"Using your religion".The "wannabe messiah" has found new targets to fleece more money from.

“Dear Fellow Patriot,
A special event that happened recently has changed my outlook on our struggle and the situation facing our sacred country. That event was the peaceful, sensible, mature debate with the Christian Party leader George Hargreaves and a large number of Christian Party members. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire debate which was noticeably absent of the usual hysterical fanaticism of the liberal-left.
It made me think long and hard about a new dimension of our struggle: our Christian religion, culture and traditions. In the past too much emphasis has been placed on the ethnic aspect of our present national dilemma, whilst the longest running feature of our identity has been overlooked: the fact that our country has been held together and guided for millennia by our common, ancient religion: Christianity.
And before you misunderstand me, I do not mean the gut-wrenching politically correct quasi-Marxist nonsense spewing forth from the treacherous leaders of the modern Anglican Church. I mean the traditional, upright, decent and honest Christianity that defended Europe from Islamic conquest, the Christianity of the Crusades and the Christianity of our forefathers.
There is nothing in traditional Christianity about world government, abolishing the nations, enslaving the world to finance capitalism and big business, eradicating traditional unique cultures and national identities, the promotion of sexual perversion, the glorification of treason, letting criminals run rampant and political correctness.
No, the Christianity of our forefathers was about honesty, family, patriotism, sacrifice, loyalty, king and country. For over 1,000 years Christianity held our people together and guided us through the centuries. If Christianity had not existed Europe would have been conquered by Islam centuries ago.
I made the irrefutable point during the debate with the Christian Party that the British National Party is the only political organisation in Britain that wants to keep this country fundamentally Christian, with Christian values, traditions and culture. Every other political party would happily allow Islam to engulf our Christian homeland.
After the General Election, all BNP leaflets will carry a Christian Cross to demonstrate our commitment to maintaining and preserving our Christian heritage as a nation. Politically correct scoundrels like Rowen Williams will cry fowl but we have nothing to be ashamed of as we are the defenders of Britain’s Christian heritage, just like our Crusader ancestors in the Middle Ages.
So this weekend enjoy the Christian festival of Easter with pride and remember the War Heroes that fell in the many wars to defend our homeland. Be proud of your British, Christian identity and reject the false guilt and self-loathing of the liberal-left political class.
The darkest hour is just before the dawn, but be of good cheer for Christ Our Lord is risen!
Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party”

What an utter cheek for a supposed Pagan supporter such as Griffarage, watch out devil-worshippers, in next weeks 180% turn, Griffarage will be after your dosh as well!


25 thoughts on “"Using your religion".The "wannabe messiah" has found new targets to fleece more money from.

  1. E. N. Ronn

    If you had told me before I read this piece that Gri££o could sink lower still, I would not have believed you. But he has managed it. If there is a God in heaven, surely he will punish Gri££o for taking his name in vain?I can’t imagine a more odious man of God than Gri££o since Harry Powell (Robert Mitchum) in Night of the Hunter. Come to think of it, the Rev. Powell’s motivation was much the same as Gri££o’s!I wonder who taught him how to work the fake evangelist trick?

  2. Nemesis

    It matters not what Griffin may, or may not be. He may believe in God, or then again not. He may believe in Christianity (but then again, we know he does not and the statements are yet more lies and self-promotional propaganda).But the fact is that karma exists and that everything we do has a consequence. Everything has a cause and an effect.What Griffin has done – and is doing – will have a consequence that will affect him, whether in this lifetime or in a future lifetime. Griffin will have to suffer the consequences of his odious and negative and harmful actions (as will those odious men and women around him).I am hoping, however, that Griffin will feel and witness the consequences of his actions in this lifetime and that his path of negativity will usurp him from his current standing and power.Those with most power and money tend to fall harder than the rest of us minions who have less.We are all subject to laws, both physical and spiritual, that rule over us and Griffin, no matter how unstoppable and powerful he – and his supporters – think he is, will fall from grace.I tend to feel that Griffin has a role to play and it is a role carved by his own negative being, which has chosen to take adark path in life. His actions as BNP Party Chairman will make people see the need for a true moral and spiritaul leader who must lead the British nationalist movement. His rule, and subsequent fall, will open the nationalist movement to a true leader, born through destiny, who will emerge from nowhere to lead Albion out of its present course of genocidal and national suicide to freedom, independence, indigenous self-rule and a greatness in social, economic, cultural, intellectual and spiritual spheres. Griffin is truly a negative being and a corrupt politician, but his rule will open the way for a new leader.This is the destiny of nationalism in 21st-century Britain. It is the destiny of Albion.

