Election results- Time for Nick to step down.

“—– Original Message —–
From: “Robert W. Bailey”
Sent: Sunday, May 09, 2010 12:47 AM
Subject: Election results – time for Nick to step down

fellow activist

as an active nationalist with over 23 years supporting the cause, i
can tell you all after the polls of 6th May i have never felt such
utter dismay at the general publics naivety to support the tabloid
clamour for a hung parliament, but also the failures and incompetence
of the leader of the party which i love.

i refer to nick griffin, who i have in the past defended on many
occasions. i have to question the actions and decisions taken in the
past few months that have led to a catalogue of events that have
caused such harm to the party, including the disaster of the polls on
6th May. To say morale is low is an understatement.

The decision to field over 300 candidates was absurd, what a waste of
money and effort-for what? when 30 candidates in the election in our
best areas would have been sufficient.

With nicks persona being so vilified by the media, establishment, he
is not popular with the ordinary man on the street, making him near
unelectable, so why was he put in the BNP’s best seat, leading to an
onslaught from our opponents and the destruction of what was once the
BNP’s best area of support and growth, not only did we lose
convincingly in the general election, but a knock on effect was we
lost every bnp council seat as well.

The bnp are two elections at least away from ever gaining an mp, and
it wont be nick griffin who gets elected, that i can promise you.

well done griffin, bravo.

Being a euro mp, why was this decision taken, why was he standing
anywhere at all, is the party so shallow in real members of similar
ability or preferably better credentials that we have to push this man
in front of the media at every opportunity?

Griffin shook the party up post tyndall, this i applaud, but there
comes a time when in the interests of progress a leader must realise
the negative effects he can have also, griffin is now to the BNP what
gordon brown is to the labour party.

To salvage anything in time for next years local elections and to stop
the party suffering from internal squabbles and splits (like history
tells us), we need action NOW!

we need change, a leadership change, and i and many others committed
to the BNP wish griffin to acknowledge this, and do the honourable
thing, apologise to the membership for getting this so very wrong and
quickly step aside.

I am utterly dismayed at the reckless/cavalier attitude shown in
recent times, the fact that the site also going down is a clear
indication that all is not well at the top.

Nick ” this is not a party that is a personal plaything, it is a party
of people who have a dream of progressive nationalism, people who work
hard and contribute much in effort and financially, decent moralistic,
honourable men and women, who love our nation and want to see it
preserved- so why are you seemingly intent on betraying the party and
us the membership?”

A good leader knows when its time to step aside, do the right thing nick,!

Robert Bailey”



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