H.Q. has absolutely no shame!!!

“Dear Fellow Patriot,
At the height of the General Election campaign, at a time when millions of leaflets were hitting doorsteps around the country, our website was destroyed by a treacherous former employee.
This unforgiveable act of treason contributed to the loss of dozens of election deposits around the country.
For several weeks a group of loyal Party officials and volunteers have been working hard getting the entire BNP internet operation up and running once again.
“It has been a hard slog but now things are moving once again. Instead of depending on one person to run the entire BNP cyberspace presence we now have a team of people working together, technicians, designers, writers and moderators,” said BNP webmaster Paul Golding.
Please take the time to visit the new BNP website and register, this will allow you to place comments complete with avatar after each news article: www.bnp.org.uk

Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

“said BNP webmaster Paul Golding.”

Paul “Charlie Boy” Golding has his nose even more firmly in the trough now and is no doubt “sniffing” for yet more commission. (see screenshot below and the label Paul Golding)

Absolutely no shame from Griffarage and his cohorts, no shame whatsoever.


6 thoughts on “H.Q. has absolutely no shame!!!

  1. Boudicca

    Aye arn't they quick to smear the only person in the hight echelons who had any decency, honour, and integrity. Golding and his trough feeders won't fool me any more. You can fool some of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.Still I don't expect they will last long now the forces of change are building.

  2. Anonymous

    Remember the film THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN ARM, staring Frank Sinatra as the heroin junkie of the title referring to mainlining or shooting-up. Well, it seems Paramount Studios are planning on making a film titled THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN NOSE and is a true story based on Paul Golding's £4000-per-week sniff-sniff habit – wonder he hasn't a single hole for a nose. BNP members should ask Golding how much of that £4000 is their money.DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOU.Fly On The Wall.

  3. Anonymous

    Paul Golding has a severe – and I mean – SEVERE – cocaine habit. This is well known throughout the top of the party, isn't it Mr Darby ;)You know the score, as do I. I'm the man with the golden gun, don't make me use it. Spare the boy the humiliation and do what's right for the long term.Think I'm bluffing? Try me.

  4. Anonymous

    My, my – what a lot of treacherous former employees this party has now – a veritable army of them, and they're all out there now joining forces against Griffin.That's what you get, Nick, when you spend 11 years trampling over people, stabbing them in the back and lying through your teeth about them. What goes round comes round and your deeds are about to catch up with you. Go now or be booted out in disgrace.

  5. Anonymous

    Great the people running the Party- a cocaine user, a crook, a drunkard, a perverts, vicar impersonater, transvestite ,a nutter and a control freak.So that's where the members money is going.


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