Griffarage show his panic in his latest begging email. However, the cat is already out of the bag.

Above is the latest hogwash from Griffinworld .

The text is below, with our comments in red:

“We are now stronger than ever and have proven ourselves capable of planning, fighting and financing two national election campaigns on the largest scale ever, one after another.

That is not the case a great deal of B.N.P. cllrs have been voted out and our Cllrs. in Barking and Dagenham have been obliterated, every last one of them. Why? Because you Nick parachuted yourself into B&D and brought the entire weight of the M.S.M. onto the area instead of letting Richard carry on his good work.

We will now focus on a massive overhaul of our political machinery.

What you mean by ridding the party of the moneygrubbing Dowson Nick, I won’t hold my breath for that to happen.

External attacks disguised as internal friction will be a common feature as our political enemies spin their web of lies and deceit designed to prevent us from reaching our true potential. Our enemies’ weapons will be disharmony, conflict, misinformation and never-ending legal warfare.

The truth is already out Nick, internally the thinkers want you gone and rightly so, you are a liability.

They will not succeed, but we all must remain ever vigilant. If someone tells you a piece of ‘shocking’ internal gossip which clearly is aimed at undermining the people now working to propel the party forward, then you need to treat such lies with the contempt they deserve. Don’t believe, let alone pass on,

The truth is already out Nick, that is why you have no website at the minute do you think that the members won’t notice that there is no website?

any such disinformation without telling the target about the allegation and hearing the truth. Our enemies have huge resources at their disposal and will exploit the slightest chink in our armour to inject their poison amongst us.

You are your own worse enemy Nick because you are corrupt and inept, worse still you are the B.N.P.s worst enemy because everything that you touch, turns into ****.

So let us build on the lessons of the last two years of spectacular growth and advances.

Having all of our Cllrs. wiped out from the Barking and Dagenham council, can’t be classed as growth, even on Griffinworld.

We have all worked incredibly hard and I know the price our families pay. Take a break; spend time with your family – because we will have all this to do again in a very short time.

The only thing that you work hard on Nick is getting to Europe, to claim your signing in fee/expenses.

This election has been a shambolic farce for our democracy. However, this is an opportunity for us and now is the time to re-structure, modernise and invest in this party’s election machine and that’s exactly what we ARE going to do.

Invest Nick oh you mean more donations right. Do you really think that the members are going to trust you with any more of their money after the last few days? Time to get back to reality Nick, this isn’t Griffinworld, it’s Earth. 

  Yours sincerely”


5 thoughts on “Griffarage show his panic in his latest begging email. However, the cat is already out of the bag.

  1. Anonymous

    'bout time this Dowson critter and his bitch Griffo were done away with.Interesting you may think, but I was on the Green Arrow chatroom last night and made mention of the BNP vote in Putney being 1.4% as not totally dissimilar to the Front's 1.1% in the same constituency in '79. Now, to me (and the general public!) the BNP -to all intents and purpose- are NF in everywhich way but name, but for this I was derided and had many a BNPer on there going on about how they were glad that today's BNP are mud-coloured! Needless to say I then got booted out, as if I'm bothered, I don't want them in the real world and I certainly don't want to be amongst these mud-mixing apologists in the virtual world. But it does bring home how the Griffo sycophants are nothing but the shit on my shoe!Heard mention that Barnbrook was chatting with his chums last night at Barking about ousting this fat one-eyed cunt, and I don't think they were refering to Gordon Brown!GET RID OF DOWSON AND HIS BITCH NOW!

  2. Anonymous

    I was sitting thinking early this morning about how i was outed and many of my colleagues were outed only to be replaced by idiots of which one said the other day we will be active in our area again in time for the next election ? what planet is griffin getting them from ? it took us some years to build up our area only to be shit on from a great height.please if you look in to these sites please cancel and dont renew your membership stop the blood supply and if you have to bite your own hand off then it stops feeding griffin and and his filthy pigs beacuse only 4/6 % of your cash goes into campaiging so beg the question where the other 94/96 % of your cash has gone ? GRIFFIN IS A GREEDY BASTARD AND HAS MADE HIS FORTUNE BEING A FAKE NATIONALIST

  3. Nemesis

    Many BNP Sheeple would prefer to remain in GRIFFINWORLD.It's cosy, pleasant and full of grand illusions.There's lots of brown and black faces running around with the white BNP members, all working together for the good of the party and the nation.Votes for the BNP have gone into the stratosphere and the national percentage is many times that the NF had back in the 70s.And the BNP are running half the councils across the country and have for the first time ever some MPS in Parliament and are being invited into a coaltion with the governing party of the land.We might even see Nick Griffin as Prime Minister.Well, I did say it was GRIFFINWORLD.COME ON, RISE AND SHINE, BNP SHEEPLE, TIME TO WAKE UP AND GET INTO THE REAL WORLD…


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