Dodgy excuses and a kangaroo court from a panicked leader on the ropes.

“The British National Party will contest 326 parliamentary seats at the general election, over 120 key party officials and organisers were told today as they united unanimously behind Nick Griffin at a special meeting called to discuss recent events in the party.

The special meeting was given details — including a tape recording — of serious potential offenses committed by the former publicity director of the party, Mark Collett.

Amongst the details revealed were serious issues with regard to the pricing of leaflets and a series of front companies which appear to have been set up with the intention of skimming off printing bills, and a short snippet of a recorded conversation with Mr Collett.

The meeting decided unanimously to appoint a four man strong subcommittee to listen to the entire tape recording and report to the crowd on its full contents and implications.

Councillor Michael Simpkins, a former RAF police officer, then reported back after a break that the tape was genuine and was of a conversation between Mr Collett and party treasurer David Hannam.

Mr Simpkins said it was clear from the tape that the police would be able to investigate a number of potential crimes including threats to murder, assault, fraud and falsification of accounts.

The meeting was informed that the police were in possession of a copy of the tape which had formed the basis of the arrest and subsequent questioning of Mr Collett last Thursday.

The meeting agreed unanimously to leave the matter in the hands of the police.

A message from former party manager Emma Colgate was read out by Mr Griffin in which she warned that fake Facebook and YouTube accounts were being set up in her name with the obvious intention of sowing confusion.

All of these fake accounts should be reported as fraudulent so that they can be closed down, Ms Colgate said.

It was also announced that former national elections officer Eddy Butler was still very much with the BNP and is set to play a leading role in the party’s attempt to take control of the Barking and Dagenham council.

Newly-appointed national elections officer Clive Jefferson paid tribute to Mr Butler’s work and then outlined some new strategies he would be introducing for boosting the BNP’s vote in coming electoral contests.

Mr Jefferson also assured the delegates that there was no interruption to the leaflet production process and that a new graphic designer had already been sourced and had started work.

Mr Griffin then announced that the party would be contesting a grand total of 326 seats in the coming election.

“This is the greatest effort in the history of British nationalism,” Mr Griffin said. “This is a tribute to how far this party has come and of the tremendous dedication of all its activists. Now, let’s put this latest business behind us and concentrate on getting the nation-wreckers out of office,” he said to loud applause.…ecial-meeting/”

If the tape evidence against Collett is so damning, why haven’t the members been allowed to hear the full recording?

More to the point, what’s on the tape that they DON’T want the members to hear?

Nothing more than the expected Griffarage kangaroo court. This Simkins character and the three others on the sub-committee (who remain conveniently un-named, why?) are guilty of witholding info. from the members.

Transparency within Griffarages B.N.P., you’re having a long necked herbivore!!!!!!!!!

As always, more questions raised than answers given.

17 thoughts on “Dodgy excuses and a kangaroo court from a panicked leader on the ropes.

  1. Anonymous

    Michael Simpkins, Sergeant Arthur Kemp, Lance Stewart, Det Con Roy West, Inspector Michael Barnbrook, there are more coppers in the BNP than at a Freemason's annual lodge dinner.

  2. GriffinWatch

    Miss Colgate has been in the position before to set the record straight with regard to certain Griffinite supporters lies, she didn't do it then. (this isn't about this latest debacle)Whether or not she continues to cover up for Griffarage remains to be seen, it's up to Miss Colgate and her consciense to decide.If you are reading this Emma, a lot of members are looking for you to do the right thing.As always, time will tell.

  3. Anonymous

    These are just two of the sickening comments written on the BNP website in the relation to today's Coventry meeting, with imbeciles like this, the BNP is no threat to the Establishment."I was with a group from the Glasgow BNP. Yes, we have had a thief and a traitor in our midst – in fact at the top, but no matter. The meeting was a very positive one and I am sure no-one is in any doubt that Nick Griffin is our leader – Simon Darby, our deputy – and what a fantastic team they are. The BNP are 100% behind them. Jim Dowson is the new Hercule Poirot and when we get to power, this guy should be knighted! His Glaswegian "savvy" shines through and every BNP member should be thanking him for outing this treacherous person. As the old saying goes, onwards and upwards. Off to buy my blister cream now – leafleting begins!""I look forward to a new election strategy and a much needed improvement in the content of the election literature from Clive Jefferson. Can we have a bit more content as well as style there now please? The election leaflets need to go on the direct attack against the Lib/Lab/Con/Kip gang to prod the British people from their Lib/Lab/Con/Kip comfort zone. Let's all get on with the business of saving our nation we hold so dear."

