Loves music, hates his underpants.(by the looks of it) :-)

A rather amusing photograph highlighting the “types” of people who are standing against us nationalists.
(check out the chap third from the left)

Ripe for a caption competition this one.

I’ll start you off.

“That cheap lager is going through me like a Porsche”

Thanks to S.F.B.


10 thoughts on “Loves music, hates his underpants.(by the looks of it) :-)

  1. Anonymous

    Probably a down and out lifted from the street and offered £5 to stand at the stall to make numbers up. They look like a bunch of dossers themselves.

  2. Albert

    Has anyone else spotted something odd about"Swampy" apart from his wet breeks?He seems to be sporting a dead fox or some other beastie draped across his shoulders.Where DO they find these drongos?

  3. E. N. Ronn

    "Some anti-Fascist you are! I told you not to by lager past its sell by date from that Nick Gri££in. He'll have you stripping asbestos from his barn roof without a face mask next!"

  4. Albert

    As this "demonstration, I believe, took place near Barking Creek would it be reasonable to state the following……Dover for the ContinentBarking for the Incontinent!! Boom Boom!

  5. Nemesis

    "Damn it, I pissed myself again. I'm sure I'll be outed sooner or later as a Special Branch infiltrator. I really do hate this job, get me back in uinform, pleeeease…"

  6. BNP Truth

    BNP Legal Affair supremo, Lee Barnes, joins a local Zionist UAF stall in his home county of Kent in support of Zionism and Israel.Nick Griffin's right-hand man, Mr Barnes, said "Let's bomb the Palestinians into the ground and then nuke Iran back into the Stone Age… after all, we don't want all those Israeli Jews moving to the UK do we?"Shortly after, a van load of white nationalists were seen dragging the long-haired Mr Barnes away from his new Zionist friends and dumping him in the back of the transit, before driving away at speed towards the Dover Cliffs.The police have since issued an urgent appeal to the public as he has not been seen since last Wednesday.Mr Barnes requires regular medication for his neurological condition and his doctors fear that if he is unable to take his medicine he will attempt to take over the British National Party and stage an armed coup in the nearest branch of Tescos, and to instigate a war against non-believers of his fantasies and to carry out mass genocide against all sane people.Members of the public are urged to keep their distance and to call the police if he is spotted.The police have issued a warning to the kidnappers that he may attempt to smear them as "Hollywood Nazis", "Idiots", "Inner Traitors" and "Searchlight Spies" if he is allowed to escape.Nick Griffin, Chairman of the British National Party and MEP for the North-West is inconsolable. "Lee is a loyal colleague and has always been there to smash any party member who has attempted to criticise me or to get in my way. I just don't know anyone who will fill his poistion if they don't find him. I hate those "Hollywood Nazis", I'm glad I got rid of them from the BNP and it is with pleasure that I can state quite proudly that the BNP is now largely representative of modern, multicultural Britain. I owe Lee a lot in providing this for me".The Israeli Embassy meanwhile has alerted its Security Service, Mossad, in its search for Mr Barnes and has included contacting all known Jewish shops selling bagels in the hunt for one of its loyal gentile stooges.Meanwhile, his relatives have dismissed all suspected sightings of Mr Barnes and refuted any suggestion that he was a Zionist and that he was kidnapped by white nationalists."We think it was more likely that he was abducted by aliens. It was well-known that Lee was far superior to most of his peers that it is conceivable that aliens would have taken him to try and discover if he was one of theirs".However, most commentators disagree and believe that Lee Barnes is a deluded egotist who simply went one step too far and disappeared up his own anus.

  7. Anonymous

    Why is it always whites who are at the forefront of these "anti-racist\fascist" organisations and events?Im guessing most are from privileged middle class bratgrounds who have never done a decent days work in their lives.Also, on another note Im getting frustrated more and more on the BNPs website. Most of my comments dont even make it anymore (any comment with the word Israel or Jew in it…). Its neigh impossible to get ant sort of dialogue going that questions even the most mundane.How can they be expected to get my support when they blot out everything one says?


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