Who’s got his nose in the trough now?

“The British National Party chief, who was elected last year as Euro MP for the North West of England, has submitted claims for more than £200,000 for his work in Brussels.

The costs, which come on top of his £82,000 MEP salary, include some £18,000 in “consultancy fees” and £10,000 in “agent fees”.

The BNP leader won his party’s first seats in Strasbourg after attacking MPs for having their “snouts in the trough”.

After being accused of failing to be more open about his expenses, he has now published a version of his claims on his personal website.

Mr Griffin claimed £175,000 in “staff costs” for eight employees with titles ranging from “European researcher” to “campaigns co-ordinator”. A further £31,000 was for “office management costs”, including an office in his home. His “office costs” included £2,800 on “furnishings” and over £4,000 on “repair, maintenance and security”. Mr Griffin made a pre-election pledge to be transparent about his expenses. But he is yet to reveal how much he has claimed of his £270-a-day MEP’s subsistence allowance, worth £40,000 tax-free every year, or how much he has claimed for travel.”


Oh the irony of it all!!!!!!!!! Nuff said.


9 thoughts on “Who’s got his nose in the trough now?

  1. Anonymous

    There are now 304 comments on the BNP website supporting this bloody Wog, including Dodgy Dowson who's eyes must be ringing up £ signs as he thinks of all those gullible brown skins he can con out of cash, as the supply of stupid Whites is running out?JIM DOWSON:WELL DONE! i think this is a watershed in UK nationalist politics. the times they are indeed ,a changing. a very brave , open and honorable move by the party. the old racist tag now shed what on earth will the Times and the other media leaches write about? CHERONIA:Welcome Rajinder. Things are going our way I think! I found out about the British National Party from some Hindu Asians who changed my way of thinking and opened my eyes.ROCHDALE LAD:Mr Singh for candidate as an MP!! That would be fantastic!

  2. Nemesis

    For hire: The BNP membership.Willing to vote on anything that you put in front of them!Willing to do exactly as you please, and willingly vote to change party principles and values as you see fit, even to elect you as a dictator of your very own party!Party leaders… don't make your political life difficult, allowing all those awful party members dictate to you what is in the best interests of democracy and party values.Get rid of them! Replace them NOW with our supine and malleable membership. They'll eat out of your hand and will take any insult and believe any lie!YES, IT'S TRUE! I've been a PARTY LEADER since 1999 and have steadily LIED and LIED and LIED to MY MEMBERS. Now they have given me the vote TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME to do exactly as I PLEASE!NOT ONLY THAT… but I am able to run my party almost as a PARTY BUSINESS! So there's no need to flip your secondary residence or abuse your priveleges, or even to run your several off-shore businesses.Just take over your party and DO JUST WHAT YOU WANT!!We offer very generous rates to hire our party membership, and if you get any malcontents or dissidents – just expel them!! Yes, I've been able to cynically manipulate my membership for years now and any whiff of dissidence I just get rid of them, and hardly a squeak from the rest of them. AMAZING! I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE HOW NAIVE AND STUPID THEY ARE!Just contact our sales team at Midas Consultancy and ask for Nick Griffin who'll discuss with you our very good rates.Remember, how membership comes with a guarantee, your money back if not satisfied. We have many GOLD MEMBERS and LIFE MEMBERS who have brought into my amazing salesmanship when I conned them all into putting even more money into the business when I fooled them that the party was at stake.They are available for any rainbow or multicultural party as I've now managed to train them all to accept all members of any kind and race and religion (apart from Muslims, but I'm working on that with the big boys over in Israel and the Global Elite).SO PLEASE CALL US… NOW… AND YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!THE BNP MEMBERSHIP – like turkeys voting for Christmas, docile, weak and naive. RING NOW FOR A FULL COLOUR INFORMATION PACK.

  3. Anonymous

    "WELL DONE! i think this is a watershed in UK nationalist politics."Ethnics could join the now defunct National Democrats back in 1997. It got this party absolutely nowhere and they were roundly trounced by the BNP back then.The BNP is trying to rewrite history again!

  4. Anonymous

    what's with this obsession with not appearing 'racist', mayhaps they do protest too much, but or course their prejudice racial or otherwise is against their fellow Whites who aren't quite moneyed enough!If all these gutless morons have to concern themselves with is 'being branded racist' then they may find themselves right at home with their own gutless types…birds of a feather and all that.

  5. Anonymous

    Truth is Nick Griffin has never done anything for the BNP for Free. He has always wanted paying.When he first started to hijack the party he wanted paying for his articles in Spearhead.The man gets his car paid for, travelling expenses, food expenses and lots more.At the EGM at the RWB a couple of years ago, the man even had the cheek to tell members that if he should be toppled as leader, he would be given 30k as a pay off.He has never done anything voluntary for Nationalism but expects everyone else to do so. He expects you to put your hand in your pockets for him to squander it, but do you think he will be donating ANY OF HIS WAGE TO THE PARTY.If you do your dafter than we thought.


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