Here’s a picture to cheer you all up.

Weyman Bennett in all of his glory, not!!!



21 thoughts on “Here’s a picture to cheer you all up.

  1. Anonymous

    How does Smug, Cocky Darby know what will be in the newspapers tomorrow, does he know a little bird who tell him all? Latest from his blog."As the election date nears nobody should be surprised that the Daily Mirror will be carrying a smear tomorrow concerning the BNP. Less than 24 hrs after very senior Labour MPs were caught prostituting their lobbying services for "£3000 to £5000" per day this newspaper will attempt to counter attack with a story about BNP European staff. "

  2. Anonymous

    I've just seen this on the BNP website along side a photo of a straight- jacket, evidentially Griffin and his scum deputies are not happy bunnies? I wonder when Griffin will set his pack of attack dog on old Alby?'The BNP had recently become aware of a number of pressing mental health issues and erratic behaviour from Mr Walker but had kept quiet, “The nature of his remarks on the BBC Politics Show are a good indication of the state of Mr Walker’s mind,” said Councillor Mike Coleman, leader of the BNP group on the Stoke Council.'

  3. GriffinWatch

    "I wonder when Griffin will set his pack of attack dog on old Alby?"Quite simply because Alby exposed Griffarage as the money grubbing pretend nationalist that he is, that's why.Griffarage knows that tracing the money donated and where it really goes will sink his nasty money grabbing operation.The establishment could have launched a SERIOUS investigation in the B.N.P. at any time had they chosen to do so, they haven't as yet.This adds weight to the supposition that the B.N.P. is a state operated safety valve, which is the oppinion here at G.W.When Griffarage becomes too much of a liability, no doubt the establishment will remove him via a financial investigation.

  4. Anonymous

    It's becoming laughable now. Anyone who parts company with the party is routinely labeled mentally unstable. Reminds me of the old Soviet regime. Disagree with us and you end up in a mental institution. The party really must find an alternative way of dealing with people who eventually see the light. They're becoming farcical. It's comical really!

  5. Anonymous

    This was in the Irish Sunday World newspaper, I can't see the Catholic Irish going along with this, it's reckoned that Sinn Fein will be the biggest party in Ulster after the elections and will be pushing for a Untied Ireland, also odd that Darby spends so much time over there, bird watching is he? Dodgy Dowson isn't bankrolling the party, it's the other way around!"The BNP say their plan for Ireland is to “end the conflict” by making the North and South part of the United Kingdom. BNP have links to Irish pro-life group, Youth Defence through their main fundraiser, Jim Dowson. Dowson runs the BNP’s Belfast call centre and is believed to be bankrolling the BNP, providing hundreds of thousands in funding, according to recently leaked accounts for the party.He explained that party Deputy Chairman, Simon Darby, spends much of his time traveling to the North, where former orange man, Jim Dowson, runs the party’s call centre."

  6. Anonymous

    Griffin must have a very short memory this was published on the BNP website last year on 2nd May 2009, and last night he was debating with this Negro Hargreaves and all friendly with him, what a utter joke?'The “Christian Party” called on Nigerian voters to support the party as part of its “efforts at righting some of the perceived wrongs in the British society.”The Christian Party, also called “Scottish Christian Party” and “Welsh Christian Party”, is a “Christian Rights” political organisation in Great Britain, headed by the Reverend George Hargreaves, who claims to be the first Afro-Caribbean leader of a British political party.Mr Hargreaves told a press conference in Lagos that his party plans to build a voting bloc among “British Nigerians and other Africans.”He addressed the media alongside Abraham Usikaro, a one-time Nigerian journalist and the party’s International Campaign Manager. Mr Hargreaves said any Nigerian who had lived in Britain for ten years was eligible to vote, provided he registers with the Electoral Commission before May 10.The Daily Independent said that Mr Hargreaves’s party was fielding “70 candidates in London, Scotland, and Whales [sic] for the EU poll.”Mr Hargreaves said it was time Africans vote in Britain’s election “for better bargaining power in its politics,” telling his supporters that “registration form can also be downloaded from the electoral commission’s website.”According to the Daily Independent, Mr Hargreaves added that his “party is ready to open another registration centre elsewhere, on request from interested persons or communities, arguing that whatever votes is given the party is for Jesus and uprightness of the society.“According to him, the party, if elected, would fight against the British culture that denies parents the right to discipline their wards, and empowers the social service workers to take possession of such children. Insisting that this practice is a racist policy targeted at Africans, Hargreaves identified it as major cause of delinquency among the adolescent and ungodly behaviours in British society,” all according to the Daily Independent.'

