Griffarage, the Masons and the E.U.

If you vote Conservative, Labour, Lib-Dem, UKIP or the BNP, you’ll be voting for the EU dictatorship. All five party leaderships are EU controlled. That’s why your vote doesn’t make a difference – all these five parties have the same policies: the EU’s policies.
The 16 most senior politicians in the Conservative and Labour parties, including Francis Maude, Ken Clarke, Cameron, Brown, David Milliband, Peter Mandleson are Bilderbergers, the 140 strong band of ultra senior Freemasons whose job it is to build the EU dictatorship.
UKIP and the BNP are honeytraps to neutralise activists: UKIP is riddled with Freemasons and Common Purpose like a cancer, and the BNP controlled by the Edgar Griffin (father) and son Nick Freemasonry family. The 350,000 freemasons and the 40,000 strong Common Purpose Organisation are the (mostly unknowing) footsoldiers of the EU in Britain. (Which makes the BNP the easiest party to clean up – get rid of the Griffins, and put in a real anti-EU leadership.) 


8 thoughts on “Griffarage, the Masons and the E.U.

  1. Anonymous

    This is very interesting indeed, Gri££in has always been part of the Establishment, the plan was to topple John Tyndall from the very start so that this slim could hijack the BNP. Unfortunately that's the way the State acts, they do the same with left-wing groups, animal rights organisations etc as well. Anybody who acts against their interests is either got rid of, paid off or smeared and discredited and occasionally murdered.

  2. Anonymous

    The chap who runs this website is called David Noakes, we had him a few years ago to speak at a BNP meeting in Crawley.He was a leading light of UKIP then became involved in a splinter group the United Kingdom First Party.

  3. GriffinWatch

    " Anonymous said… This is David Noakes site, he's as nutty as a fruit cake. 22 May 2010 14:54"What precisely are YOU doing to warn the public about the European behometh……………..

  4. GiddyAunt

    yep, that's right.People are quick to mention "conspiracy theories, mentally unstable, nut job, crank, etc" but when you ask them their opinion you find out that they haven't really had an independent thought and spout the usual diatribe beamed into their head from the media.People, all to often, would rather not look outside their own little world because it frightens the sh*t out of them as the possibilities are endless.

  5. Anonymous

    What precisely are YOU doing to warn the public about the European behometh……………..I'm certainly NOT writing abolutely daft stuff like David Noakes.I sat through a three hour BNP meeting where this guy spoke such crap half the audience left.I've been in the Nationalist Movement for 50 years, match that sunshine!!!

  6. GriffinWatch

    It's factual stuff not daft, don't call me sunshine!! If you have actually been in the movement for 50yrs, you will know that the E.U. is premedatively destroying our nations. So why are you attacking a site that is exposing this?Stop wasting my time.


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