Still the begging emails come.

“The British National Party will campaign in the 2010 general election on the issues of withdrawal from Afghanistan, a halt to the immigration invasion and an end to the ‘Global Warming’ conspiracy, party leader Nick Griffin MEP has announced.
“We are proud to map out three central and core policy issues which clearly differentiate us from every other political party in Britain,” Mr Griffin said. “Every other party, Lib Dems and UKIP included, have announced their support for continued British military presence in Afghanistan.
“Only the BNP is unequivocally opposed to this war and demands that all British troops be withdrawn immediately. This must be done straightaway, right now,” Mr Griffin said.
“There is not a single grain of Afghan sand that is worth the blood of a British soldier. It is a tragic and criminal waste of our young people’s lives and out tax money to even be there, never mind the legal issues involved which indicate that the war itself is illegal,” he said. The BNP’s position on immigration was also well known, Mr Griffin continued.
“Once again, only the BNP has mapped out policies and solutions to the immigration invasion which are perfectly in line with voter concerns,” he continued. “All the other parties are in favour of immigration, either through the fake ‘points-based’ nonsense, a ‘balanced migration’ con trick or some other subterfuge.”
“Only the BNP demands an end to mass Third World immigration and the implementation of policies which will not only halt this colonisation of our nation by the Third World, but will indeed reverse it as well. The third main plank of the BNP’s campaign will be a focus on opposing and exposing the ‘man-made global warming’ conspiracy, Mr Griffin said.
“We will make voters aware that this now totally debunked theory is being used to systematically de-industrialise what is left of the British manufacturing industry and pay over billions to build up and modernise the industries of India and China,” he said.
“The global warming fraud is being used as an excuse to pile stealth taxes and undemocratic controls on the already long-suffering public.
“For example, the taxes mean an extra £18 billion on electricity bills alone,” Mr Griffin said. “These are the issues about which voters are concerned and on which we will campaign,” Mr Griffin said, adding that the BNP’s opponents never tried to debate policy and instead resorted to attempted character assassination and baseless smears.
“The BNP will however campaign on our policies and we are confident that the voters will make their choices on that basis. The British National Party is the only party which has a coherent, logical and just policy programme which will rescue our great nation,” he concluded.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We have thrown off the shackles of the Equalities Commission’s criminal attack on our Party. Now we are weeks away from a General Election and without your generous support our ability to fight as many seats as possible will be restricted. Please send a small gift today:”

Are you willing to trust Griffarage, whom on his own admission says that one of his former closest allies wants harm to come to him?
Are you willing to send even more donations, considering the post directly below, which indicates where a great deal of the donations are being sent?

Griffarage doesn’t look best chuffed in the picture above does he?
Hardly surprising really is it. Considering recent events.


5 thoughts on “Still the begging emails come.

  1. Anonymous

    "We have thrown off the shackles of the Equalities Commission's criminal attack"Thrown off, what utter nonsense, we are now shackled to multi-racialism and race mixing now that Gri££in has capitulated totally to the system of White racial destruction, what's this traitor talking about.

  2. Anonymous

    Gri££in's lust for money knows no limits. A millionaire in the making and he is still asking for money to pay his arselickers. £££££££££££££££££


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