  3. Nemesis

    It is said that demonic forces can appear as shining beings of light, full of love and beneficience. They can trap the unwary and lead to deception and misguided missions to those who come into contact with such demonic entities.In the phyixal realm such individuals as Griffin can appear as persons of calibre and guile and whose voice speaks of nothing less than reason and logic and beguilement.Beware of such individuals as the silver-tongued and deceptive Griffin whose intellect and voice hides a vicious and dark sociopathic personality who does not care about either his fellow beings, the BNP or his race and country, let alone Christian religion.

  4. Anonymous

    I don't think Cllr Bob Bailey would agree with bonkers Gri££in, at least he doesn't want Black churches! Gri££in has gone absolutely potty!

  5. Anonymous

    This emergency meeting is being held in Coventry on Monday, will more heads rolls I wonder?"URGENT BRIEFING MEETINGAn urgent briefing meeting for Regional Organisers and key officials will take place on this coming Monday 5th of April.The meeting will cover recent events, urgent organisational matters, including a crucial update from our new National Elections Officer Clive Jefferson, and future plans.It is expected that every Region will send a minimum of one full car and a maximum of two full cars. It is really important that key personnel from every Region are attend.Please liaise with your Regional Organiser to ensure a good geographical spread of key officials attending whilst ensuring election activities proceed unhindered…"

  6. Anonymous

    This appeared on the BNP website yesterday, it's total lies and spin, the poor lass was sacked. The groundswell against Gri££in is now growing stronger by the day, this demon with get his come-uppance very soon and hopefully we will be able to crucify that Dowson serpent as well?"British National Party staff manager Emma Colgate has stepped down from her position to concentrate fully on fighting the Thurrock Parliamentary seat for the party, it has been announced."

  7. Anonymous

    Dowson told Griffin that the wages bill was too much, and that he could do all the admin and leaflet production inhouse, hence the recent sackings, this Dowson bastard is taking over more and more rolls in the party day by day. I would imagine that at some stage he will also try and get rid of Griffin himself.

  8. Anonymous

    Very odd, two complete arseholes Jefferson and Cockney oink Golding promoted, Griffin is consolidating his power even more and using idiots to replace competent people (blundering Collett excluded), this house of cards is bound to collapse sooner or later? Jefferson is becoming a multi-tasker similar to Darby holding any posts simultaneously, but they can't juggle them very well.

  9. Anonymous

    I'm no fan of Butler, I remember him acting as a prosecution witness during the first Kangaroo court to expelled John Tyndall, which was presided over by Griffin's psycho henchman Lecomber. JT embarrassed Butler at those proceedings, but still Butler is better to have around than that piece of shit Jefferson. Things are bound to collapse soon?

  10. Anonymous

    Fascinating insight into the murky world of Blair, published in the Daily Telegraph today, ZOG looks after it's willing servants. This could equally apply to Griffin as well, The World of Nick Griffin Incorporated!'The world of Tony Blair Inc We will never know the truth, of course, because Mr Blair has set up a mind-boggling web of companies through which he can channel his earnings without having to declare publicly all of his income. The other four companies are limited partnerships or limited liability partnerships, meaning they may not have to file accounts.Exactly where the money comes from is something Mr Blair would rather we did not know. He was so sensitive about a deal with UI Energy Corporation, a South Korean oil firm, that he kept it secret for almost two years, persuading a parliamentary committee that vetted the work of former ministers that it was “commercially sensitive”. What was perhaps even more sensitive for Mr Blair was that UI had extensive interests in Iraq, which opened up to foreign companies once British forces helped topple Saddam Hussein.' http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/7549081/The-world-of-Tony-Blair-Inc.html

  11. Anti Freemason.

    NEMESIS, you are so right. It's great that you can see what Griffin is. But please answer this. Have you seen the cloak around him? I felt it 25 years ago. Whoever put it there was very powerful.You should know what i mean.

