Sickening lies from the slavishly Pro-Griffin Green Arrow blog.

The website didn’t suffer an attack at all, nor was it hacked.
The real reasons for the website going down are detailed in the posts below. It was the fall out from the “Marmite-Gate” debacle and the BNP leadership (sic) turning on Simon Bennett.

A message to all members, The Green Arrow forum and blog, CANNOT BE TRUSTED.


8 thoughts on “Sickening lies from the slavishly Pro-Griffin Green Arrow blog.

  1. simonben

    The Green Arrow website has recently had Nick Griffin appear in a "live video debate" with it's members…Problem was, Nick was 2 hours late for it and had no idea how to use the system, never mind log in…I was called upon to bail him out only to discover he had no webcam or microphone (in a video chatroom, lol). It was painful to witness, yet somehow really quite hilarious to watch the blind leading the blind. This is the future of the BNP online, lol. God help us.What's worse is that Simon Darby is on it tomorrow too! Simon, get a grip!Amazing seeing as how the live video / TV Internet broadcast system I introduced to the main party website was ignored and eventually sabotaged by Mike Howson until we got kicked off it for (you'll never guess)… copyright infringement!!!Work that one out, I already have!

  2. Anonymous

    I find it strange that green arrow resigned from the party last year at the same time all blogs and facebook sites were told to take BNP logo's and titles off their pages ? Green arrow is still very pro griffin but why was he forced to resign from the party ?

  3. Anonymous

    Mike Howson is a moron of phenomenal proportion. Won't be long before he's featured in the News of the World, just like Martin Reynolds.

  4. DigitalDaz

    Very easy for anyone who doubts Green Watch is lying, simply post a comment along the lines of "Let's see if Simon Bennett will say it was a hack". It won't get published. If it was a hack there would be no hesitation in publishing a comment like that.Just who exactly does he think he is serving? Just because there is an election tomorrow doesn't make it right by getting people to support you based on bullshit.

  5. Boudicca

    I stand incredulous at the temerity of 'Green Arrow'this isn't just dirty washig water, it's a cess pit. What has been inflicted on Simmon is a form of torture. 4 days of knowing you're in the cacky and no one from the party leadership will come clean with you, meanwhile you mentally contemplate the destruction of you're life, and family.This is not the first time this party has acted in such a cowardly fashion towards hard working members. Some flak must be generated this weekend to rid the party of cowards and con men.

  6. misterfox

    Green Arrow is independent and resigned so that he would be free to criticise mistakes made by those around NG. The forum is not run by the BNP but he is very much a supporter of NG.

  7. GriffinWatch

    Green Arrow is a useful idiot to Griffarage, nothing more nothing less, how can anyone support Griffarage after what he's inflicted upon the movement?


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