What a difference nine days make.

We make no apologies for this post, on the 10-05-2010 G.W.s reach improvement over the month was 100%, (second screenshot) a pretty good improvement in reach, it has to be said.
Nine days later on the 19-05-2010 G.W.s reach has extended to an astronomical 310% increase over the month (First screenshot). 
Furthermore our blog ranking in G.B. has increased from 251,161 to 162,535 (less is more in regards to web ranking). A massive increase of 88,626 places up the metaphorical ladder.
  All in the space of nine days.

This of course is down to you guys n gals, the viewers, the GriffinWatchers, the job isn’t yet done, Griffarage still remains entrenched atop the party, the stats. courtesy of Alexa, indicate we are doing a damn good job of exposing Griffarage and his cohorts. 

The removal of Griffarage et al is the only way that the party can be saved and the only way that the party has any chance of fullfilling its true potential.

So again, a big thankyou to everyone who is involved in spreading the word, in spreading the truth.

3 thoughts on “What a difference nine days make.

  1. Anonymous

    Ive put the link on a facebook site last week,only one griffinite have had a moan but the majority of good members i know have all voiced concern at the direction griffin and his goons are leading the party.

  2. Griffin/Holland ripped me off

    The defining moment must have been what happened in Stoke. Alby Walker being denied the right to stand in a winable seat and replaced with what some nationalists were saying was a state agent. The rumours seem to have made sense, it was all the evidence i needed. I told someone about this blog and they told someone else. Now they agree with me that Stoke showed that the BNP was being ran by the state.


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