Griffarage gives himself dictator like powers.

Here it is, officially written in the latest B.N.P. Constitution, the power mad and greedy Griffarage has given himself carte blanche with regards to the B.N.P. 
Anyone who speaks out against him, or questions him, can and no doubt will be swiftly be shown the door, as has happened in the past, recently and many times over the years.

This is clearly one of the major reasons why Griffarage sought to keep the constitution under wraps from the public/potential voters by having it passworded on the main website.
Fortunately the party still has honourable members and the new constitution has been leaked.
There are no doubt other things within the constitution that he also seeks to hide, our researchers will be going through it with a fine tooth comb and we will keep you informed.

A democratic B.N.P. under Griffarages Mao like hold? 

My arse!!!!!!!!!


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