English Independence Party.





We want our country back

1. We want our freedom. We want to live according to our customs.

2. We want a system of democratic government that ensures the state is our servant and not our master.

3.  We want to elect those who make our laws and govern our country. A first step in that direction is the creation of a parliament and government for England that has at least the same powers as the Scottish Parliament and government.

4.  We want recognition from the British state of the existence of the English and our special rights and needs. A start should be made with the inclusion of an ethnic English tick-box on census and ethnic monitoring forms.

5. We want an end to immigration, except in very special cases, including the return to England of people of English heritage and descent. All those who have no legal right to be in England should be removed.

6. If we are to gain control of our country we will eventually need to leave the European Union and the United Kingdom. Both of these institutions have denied us our freedom and failed to defend our communal identity and way-of-life. Both have played a part in settling our country with strangers and bringing it to ruin.


With the break up of the union looking like a distinct possibility in the near future. The English Independence Party may well be worth future consideration, we have included a link to the E.I.P. in our “Sites that know the score” links on the right of the page.


8 thoughts on “English Independence Party.

  1. Anonymous

    Hmm, just because you deem something as 'inevitable' does not necessarily mean you should 'jump on the bandwaggon', you either WANT the break-up of the British Union or you don't, otherwise you will be considered as unprincipled.Together within the British Family of Nations we are strong! Kernow-Mannin-Cymru-England-Alba-Uladh.

  2. GriffinWatch

    I don't want the break up of the Union myself. However the establishment want everything breaking up, nations, the family unit, decent morals etc.etc.It's the establishment that pull the strings in this world that we live, politics is about positioning and being ready for any plausible scenario. Hence I am happy to put the link up to the E.I.P.

  3. Anonymous

    The Establishment do indeed want a dissolution of the Union as part of their Common Purpose agenda complemented by their pursuit of the break-up of family, destruction of community etc.But, just because the Establisment push this agenda does not mean that it reflects the majority feeling of the population which indeed it does not! If that were the case, mixing with the mud races would be exhalted from EVERY rooftop but alas it is only the Establishment via such shite as EastEnders and Coronation Street who promote this line.Can understand to a degree your justification in adopting such a stance, but at the end of the day, you do indeed want to maintain the Union or you do not.At the end of the day the Union is only as strong as the sum of its parts.

  4. GriffinWatch

    GriffinWatch said… Our Scottish people are foremost in my mind, as are ANY white nationalists, THIS BLOG WILL NOT SHY AWAY FROM ANY RELEVANT SUBJECTS. Scottish true nationalists have always had support from this blog, AND ALWAYS WILL HAVE. Working relationships must be established. In the case of future scenarios. If I can help in this matter, then it's job done. I thought long and hard before posting the link including its potential ramifications. G.W. exists to encourage white unity. That is the way that it is for us. The establishment can't break us, unless we allow them to do so. Kenny, Stevie C. and Scott have the full support of this blog and always will have. That will never change. Regards Sean. 20 May 2010 20:05


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