  7. Anonymous

    Just look at these two photos, Gri££in and his new found Negro friends!!!!!!! Last June these Wogs were putting up large poster with Swastikas on, saying don't vote Nazi BNP, what a difference 10 months makes? of Christian Party's poster attacking BNP

  8. Anonymous

    Oh No! First Griffin lets in Black members and says he's is pro-Israel, now he pro-Gay, what's becoming of the poor old BNP? Interviewed in the queer's Pink News, Barnbrook will be jealous?Exclusive: Nick Griffin claims to have made BNP more gay-friendly

  9. Anonymous

    Homosexual Tory Party Blogger Iain Dale has just interviewed Griffin, hear what the triator has to say! "In Conversation with Nick Griffin"Total Politics Magainze You present yourself as a moderniser. But a blog written by your legal officer Lee Barnes is all about how ethnic minorities and the Jews are awful. He reckons Britain is controlled by Zionists and their media puppets. There's just no way that if he's a national officer of the BNP, you can present the party as being anything other than obsessed by the usual issues.NG: Lee is a very strange and complex character. He's also regarded by all of Britain's Nazis as a leading treacherous pro-Jewish liberal, who's taken control of the BNP.ID:If he's liberal, I'd love to see someone who wasn't.NG: Lee is one of the people who believes that if you say that there's a Zionist influence in Britain, that does not make you antisemitic. We've got Jewish members. We've got a Jewish council group leader.ID: So some of your best friends are Jews… I see.NG:Lee is one of the ones who has taken most flak from Britain's Nazis, as he's taken the anti-semitism out of the BNP. But he's still fiercely anti-Zionist.ID: But if you say: 'Britain is controlled by Zionists and their media puppets,' there is only one way to read that. I would say that's a grotesque exaggeration. So you don't share any of those views at all?NG: No.ID: But you've allowed someone who's obsessed by Jewish issues to hold national office in the BNP.NG: I do, yes. As I say, if you look at his blogs and his arguments with people in the round, you will see that he's one of the people who's taken the obsession with Jews out of the BNP. It was there. But he's one of the ones who've taken it out by putting it in context.

  10. GriffinWatch

    "Until that is the local BNP candidate turns out to be an attractive lady of Pakistani descent."Yet more bollocks from the J.C.!!!!!Indeed it may happen, attractive they aren't.

  11. Nemesis

    Ano said, "Oh No! First Griffin lets in Black members and says he's is pro-Israel, now he pro-Gay, what's becoming of the poor old BNP? Interviewed in the queer's Pink News, Barnbrook will be jealous"When is the Griffinite Nu-BNp going to start standing-up and representing the white working class, heterosexual, provincial male?

  12. BNP Truth

    "NG: Lee is a very strange and complex character. He's also regarded by all of Britain's Nazis as a leading treacherous pro-Jewish liberal, who's taken control of the BNP."In a recent interview that Nick Griffin did (see above) he finally nailed the lie to Lee Barne's smug thinking that his party leader actually likes and respects him.Yes, Mr Griffin, so you've finally woken up to the fact which every sane person knows and that is your so-called "legal officer", Lee Barnes, is a strange man. You could have just said that he was a nut, a loony, a piece of fruit cake, a gibbering idiot, a pseudo-intellectual maniac who has been let loose in the BNP, or just insane.But I'm sure that he was just being kind to the misguidedly loyal and poodle prince, Barnes.Why don't Barnes just admit it that Griffin despises Barnes and uses him for his own propaganda that Barnes liberally supplies to support his master.So there you have it Lee…proof positive that even your own bloody leader thinks that you're a cuckoo.


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