  4. Anonymous

    Eddy Butler & Emma Colgate have been forced into eating humble pie, so that Gri££in doesn't completely alienate them from the rest of the party and the election campaign, they should expose Gri££in's corruption, but I doubt they will, as they don't want to rock the boat. Sociopath Gri££in could easily set his attack dogs on them if they don't keep in line. Once again Scumbag Gri££in comes out smelling of roses with the complete backing of his sycophants!

  5. Anonymous

    "Nick Griffin is our leader – Simon Darby, our deputy – and what a fantastic team they are. The BNP are 100% behind them. Jim Dowson is the new Hercule Poirot and when we get to power, this guy should be knighted!"I feel sick now

  6. Anonymous

    The BNP could not organise a p— up in a brewery . What makes everybody think that they could run the country. After 3 years of helping out ,and my bank account a lot less after responding to numerous begging letters ,I have finally woken up to the mess it really is. Having seen many good people leave or were made to leave I am at a loss as to how this party keeps going.

  7. Anonymous

    For a man who is supposed to have balls (in both senses of the word) he appears to have been totally emasculated by Griffin. Disappointing. Very disappointing.

  8. Ex BNP Organiser

    "Having seen many good people leave or were made to leave I am at a loss as to how this party keeps going."The revolving door, constant influx of new gullible members replacing the disgruntled, the fleeced, the hoodwinked who eventually get wise and quit in disgust or are forced out with accusations that they are moles, plants, searchlight spies etc etc.

  9. Anonymous

    So Butler gets sacked from his paid (£25K) party admin job working for Griffin, gets sacked from his unpaid job as national organiser, gets implicated by Griffin in an official bulletin in a threat/plot (real or imagined) to topple the elected leader and then he goes to Griffin and pleads to stay on as a candidate and advisor……where is he going to job now? What a spineless eejit!

  10. Proud London BNP activist

    Good work Mr. Griffin. With you likely to be the BNP's first MP (first of many more to come) on May 7th you have demonstrated true leadership in dealing with troubel-makers and agent provocateurs. This is the kind of strong determined action needed to make this country great again.Im helping to get Mr Griffin elected and the posters on here just do nothing but slag off in fits of jealousy.I have placed a bet that we will have 4 MPs elected. We will also take control of Thurrock Council, get another 50-60 councillors elected elsewhere and even then you will slag off the leader. Such small minded people on here.

  11. GriffinWatch

    Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm.If you think there are no problems, why come to G.W.?I don't think that you are an activist at all, BNP activists are predominantly very savvy.

  12. Proud London BNP activist said...

    "If you think there are no problems, why come to G.W.?"Because I herd that there were websites slagging off Mr. Griffin after last weeks terrible events where a trouble-maker had been uncovered and his dirty deeds included killing our leader. I want to put the record straight that there are people like me working hard to get Mr Griffin elected and that the lies against him must not go unchalenged. No one else come close to being as good a leader in all manners as Mr Griffin.I know this sounds odd but the word I am being asked to enter as part of the comment moderation is very appropriate, it is "winner".

  13. Anonymous

    It seems that "Shrek" Howson is heading for more grief in the near future. His own, new appointee in the South West, Roy Cook, the Sub Regional Organiser, (whatever that is,) is planning on ousting Master Howson as he lusts after the R. O.'s posistion. Cook has been overheard at two recent meetings saying, " Howson's a fool and I'll get rid of him after the election. I'll be the new R.O. and I'll run the South West." Strange, coming from someone who's only been a member 6 months. He's already trying to gain support in his push for power in the South West but he's not that popular with members. He comes across as arrogant, patronising and a bit of a scruff, to be honest. Just like Shrek, come to think of it!


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