Griffarage gets it from every angle. UPDATED due to the authors cowardice.

“My tuppence

The British Nationalist A Few Home Truths About the BNP

This ‘diatribe’, as I’m sure it will be labelled, is directed towards the membership of the British National Party (BNP). It is not an invite for senior party officials to threaten, smear or attempt to bully me.

Those concerned with the BNP’s poor local election results and the direction of the leadership will soon be denounced as ‘reds’, ‘fruitcakes’ and malcontents. This is the standard procedure for those who think they’re protecting the party. I know this because I am guilty of smearing people that the party wanted discredited. I did it without direction. I am not proud of it.

There has been an attempt to put some spin on the results, with some unbelievably stupid individuals whining on about how our vote jumped from 192,000 to half a million. Urgh, yes because we stood three times as many candidates, you buffoons. The vote was largely static.

There is a legion of questions that must be asked of the leadership. Perhaps more importantly is the question Nick Griffin Party Chairman/Leader must ask himself:

“Have I taken the party as far as I can?”

I’m sure that NG has contemplated an answer for this question. I’m not saying anything different from what NG has already acknowledged about himself, particularly about his past. NG accepts that he has too much baggage to lead this party to the big-time. Every TV performance descends into farce, whilst the Chairman struggles to defend the indefensible quotes that haunt him and haunt us.

Despite what the latest constitution insinuates, the BNP is not Nick Griffin. I accept that the personality cult combined with the siege mentality has given the party some much-needed stability, but at what cost? The freedom enjoyed by all other political party memberships – the ability to criticise a poor decision, a ridiculous appointment, a stunt that backfires.

The BNP has been a political ponzi scheme, and I have had my ‘Madoff Moment’. As long as results continued to flow, we could overlook the expulsions and the lax security which allowed the membership list to be published forever on the internet – twice.

Our questions to the leadership should include the following:

According to the leaked accounts, ADLories were paid £334,261.51 between the 16th of April and the 17th of September. This company is allegedly linked to Jim Dowson. What was this money for?
Why were Peter Mullins, Joan Bridge-Taylor and Jeremy Wotherspoon – all very able officials – suspended or expelled?
Why did it take 8 years (From date of ‘Young, Nazi and Proud’ 2002) to expel Mark Collett?
Why did you put Mark Collett before the well-being of the party, when so many officials finally grew tired of his antics and left the party in a perilous state in 2007? (Although, I hear that there is to be a reconciliation meeting to attempt to get these people back in the fold.)
Who owns the ‘Truth Truck’ and how much did it cost?
How much did this election campaign cost?

I would like answers to those particular questions, not for myself, but for the membership.”

Seeing as the so-called Britnat. has lost his balls and pulled the article, here it is from the google cache:


8 thoughts on “Griffarage gets it from every angle. UPDATED due to the authors cowardice.

  1. Anonymous

    You ask 'Have I taken the party as far as I can ?' That's a very good question for NG to think about. Has he extracted all he can from the Party ? He and Dowson have been hitting the 'Law of Diminishing Returns' in their recent fundraising shots and other activities. At some point or the other NG is going to dump the Party having completely asset stripped it. He has to do so before the Party becomes obviously bankrupt or else he will find himself on the receiving end of a lot of questions in a witness box in a court of law.Ivan the yid from Bradford

  2. Anonymous

    Like it or not the truth will never come out. Members have asked these questions last year and we were told that Nick was going to make a statement and also he would give details of why Michaela and Jenny Noble were dismissed. We are still waiting and I suspect we will wait for ever.

  3. Anonymous

    If Nick Griffin went, every talented person he has dismissed or manhandles would be back on board and the party would be back on track.If he stays the BNP is finished.

  4. GiddyAunt

    My opinion of what is happening in the BNP and the denial that things are going wrong under Nick Gri££in’s tenure. Those currently left in the BNP DO know that something is wrong but they are in denial – they cannot admit they were wrong because they believe that they will appear stupid.Don't let your pride get in the way of realsing the full potential of the BNP.They do not realise that people will give them more respect if they admit that they were wrong to back Gri££in.Everyone in the BNP knows of Simon Bennett and his sterling work on both the main BNP website and the Scottish BNP website and the members, in their hearts, know that he is neither a red nor a state plant but they have to swallow this bitter pill otherwise they themselves will be targeted for speaking out of turn. I should know, it happened to me.Gri££in has pumped the members full of “British Patriot” bullsh*t which, subconsciously, is better that being set adrift in the sea of anonymity. Instead of the “British bulldog spirit” members are more like “close your eyes and hope it will all go away spirit” as if they disagree with Gri££in, and his cohorts, they will be slandered and pushed from the party which they see as their only lifeline to save Britain. Members should know that they WILL NOT be verbally slagged off if they stand up and use Gri££in’s words against him – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!I do not know Gri££in personally but I have witnessed the repercussions that good nationalists have suffered because of his greed and self promotion.We are not asking for your money but your conscience – can the BNP really go on like it is at the moment? The BNP needs a new leader and people with a messianic complex need not apply.

  5. Anonymous

    All that sucking up to the Jews hasn't worked! "BNP faces new legal threat amid new racism claims over redrafted constitutionNick Griffin could be in in contempt of court for allegedly breaching court order to amend party rulesThe British National party faces the prospect of renewed legal action from the government's equalities watchdog over allegations that it has failed to remove potentially racist clauses from it's new constitutionThey're taking a real risk of being found in contempt of court. This is particularly the case for Griffin, given this role he has in changing the constitution." said Paul Epstein QC"


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