  12. Anonymous

    This article has just appeared on the Independent on Sunday's website.'Details of the "conspiracy" will be presented to officials from across the country at an emergency meeting of the BNP's advisory council in the Midlands tomorrow.A BNP spokesman said last night: "Mark Collett's membership of the British National Party has been suspended pending a disciplinary tribunal." However, the party declined to comment on speculation about the status of Mr Butler and Ms Colgate – and refused to give further details of the complaint to police.'http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/bnp-official-ousted-after-claims-of-coup-bid-against-griffin-1935427.html

  13. Nemesis

    Anti-Freemason saidNEMESIS, you are so right. It's great that you can see what Griffin is.But please answer this. Have you seen the cloak around him? I felt it 25 years ago.Whoever put it there was very powerful.You should know what i mean.Thank you Anti-Freemason, it is good to hear that others think the same way and are able to perceive matters other than on a mere physical and material level.I am not on a sufficient level of spiritual awareness to have seen the "cloak" around Griffin as you have indicated. Have you been aware of such a "cloak" around him? Can you describe it? What do you think it represents? You say that you were aware of this some "25 years ago" (that would make it around 1985). You must have been in the Front then, the period which saw the Front splitting up and fragmenting into infighting and fragmentation before Griffin was "rescued" by John Tyndall.I'd be most interested in hearing more about what you saw around/with Griffin and it could well have a bearing on what is happening in the BNP and why.As to who may have "put it there" I cannot say. I seem to get the impression that since you are (rightly) opposed to freemasonry then it is some kind of occultic power or auric field. Personally I am more inclined to think that a powerful entity of some description has been allowed to be drawn to him, feeding off his own huge ego and greed, and using him as some sort of a vehicle to psuh through a political agenda designed to cripple the nationalist movement in Britain and thereby help the New World Order and rule by the Global Elite to come to fruition. Whatever it is this man is a severe threat to the indigenous British people and nation and can only be retained in his current damaging role by the idiots, sycophants and ignorant newbies who surround him and continue to offer their misguidely loyal support to him.Any comments on this?

  14. Anti-Freemason

    Thank you Nemesis.I'll try and keep this brief. After the split of 80 things were bad for the Nationalist movement.But come about 84/85 things started to pick up and we were getting some good turn outs at days of action etc. I'd never met Nick Griffin then, but had heard his name mentioned. We had a London day of action in about 84 and the meeting place was a pub.Walking into the pub, there were 7 people standing along the bar. As i walked in the man at the end turned round and gave me a filthy look and as i walked towards this man i was hit by what i can only describe as a force field.I'll never forget it and always wondered what it was.I later learned that this man was NG. From that time onward the atmospere in the party changed,you could feel it. There was nothing but trouble and that trouble always centred around NG.And it went on for years. I later went on to train as a Medium and of course discovered that this 'forcefield' was a 'cloak' of protection. Anyone can put a cloak of protection (bubble)around them if they know how to do it, but i sensed that someone with immense spiritual or occult powers had put this around Nick. I have also witnessed other things with Nick that maybe only trained Mediums would witness. I am still in the party and observing NG and i believe he is working for the NWO. You may like to vist thespiritguides.co.uk

  15. Anonymous

    Back in the Front days it was the Holland/Griffin/Harrington clique who subsequently took the NF mantle and as we know 'disbanded' the Front in '89.Regarding the cloak and the idea that 'someone' with immense spiritual or occult powers put it there may point to the influence Harrington's mother had on these 'young turks', also Pat's sister is strongly immersed in such matters.After the Front, Griffin didn't really do much other than stay in loose contact with Fiore and the ITP types, he edited the Rune with which he used as a vehicle to 'introduce' himself to Tyndall and as we know the consequence of such 'introduction' has reaped its own reward for him today.It is know that MI5 are more than aware of him from his mid-80s Front days and may have decided to groom him for such a situation as current, not such a ridiculous idea when one considers that the successor to Tyndall from within (and outside!) the BNP didn't really hold much promise .

  16. Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot

    Griffins friend Arthur Kemp said that "Christians are "possibly the most utterly deranged group of vermin ever to infest white politics"."There is no compromise with these rabid madmen: they poison every political organization they enter with their insane theology and there is literally no end to their madness.It is the reason why any political organization which wishes to succeed, must expel all those dribbling lunatics who spout this drivel, or bar them from entering in the first place.Let them go and mutter about “Christ killers” somewhere else where all sane people can just laugh at them." http://www.arthurkemp.com/?p=412So why is Griffin spouting this crap?. We all know what the Griffins's true opinion of Chritianity is.As an aside, the article I ran at my blog has mysteriousiy been deleted !!!. Pip pip

  17. GriffinWatch

    "As an aside, the article I ran at my blog has mysteriousiy been deleted !!!.Pip pip"If you are have no joy re-posting it Colonelwe can host your article here if you like.Regards.G.W.

