Be on the look out for missing Turban.

Police have launched a nationwide hunt for the missing turban of Mr Singh (the B.N.P.s first OFFICIAL ethnic member)
They are very concerned for its health and well being.
Chief Inspector Mike “the hat” Bowler, head of the recently formed Section Headwear International Tracing dept. (S.H.I.T.). said yesterday:
“This is the sixth turban reported missing this week, we fear that the notorious criminal nicknamed the “Turbinator” has come out of retirement, it’s a very worrying development he added”.

“If any members of the public spot the missing turban they are urged to call S.H.I.T. immediately” “We don’t want this escalating into an international incident” he added.


6 thoughts on “Be on the look out for missing Turban.

  1. Anonymous

    As well as this Rag Head losing his turban he has also lost some messages of support, yesterday there was 327 posts of congratulations on the BNP website, today there is only 258. I reckon a lot of them were made up and posted by Gri££in and a few of his chums? Seems unusually that some posts have gone missing?

  2. Anonymous

    I've just received another begging letter from Gri££in, this time he wants money to set up a 'media fighting machine,' including sending some of his chums on a 'extensive professional media training ' course, (I wonder if that another Dowson venture?) Gri££in lets slip near the end of the begging letter 'Imagine our own team of spin doctors.' Well the euphemism for a spin doctor is a person adapt at lying, deceiving and creating myths and falsehoods etc, very fitting for Gri££in & smug Darby?

  3. Anonymous

    Scumbag, Smug Darby is now accusing Cllr Walker of being nobbled by the council, is there no depths Darby will sink too? Why does he speak about his one-eyed master selling out and being seduced by the high living and enormous salary and perks in Brussels? This has just been posted on his blog. "As for Alby, it turns out that he has just been given a directorship, fat salary and a brand new car from a Stoke-based windows company. This firm handles a large amount of contracts with various councils across the country."

  4. Anonymous

    The posting numbers concerning this RAG HEAD are like a yoyo on the BNP website, one minutes it's 327 then down to 258, at present standing at 260. Here is a recent selection of the utter nonsense and crap being written.MAYFAIR:A very warm welcome Mr Singh from Merton and Wandsworth branch. GANO:Can we have a video of Nick with Rajinder ASAP, let the other Sikh, Hindu and Buddists know that their fight is the same as ours!!!!!!! COCNEY AND PROUD:Welcome Rajinder I remember how you courageously spoke for Nick Griffin during his court case. You know what folks, Trevor Phillips has really lost the plot. The BNP has admitted Jews into the party for YEARS, we even have a Jewish Councillor (Pat Richardson – Epping DC) so why make all the fuss about the party being racist ? Why waste taxpayers money on a vexacious hate campaign against the BNP ? He needs to heed Rajinders warning otherwise he will be forced to pray to Allah in the years to come. A message for you Mr Phillips, "say it loud I am Cockney, Jewish, BNP and proud. Now stuff that up your politically correct backside !! WATCHFULLEYE:To anyone who thinks that the posters on here are insincere, or have been brainwashed – take a look in the mirror! We would have opened up the membership anyway – sooner rather than later – to good, honest, British- value loving people like Rajinder, in a democratic way. Would love to shake your hand Mr. Singh. Watchfulleye. (ex -Tory)

  5. Anonymous

    I wished there were some Revisionists left in the party, the BNP's only problem is corruption and treachery from Griffin, Darby & Co.'Former Stoke-on-Trent BNP man criticises party A former leader of the British National Party (BNP) in Stoke-on-Trent has criticised his old party as he prepares to fight it in the general election. Alby Walker said "there's a vein of Holocaust denying within the BNP".


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