BNP main website down on the election day. Griffarage to blame!!!!!!!!!!!!

We here at GriffinWatch plead with all of the honest and decent British National Party members to demand the immediate severing of all ties financial and otherwise between the B.N.P. and James Dowson and the immediate resignation of the party leader (sic) Nicholas John Griffin.

Enough is enough!!!!! 

More here including comments from Simon Bennett: 

4 thoughts on “BNP main website down on the election day. Griffarage to blame!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. soon to be EX/member

    This is utter disrespect for us the members,i will not be renewing my membership at the end of the month.If grifin can treat us hard working members like this then god only help the rest of society.NICK GRIFFIN/JIM DOWSON must be sent on a slow boat to china after the election ! enough is now really enough.

  2. Karen

    I'm stunned. I thought that MSM stories about the internal disintegration of our party was its' usual tissue of lies. For once it's telling the truth. I had no idea this infighting was going on and I grieve to see our movement lose good decent people when our dear country needs us all so badly. How the enemy must be rejoicing.I hope your efforts to bring an amicable solution are successful, Simon.

  3. Nemesis

    Simon Bennett is a top class nationalist and a fine upstanding individual who loves his family and his country.If the BNP was run by decent people Simon's departure would be a great loss.His departure on this occasion with the helm led by the crooks Gri££in and Dow$son is both an honourable and decent action, and a boost for the morale of those ex-BNPers and nationalist who want to see a nationalist party free of lies and corruption.Simon, you are an honourable man and we salute you for your courageous stance. Your honour preceeded you before this action and it has been illuminated by your brave moral stance.We hold the BNP leadership and cabal to blame for their debacle with the website.


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