EDL latest

Apparently “armed police have stormed the roof and roughly removed” the protesters.
This being the case, then it shows how far that Britain has slipped towards becoming a totalitarian state.
Understandably the EDL aren’t happy about this, relationships with the police will no doubt, in the future suffer because of this “overboard reaction” from the establishment.
More updates as we get them.
Whilst we here aren’t connected to the EDL, we deplore this apparently very heavy handed treatment of the EDL protestors.

Remember this ladies and gents, this could well happen at a National Front (or any other nationalist) demo/protest.

A disturbing insight into Britain of 2010.


10 thoughts on “EDL latest

  1. Anonymous

    Why not let them build the mosque then turn it into a multi screen cinema complex and a bingo hall.Then you can have an ex inman calling out the numbers from the minaret.

  2. Anonymous

    West Mids Police assaulted me three times during the Dudley demo while making my way back to the car.Gutless commie thugs with brains removed.

  3. Anonymous

    Saw this in the Times today, is it Murdoch propaganda, or is there some truth in it, I'm sure wheeling wogs out to campaign for the BNP locally was a big mistake on Gri££in's part, our solid core voters don't like it.'Mr Griffin looks unlikely to unseat Margaret Hodge in Barking, who held the seat for Labour with a majority of nearly 9,000 in 2005Tony Travers, a local government expert at the London School of Economics, said that there was “no evidence of a great BNP surge”.

  4. Anonymous

    "Matthew Kaplan, a Jewish student from Seattle who is studying history at King’s College, London.Kaplan is the paid EDL publications coordinator, responsible for leaflets and press releases. He has been seen at several EDL demonstrations complete with Israeli flag."

  5. Anonymous

    I see the story below this one about the EDL comes from the Arch Neo-Con Jewess Pamela Geller's siteAtlas Shrugs. This Yid bitch was at last year's Facing Jihad conference in Israel, courting anti-Muslim far-right parties from Europe including Geert Wilder's. I just wonder when Gri££in will be invited?

  6. Anonymous

    Atlas Shrugs blog is financed by Jewish/Zionist big business in American and fronted by media Jewess Geller. Geller and fellow Neo-Con Jew Robert Spencer are successfully trying to recruit European Nationalists to the anti-Islamist cause, French, Dutch, Belgium, Danish, Swedish and Italian Nationalist parties have already fallen for this Jewish honey trap, Griffin is next. The Yids must be completely laughing their heads off?

  7. Anonymous

    One of you should contact someone from Broxbourne branch and ask them about the problems they are having with Nick Griffin. You know the man who should be helping and encouraging it's members and branches. Simon Bennett has been ordered not to put any articles from Broxbourne on the BNP website and the same with Martin Wingfield and Freedom. This is one of the most sucessful branches in the country with a County Councillor.Give it 2 years and it will be non existent.


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