Griffarage gets it wrong again. Par for the course some would say.

The Liberal Democrats have argued for the introduction of proportional representation (PR) in Britain. Under a PR system, if a party gets 10 percent of the votes, it gets 10 percent of the seats in Parliament and so on.
An amended system of PR is used in European Parliamentary elections, which allowed the BNP to win its two seats in that body in June 2009.
If the Liberal Democrats are involved in a coalition with either Labour or Conservatives, it is inevitable that they will set the demand for a PR system as one of the preconditions for their cooperation,” Mr Griffin said, pointing out that the BNP’s million-strong support base would guarantee many BNP MPs under such a system
(screenshot 1)
Yet in a follow up article also on the main website:
(screenshot 2)
We see that it wasn’t inevitable that the Lib. Dems. would go for a P.R. system, in fact it was inevitable that the establishment most certainly WOULDN’T allow P.R. as it would allow the B.N.P. more success and the establishment obviously don’t want that. 
Any decent political analyst would have realised the above straight away however, Griffarage in a desperate move to calm the angry members/activists after a disasterous election has only succeeded in making himself look inept, as usual.
In short more ineptitude from  the current BNP leaderdship (sic) and highlighted by themselves on their own website.
Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable. 

2 thoughts on “Griffarage gets it wrong again. Par for the course some would say.

  1. Anonymous

    More from the Jewish Chronicle, Gri££in must be seething as he has always wanted to suck up to the Jews since hijacking the party, what treacherous stunt will he do next to try and appease them?"Jewish donors to the campaign (in Barking,) which was co-ordinated by the longstanding anti-fascist group Searchlight, can be justly proud of what it achieved."


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