  18. Anonymous

    Anon said"Regarding the cloak and the idea that 'someone' with immense spiritual or occult powers put it there may point to the influence Harrington's mother had on these 'young turks', also Pat's sister is strongly immersed in such matters."You have reminded me that Harrington's mother is indeed a practitoner of the occult, though I was not aware that his sister was similarly heavily involved also.It is known that involvement in the occult can lead to both mental and spiritual degradation and severe problems causing untold personality changes. That could at least help to explain some of Harrington's sociopathic tendencies and sickening stunts that he has pulled on those who have opposed him. Though a lot of harrington's personality disorders are no doubt more the result of his weird mother's influence over him and the fact that he was always spoilt rotten and given exactly what he wanted. This sick man has gone through life with a chip on his shoulder and an attaritude that says the world owes him a living. That's what bad parenting can do to a child who then grows up inflicting their warped personalities on the rest of the world.

  19. Nemesis

    Anti-Freemason, your posting is extremely interesting and very revealing.I am relieved that I am not the only one who is thinking in terms of looking at the situation on a different level, other than the mere physical level.Of course, the physical is where we are all at and where things happen, but there is often a spiritual reason or cause why some things occur. It is to this end that we must drop any materialist scepticism or religious prejudice and look at non-physical forces.I particularly found fascinating your experience with Nick Griffin,"We had a London day of action in about 84 and the meeting place was a pub.Walking into the pub, there were 7 people standing along the bar. As i walked in the man at the end turned round and gave me a filthy look and as i walked towards this man i was hit by what i can only describe as a force field.I'll never forget it and always wondered what it was.I later learned that this man was NG.From that time onward the atmospere in the party changed,you could feel it.There was nothing but trouble and that trouble always centred around NG.And it went on for years."This all fist in and would help to explain what is driving Griffin adn why he acts in the way he does. Clearly, you are a sensitive and were attuned to this energy vibration and were affected by it. From what you have described Griffin (at an intuitive level at least)felt you feeling that vibration.Griffin is certainly a deranged force for badboth as an individual and as Party Chairman. His greed and ego have driven him to smash his way through any obstacle or individual that hinders his progresin becoming powerful as well as wealthy. We've all seen – except the ignorant newbies and the idiotic sychophants.You also said "but i sensed that someone with immense spiritual or occult powers had put this around Nick."You would seem to be implying that an occultist had put this around NG, whether you are saying with NG's consent or not I am not sure what you are implying.I think that you are partly right but that the 'force field' or 'cloak of protection' would not normally be so strong to cause such long-term effects. My knowledge of NG is sufficient to indicate that he is not either interested in the occult or spiritual matters and that he would have no knowledge about these matters.My explanation, based on the evidence that I have before me, is that he has attracted an entity of some description into his auric field that is driving him, albeit on a subconscious level. He may not be aware of this, and with his lack of knowledge of the occult/spititual matters he would not, but it would be ensuring that he subtley do the things that the entity would want him to do, through dreams, subconscious desires, intuition orsuch like. This would be the 'field' that you felt all those years ago Anti-Freemason, maybe you felt the entity with NG and that entity knew that you felt it too and you perecieved the negativity from it. This is the only viable explanation that seems to meet the information we have in front of us.I would be most interested in hearing more of your other experiences that you have had with NG as these may have some bearings.I am sure that trained mediums or sensitive individuals would also perceive them but I am not one of those so rely on your own and others perceptions. I do think tat whatever is with NG is very well hidden so you must be very sensitive.Thank you Anti-Freemason fro your links to thespiritguides.co.uk site.You are proably right when you say that NG is working for the New World Order, although again this may be on a level that he is not even aware of himself. His actions if they are being guided by an entity would not always be apparent or obvious, and even he may not want to help the NWO but his actions would be slowly and steadily guided towards those ends ona subtle level.

  20. Anonymous

    with regards mummies boy Harrington, it is most definately his mother who dictated which course in life he would take, although it may be his 'gay gene' that drew him/draws him to the 'rough types' in our movement!His sister, although it is open to question how involved she is in the darker arts, she surrounds herself in such social circles.As to Griffin, he has not an iota of spiritualist feeling in his body.

  21. Anonymous

    FAO: Colonel Wilberforce Buckshot.Interesting that Kemp believes this when one considers how important the Bible is to the Afrikaner.As an aside, Terre-Blanche was murdered by workers who hadn't been paid? If you hadn't been paid killing your payee would be the last thing on your mind surely as you would never get paid, so who paid the killers?All power to the AWB and condolences to his friends and family.

  22. Nemesis

    A message to Anti-Freemason – if you are interested please contact me va GriffinWatch. If you email GriffinWatch through this site then GW has kindly agreed to forward your email to me. I am sure that we can continue this communication further for mutual benefit.Thanks,Nemesis


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