"Hallelujah praise da BNP"

From the sublime, to the ridiculous and getting worse.
Meet Pastor Gitau,one of the latest B.N.P. members.
One could be forgiven for thinking that Griffarage and his cronies are deliberately turning the B.N.P into a laughing stock.

Caption competition anyone?
(keep it publishable please ;-))

18 thoughts on “"Hallelujah praise da BNP"

  1. Anonymous

    The BNP Negroid has been interviewed in a magazine article:Q: Did they welcome you as the first black member in the party?A: Oh yes, they gave me a VIP treatment. When I arrived at the venue they did not recognise me and they confronted me. When I produced my membership card they took me to the high table and Mr. Giffin introduced me to Reverend Robert West, the BNP candidate in Lincoln who took care of me.

  2. Anonymous

    This is a F**king vote loser, just wait and see, the White electorate will switch off because of this idiotic Griffin stunt. Griffin has lost touch with reality!

  3. Anonymous

    The latest version of the constitution proves that he hasn't just lost touch with reality, he's actually become eligible for sectioning under the Mental Health Act.

  4. Ex- SW Organiser

    As an ex BNP official I can say that generally speaking the BNP advocates a far more libertarian view of society than the other mob – reduce the 4million CCTV cameras, put speed cameras only where there is a proven accident record and near school crossings etc. No to ID cards, DNA database and big government. That is what we want and want we say to the voters. But this constitution is not the example by which the Party should (which it never will of course) run the country. This is worse than Hitler's Enabling Act and the 2001 Patriot(sic) Act of the US. It's ample demonstration that this is the Chairman's way of keeping a very tight control on things and that the party is nothing more than the personal fiefdom of the Chairman. That's it over between me and the BNP….I quit my post last year when the stalwart and incorruptible Michaela MacKenzie was sacked and others around here elbowed out or quit in disgust. I have sat in disgust while Griffin embarrased the party on Question Time, claim victory over the EHRC when it was an unbridled victory for the State, now he forces unstable ethnics who are despised by their own people (Rajinder Singh and this Pastor Gitau being two points but there are others waiting to be wheeled out) and this Constitution. Every prospective member should be invited to read this and ask of themselves do I really want to be part of this gang – it is totalitarian plain and simple.That's it – Ive scissored my membership card and it's going back to Griffin tomorrow with an explanation.

  5. Nemesis

    To Ex-SW Organiser – well done for seeing the light and in taking the right action.Whilst the BNP and the nationalist movement have men and women of principle then we still have hope.You make some good points about the positive campaign principles of the BNP and how they have been utterly let down and denigrated by Griffin and his inept (or deliberately inept?) team of idiots and sycophants.Now, to the rest of the BNP memebership who are intelligent and thinking – will you follow ex-SW Organiser's example and join the tide of principle and action?Or will you wait till the party's over (literally)?

  6. Nemesis

    "Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me,I'm not sleepy and there is no place I'm going to.Hey! Mr. Tambourine Man, play a song for me,In the jingle-jangle morning I'll come following you."This song, originally sung by The Byrds, has now been digitally remastered by Nick Griffin through Great Shite Records and released from Midas Music (aka Jim Dowson) to raise funds for the Barking campaign. Commentators have sceptically suggested that the line "I'm not sleepy and there's no place I'm going to" is a veiled reference to the dead-end where the BNP under Griffin's leadership is heading to.Sceptics also indicate that the original composer, Dylan ,wrote the song on a road trip he took with some friends from New York to San Francisco. Along the way they apparently consumed copious amounts of hash. The song lyrics also allegedly contain references to drug-taking eg the Tambourine Man is a drug dealer. Critics suggest that Griffin has chosen this particular song as his Campaign Song for Barking as a code for the sacking of Collett and hos replacement by Jefferson, a well-known Cumbrian drug-dealer. It has been suggested that this marks the watering-down of the once strong anti-drugs policy of the BNP

  7. Nemesis

    "Da Griffi ee de main man, and I am sooo de-lighted to be da first black man to become da member of da BNP.Which is good for me as I made a bet wiv Delroy about me becoming a member of da white man's BNP – yeah man, ten grand. Thanks Griff, you made me one rich black man".

  8. Nemesis

    The BNP should be sued under the Trades Descriptions Act.The picture shows one fake vicar (the so-called Reverend Robert West, a Griffinite sycophant who falsely claims to be a vicar yet there is no evidence to substantiate that claim), and a negro pretending to be a white man.You can't make it up, this is Political Correctness gone mad.The BNP is a joke, a very sick joke. I am sure Griffin and the Eastablishment are having a bloody good laugh at our expense and saying, "Go on Nick, get some negroes to join, go on, I dare you, I bet your membership will swallow it hook, line and sinker. Go on, I bet your 100 grand they will".

  9. Anonymous

    This is all very sad. I joined the BNP putting my heart and soul into it believing that Griffin really cared for this counrty and for his members. This all started going haywire, as far as I can tell, after the MEP Elections. Things were being mentioned long before this but like idiots we didn't want to believe it.We now need a new Nationalist Party without any baggage and members with squeaky clean backgrounds. The NF will never get anywhere they are tarred with the hooligan brush and the BNP have lost the plot. We have less than 5 years to get this established. Let's face it the BNP may get an MP elected but they will never get into power. Quite honestly who wants another Dictor running the country. I too have cut my membership card up.


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