David Hannam a Re-post.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009
David Hannam.

David Hannam and his wife Diane Bridgeman

Where did he get the money from to launch this business?

Was it from Great White Records?


More research is needed.

Hannam is often ignored,

as a former shelf stacker like Griffin.

Why has he prospered so?
Posted by GriffinWatch at 02:22


10 thoughts on “David Hannam a Re-post.

  1. Anonymous

    Yes where did he get the money from and the time, the national Treasurer is a full time post. The real treasurer is Dodgy Dowson and his sidekick Thompson. Fat Boy Thick is just an incompetent paper shuffler, Gri££in will get rid of him in the next 12 months I bet.

  2. Anonymous

    Hannam is no more treasurer than Colgate was party manager. They are there purely to take the heat off Dowson and the fall when of no further use.Emma has now learned that the hard way, Dave will no doubt find out in good time.

  3. Anonymous

    Wrong tree folks. You obviously have no idea about business and false accusations against people you have fallen out with might come round to bite you. Fact is Diane has made the business a success and its been going for many more years than Dave has been treasurer. So thats it. End of.

  4. GriffinWatch

    Don't talk crap, Hannam is being targetted no-one else.What about Griffins attack dogs targetting Seans wife eh?It's your lot who are sick, don't bother attempting to comment again.

  5. GriffinWatch

    We aren't ashamed of anything that we post nor questioning potential dodgie situations within Nationalist circles.If you don't know about the documented and evil attacks against G.W. staffs family members, you simply aren't in the loop.

  6. Anonymous

    If someone is attacking your family members then they are scum, like you are scum for targeting a womans private business. You are a dishonest person.

  7. GriffinWatch

    How do you know that it isn't Hannams business also? They are married.How can asking questions be deemed dishonest?That is most probably the poorest attempt at a smear, that we have ever recieved.Still, you can have your say anyway, it's freedom of speech for all here,(within reason) not exactly a dishonest policy eh?

  8. Anonymous

    Sick. As you have broadcast her website to everyone i have looked and can see it is all her up on the site. Clearly there is no talking to you and you are not decent or interested. I agree with Hannam been fair target, but his wife no, just like your good woman is not a fair target either.


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