The beast that is Griffarage reveals its true nature yet again.

Excellent comments from our Griffinwatchers:

Anonymous said…

Gri££in is threatening legal action against Simon Bennett on the new BNP website today. I hope it back fires on the one-eyed creature. Gri££in has quite a few court cases coming up very soon, including the legal action Unilever is bringing, plus the Electoral Commission investigating and fine and Michaela’s employment tribunal hearing next month in Bristol, in which she has a very good chance of winning.” “Further details will be revealed during the upcoming series of legal actions which have already been launched against Mr Bennett for damages suffered as a result of his spiteful and vindictive actions.” ” Nemesis said

Thanks Anon for the info from the BNP website that attacks former BNP Webmaster, Simon Bennett.  Just to pick up on a couple of points from the rabidly sociopathic retards that run the BNP at the top:   “The nature of his attack and the timing thereof — just before the election and clearly designed to inflict maximum damage on the BNP — indicates that there is substantially more to this matter than meets the eye.”   *** As predicted the usual spiteful and vindictive atacks against any ex-official or member who walks out of the party, or dares to question Der Fuhrer or the multitude of officious little pricks at the top of the party. Of course, these ex-officials and members are all Reds/ Searchlight Spies/State assets/media moles/Marxist ploters… yawn!  Can’t Gri££in and his bunch of mindless morons just change the tune? The usual self-justifying claims of external enemies to blame for the woes of the BNP just won’t wash anymore. How about Gri££in and his collection of motley morons just be honest and take full responsibilty for the consequences of their own decisions? No, they can’t – as that would be too honest. The true test of leadership is taking responsibility for both the failures as well as the successes. What a pathetic party of idiots! PS the State/Searchlight/Reds/ Uncle Tom Cobley etc etc actually don’t have to infiltrate the BNP to caue it damage. It can perfectly do that on its own without any outside help or assistance, thank you very much. The diatribe against poor Mr Bennett continues, “Further details will be revealed during the upcoming series of legal actions which have already been launched against Mr Bennett for damages suffered as a result of his spiteful and vindictive actions.”     Spiteful? Vindictive? That’s a bit rich coming from a sociopathic personality aka Nick Gri££in, who has no feelings towards any other member of the human race, let alone fellow BNP members. Nick Gri££in is one of the most spiteful and vindictive people that I have ever had the misfortune to meet. Both him and his ex-NF colleague, Patrick Harrington, learned together in the NF how to behave in such a cynical, cold-hearted and manipulative way.  From staging black propaganda, to threats, packing meetings, legal intimidation, bullying, bribery and even sending pornography and shit through the post to rivals, the Gri££IN-Harrington School of Charm is one of the most dark and nasty forms of low-lives within British nationalism. I feel sorry for Simon after all his good work and loyalty to be kicked in the balls after this affair.  The only way to deal with psychos like Gri££in and Co (and this is where the December Rebels failed at the first leg and generally speaking never learned) is to hit fast and to hit low with Gri££in. Take him down first opportunity. Show no mercy. When we get the BNP back we shall show no compunction in dealing harshly with Gri££in and his greedy cabal and all the traitors and sychophants. It will make the “Night of the Long Knives’ look like a Boy Scouts Jamboree.”  

  It really is such a shame the the BNP is inflicted with such a clearly twisted leader (sic) such as Griffarage and his nasty little helpers.
There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, a leadership challenge will surely be forthcoming in light of the recent catalogue of self inflicted wounds by Griffarage et al.

Simon Bennett is the injured party and the truth of the matter is in the posts below.

G.W.s comments are in blue.


2 thoughts on “The beast that is Griffarage reveals its true nature yet again.

  1. GiddyAunt

    Gri££in should follow Gordon Brown and move over.Labour want to keep power and Brown is being sacrificed.It says it all about Gri££in that the BNP can't get rid of him to move forward.Surely this should say something with the members?But with GW stats going up, hopefully the tide is turning!And the comments on the BNP website? UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Gri££in will be crippled by all these pending court cases, if he has the funds and energy to hound Bennett through the courts, the State must be helping out, you would have thought he would have more pressing things on his twisted mind. The party must be near bankrupt at the moment after such an enormous election campaign, I wonder if Dowson is ready to press the eject button yet?


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