at just under 14,000 and is increasing by several hundred every month ???The Midas Consultancy has raised more that £2.6 million in donations for the BNP since January 2008, at a cost of £165,000???????????????????????????????????The above two quotes are just total fabrication which make bullshit look clean.

  3. Anonymous

    £165,000 is Dowson's commission at 7.5%. That is a fact he won't deny. He fund raises and is paid for doing so. The Truck is another issue.

  4. Anonymous

    What an utter shabby ploy by confidence trickster Gri££in, to cling onto power knowing that the membership isn't happy, if he does step down in 2013 he has had it written into the constitution that he walks away will a very large amount indeed, £35,000 lump sum plus about £1,500 for each year he has serves, it would be some where in the region of £57,000!

  5. Anonymous

    I've just heard that Eddy Butler was thrown out of the Organisers' meeting on Sunday by Gri££in, as he didn't want any intelligent opposition asking awkward questions in case the plebs woke up to the utter corruption. Dowson 'amazed' them all with his visuals displays, figures and total bullshit. The meeting ended with the arch-immoral Scumbag Harrington giving a speech.

  6. Anonymous

    I should imagine that what Griffin is referring to when telling that ghastly character kemp that 'there will be another kicking and screaming exercise,' is that he will further capitulate with the EHRC when they next proceed with a court action, which appears to be in the pipeline? Lets expect more treachery from Griffin in 2011?

  7. Anonymous

    Apparently Richard Edmonds clash with Dowson at Saturday's AC meeting, I bet Richard will be for the chop next, he made Dowson look a right idiot in front of the assembled organisers and officials. Gri££in was seen frowning with displeasure.

  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… Lets expect more treachery from Griffin in 2011?25 May 2010 11:41Forget 2011, expect more Gri££in treachery in the remaining 7 months of 2010.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On THe Wall

  9. GiddyAunt

    I and many others have/are being accused by BNP Scotland of being, "For anyone who wants more details please visit the main BNP web site where you will find the truth and ignore the cyber warriors twisted versions of events."or as one comment put it,"Every single member of the Scottish BNP must ask themselves…WHAT CAN I DO TO FURTHER THE BNP. Not what I can do to further myself. Scotland has one year to get itself together working as one group – to further the PARTY in Scotland. Personally, I think that if we lose sight of this then we will lose everything next year. We have the luxury of having the BNP down south helping us. Let's embrace this and forget about petty politics. Next year, it's now or never. If you waste your time as a keyboard warrior then you are of no use to anyone and you can keep your opinions to yourself. "I don't think they quite understand the difference between bashing keys and doing research!Hopefully you can publish the email I sent to you on monday night with pictures included.

  10. GriffinWatch

    Don't worry I'm going to metaphorically fire into Raikes and his cohorts shortly.We have many decent people up in Scotland, that isn't being overlooked. The Scots. are very important to us.


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