A new website and one to watch/join.

If you are sick of the first picture, the LIES from H.Q., the blatant Truth Truck SCAM  then you must go to the new website in the first screenshot:


We have all been there, sent comments in to the old BNP website, only to have them rejected because they didn’t follow the “party” line or worst still constructively critisized the “current leadership” (sic)

Now ALL NATIONALISTS have their chance to have their say on the website above.

It’s there for you, me and ALL NATIONALISTS, no more division but UNITY, no more being censored, TRUE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, the way that it should be.

It is being put in place for YOU what you do about this is also up to YOU.


10 thoughts on “A new website and one to watch/join.

  1. Nemesis

    Another excellent resource by real nationalists for real nationalists.Let's hope real nationalists flock to it.But as they say, you can take a horse to water…

  2. Anonymous

    Some interesting news from a Buckinghamshire BNP member. on the day before the general election one of the eastern region organisers collected the Truth Truck from up north and drove it to Buckinham in aid of the local BNP candidate. After pulling into a BP filling station and topping up the fuel tank the driver presented the Truth Truck's BNP fuel card to pay the £70 bill. unfortunately he was told the BNP fuel card had no credit and if he couldn't stump up £70 the police would be called. having no where that kind of cash on him, he had to phone around till the local BNP had a whip round and paid the fuel bill in full. Typical Gri££in shovels hundreds of thousand of pounds of Gri££ingeld into his private family coffers while leaving loyal nationalists arses swinging in the the breeze.Dick Nick before Nick dicks you.A fly on the wall.

  3. Anonymous

    The ghastly arch-Griffinite, pro-ethnic blog has closed, hoorah!"The British NationalistSite ClosedThe British Nationalist is closed. This site contained news and views related to the British National Party from 2007 onwards. Former contributors can be found on the Green Sparrow website. Good luck and good night Please try back in 10000 days, 15 hours, and 58 minutes(on October 1, 2037 at 6:55 am).Sorry for the inconvenience. (lol)"http://british-nationalist.org.uk/

  4. Anonymous

    Nick Griffin has been swindleing money for years. This will all come out in the near future, as I have been informed by a reliable source that several former staff members are all going to come out with evidence to prove this and reveal it to local members and the media.I mean Look at the facts. Its obvious its become Griffins family business.Answer this: Does he look like a leader to you? Does he act like a leader when dismissing good people who challenge his wayward behaviour. Did he hold himself up like a leader on Question time? Griffin is physically poor, as if from bad genetic stock. How he ever got a boxing blue I have no idea. He is fat, unattractive and creepy. He is not leading us – he is hampering us with his over inflated ego. If he remains as leader the BNP and our saviour for Britain is finished.I just hope when this leadership challenge arrises, they all stick true to their word and expose this theiving little maggot and his

  5. Anonymous

    All that he needs is a flow of new recruits to replace those who realise his deceit and he continues to thrive. Nationalism need a new home urgently.

  6. Anonymous

    Jefferson, Darby & Gri££in are blaming the Royal mail for non-delivery of our election leaflet in some areas, but the problem is not wholly the post offices' fault, the last day the royal Mail stated they could guarantee delivery to every home was if they received the political leaflets of every party by 12pm 23rd April, the incompetent f**k wits at BNP HQ were still dropping off leaflets (including Chelmsford) on the 30th. I'm not saying that some lefty postman wouldn't deliver our election addresses, but the late drop off didn't help!

  7. Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot

    As well as the Truth Truck there was the Bus. Boadicea if memory serves me aright. That cost a small fortune. Or should I say cost the members a small fortune following weeks/months of begging (deja vu anyone).It vanished into thin air, just like the money. Never to be seen or heard of again. Am I the only one who seems to remember it?. Surely not…Pip pip.

  8. Anonymous

    I remember Boadicea. I think it was a private venture even though contributions were asked for. It was down south somewhere, Bournemouth way I believe and it did attend a RWB if my memory serves me well but I could be wrong.

  9. Anonymous

    yeah, I remember Boadicea. it was just one of Gri££instein's many complete flops.Anyone remember Gri££instein's completely hare-brained idea of having a tractor unit hauling a mobile shooting gallery for kids, ensconsed on a 50-foot trailer he planned criss-crossing the length and bredth of Britain with?All present, when Cyclops came up with his £50,000 vote-loosing idea, sang in unison "Wow, Nick, what a fantastic idea – let's do it." Fortunately for the BNP, before the `fantastic idea' took off it hit the buffers when one of his security drily told Cyclops "You're f***ing mad, the media will crucify us." DICK NICK BEFORE NICK DICKS YOUFly On The Wall


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