Why is the B.N.P. in such a blunderous "state".

Daily Express
London, February 8, 1999

 MI5 act to smash race gangs

Secret service teams up with Yard to combat Far Right thugs


SCOTLAND Yard and MI5 are planning a huge covert operation to break up violent racist organisations.

The Express has learned that Intelligence officers will infiltrate Far Right groups such as the British National Party.

Other officers will tap telephones, open mail, and scrutinise bank accounts and medical records. “We plan to close down these organisations by using every administrative device available to us,” said a Yard source.

“These may include tax and VAT details, local authority planning infringements and breaches of charity regulations. You must remember that Al Capone was brought down by the American Inland Revenue — not the FBI. At the end of the day we will know everything about the people in these groups, more than they know themselves.”
The operation is being masterminded by Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Grieve, head of the new Metropolitan Police race crime unit. He will work closely with the security services and the Yard’s criminal intelligence unit.
Officers plan to apply the skills successfully used by the security services and the anti-terrorist squad against the IRA and Middle East bombers In London.
Mr Grieve, former head of the anti-terrorist squad, is aiming to build comprehensive computer files on the country’s active racists and their relatives and associates.
“He will be using all his skills and techniques used against the IRA in the fight against the racial terrorists polluting our inner cities,” said the source.
The files will detail racist groups’ views and the extent to which they will use violence. It will also include a list of non-active supporters in key Government and local authority departments who are prepared to pass on vital information. The ultimate intention is to bring a series of criminal charges against the ringleaders of racist organisations and the thugs who follow them.
“If it works, and there is no reason why not, it will mark a sea change in the way subversive organisations are policed in this country,” said a senior detective.
Mr Grieve will draw on the resources of the National Criminal Intelligence Service, Department of Social Security, Inland Revenue, immigration organisation and Customs. Benefits agencies, local authorities, British Telecom, credit agencies, schools and other educational institutions will also be involved. Detectives will monitor some suspects if they go abroad.
“If anyone can get to the bottom of the menace of racial violence and attacks, then John Grieve can,” said a source close to the new unit.


The Express has learned that Intelligence officers will infiltrate Far Right groups such as the British National Party.”

Can there be any better explanation as to why the party continually blunders from one disaster to the next than the above underlined quote?

Has the B.N.P. been infiltrated?, of course it has, without a doubt, at the very highest levels one might add.

Other officers will tap telephones, open mail, and scrutinise bank accounts and medical records. “We plan to close down these organisations by using every administrative device available to us,” said a Yard source.”

If Griffin and Dowsons bank accounts are being monitored, why is nothing done about this by those monitoring them? It’s clear from the information that we nationalists recieve, that the accounts are questionable to say the least, downright dodgy would be a more fitting descriptive term.

Are Griffin et al being allowed to “operate” by the establishment because it suits their purpose at this time? 
(the EHRC’s castration of the party)

Any researcher worth their salt knows that the security services have in the past ignored illegal actions and indeed in some cases, been actively complicit in illegal actions.

Many questions remain unanswered, the quest for the truth continues, unabated.


31 thoughts on “Why is the B.N.P. in such a blunderous "state".

  1. Anonymous

    British Nationalists should be infiltrating them, the so called security services. Or to put it correctly, we should be telling and helping our children to join these enemies of the British people. Make sure your children get a good education and point them in the right direction.

  2. Anonymous

    well now the reds have picked this one up.the weston super mare candidate has had his leaflets spelt WESTERN SUPER MARE !!! Come on this is sabotage to the higest scale,i really give up (well gave up)

  3. Nemesis

    Well done GriffinWatch for republishing this important information. I susoect that the media, Security Services and the BNP thought that it would not resurface – but now you have republished it perhaps others will now reassess the situation.Note the date, February 1999 – just months prior to Griffin's leadership coup. Since 1999 we have had nothing but coc-ups and internal disasters, expense scandals and failures on a major scale.Looks like the Security Services have done a good job on the BNP.

  4. Anonymous

    the bnp shot me down the river bigtime,i asked for no publicity over my military past but they were very quick to broadcast me for being an active party member !

  5. Anonymous

    Gri££in & Darby are doing the State's bidding, there are also several top people who had long service records with the police and military, all candidates for State assets. The current BNP is no threat to the Establishment they are part of it.

  6. GriffinWatch

    It was an ill-advised article for the M.S.M. to publish anyway, by targetting the B.N.P. (which is a legal party), the spooks have admitted that they intend to interfere in the electoral process.(conveniently disguised as a hunt for "racists")This is probably why the original article is so hard to find on the internet.I've been searching for the original express article for ages with no joy.Perhaps this is why Griffin isn't in court on fraud charges, remember what happened in Germany with the N.P.D., when they ended up in court it was revealed that the N.P.D. was infested with security service members/agents."EXCLUSIVE BY HAL AUSTIN AND IAN GALLAGHER"I wonder if the article ended the two authors journalistic careers?

  7. Anonymous

    The Daily Express is a well known newspaper that leaks Security Service info, on the orders from the Establishment, as does the Sunday Times. In a recent article in the Daily Mail, South African journalist Jani Allan reveals how the same things goes on in her country."Her editor in the South African Sunday Times, a legendary figure in South African journalism named Tertius Myburgh, was shocked by the tome of her article but declared it 'pure Jani' and published it anyway. She thinks she now knows why. For the late Myburgh, she claims, was secretly working closely with the South African intelligence service, and was embroiled in the plot to ruin Terreblanche by revealing him to be cheating on his wife, Martie"Read more:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1266613/Ill-known-tart-slept-racist-buffoon-The-British-born-beauty-bewitched-murdered-white-supremacist-Eugene-Terreblanche.html#ixzz0mKlYXjQh

  8. Anonymous

    I bet Gri££in never told this Spade about his encounters with Martin Webster? Or maybe this darky misheard Gri££in and he said he was speaking up for sodomy in public?BNP "too racist" for black vicarRev Gitau said one of the reasons he campaigned to join the BNP was because it was “the only party that boldly speaks against sodomy in public”. Reverend James Gitau, 63 from West Croydon, joined the BNP and went on the campaign trail on April 10 with Nick Griffin in Barking and Dagenham, http://www.croydonguardian.co.uk/news/8123879.BNP__too_racist__for_black_vicar/

  9. Anonymous

    Scroll down and see Gri££in embrace his new Negroid friend and latest BNP member on ZOG owned CNN TVhttp://ukelection.blogs.cnn.com/2010/04/28/sunday-with-the-british-national-party/

  10. GriffinWatch

    "But remember, we only put leaflets out and canvass. What can they do us for?Going equipped with a leaflet."Indeed, however, I think that you are missing the point.

  11. Anonymous

    Griffin says "These Sikhs are so law abiding and a benefit to our Country!" The facts are very different:"Harpreet Singh, 20, of Elmwood Road, Slough, Berkshire, appeared at Ealing Magistrates' Court charged with 28-year-old Geeta Aulakh's murder.The victim's husband, Harpreet Aulakh, 31, and Sher Singh, 18, have also been charged with her murder and will go on trial at the Old Bailey in October." http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/london/8644041.stm

  12. Anonymous

    "Marmite Court Case Postponed till after Election: Come to Last Weekend of Action in Barking and Dagenham Instead"Yes Nick i do think your state owned.

  13. Anonymous

    Latest begging email;"….Can you spare a paltry £20?"Maybe £20 for Griffo is paltry but not me. After all, he is raking it in from me already. I pay my taxes which he gets via the EU in his wages doing absolutely nothing sitting on his big fat behind!

  14. Anonymous

    Butlers not Essex RO anymore. Understand Grif would have sacked him totally but he was under contract. Although nobody likes Butler he worked 7 days aweek for the party so another good Nationalist bites the dust. It's going to be war after the election, heads are going to roll.

  15. Anonymous

    In November of last year two South African White Nationalists brothers who were recruited by Arthur Kemp to set up a internet blog ZAsucks.com, were both arrested by the police, can Mr Kemp very close buddy of Nick Griffin please explain the mystery of what happened recently to one of these Nationalists?"A Johannesburg attorney walked into the Randburg police station on Monday 15th March and apparently committed suicide in the toilet by shooting himself. CJ Oosthuizen sent an SMS to a friend stating that he was about to commit suicide and also left a note, police spokesperson Kym Cloete said. It is not known why Oosthuizen, of the Da Mata law firm in Linden, went to the police station. He leaves his wife and three children."

  16. Anonymous

    Griffin fears Butler because he has real political savvy and is much cleverer than him. In sacking Butler and replacing him with that idiot Jefferson, Griffin has shot himself n the foot. Dowson's purge of party brains has left the party in a much weaker position than ever before, despite what Dowson would have you believe.

  17. Anonymous

    On page 6 of the latest issue of the BNP's Voice of Freedom newspaper ( number 114) is a half paper article praising the new Sikh raghead member with a large photo, what a bloody disgrace. Collett's name was been removed from the newspaper.

  18. Anonymous

    I don't know how much of this is outright lefty media lies, but some of it must be truthful?"Apparently there's been a massive cock-up with election leaflets and hundreds might be useless – Jefferson can't make the event because he's been up all night trying to sort it.""Party is falling apart at the seams and unpopular Griffin struggling to keep it together. Cock-ups left, right and centre and they can't get respectable people to work for them or stand in elections."http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/top-stories/2010/05/02/bnp-star-quits-to-expose-racist-party-115875-22227237/

  19. Anonymous

    Anyone saw the BNP website recently?Seems Bennett has taken his Obama-esque website theme and left them with a standard one.Looks VERY shabby – just like the inner workings of the BNP then!Is this to do with "Marmitegate"?


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