And so it begins.

“Only the British National Party can save Britain from the terror of Islamist colonisation and protect the identity of the British people, said Sikh activist and the first ethnic member of the party, Rajinder Singh, today.

Speaking after being given his party membership card, Mr Singh said he was determined to ensure that the BNP’s “message was heard without distortions and lies.

“All of the other parties follow policies which will result in the Islamification of Britain,” Mr Singh said.”

Griffarage and his cronies continue with the Establishment/Zionist “it’s all the muzzies fault” mantra unabated.

If you don’t see now that, under Griffarage, the B.N.P. has been turned into a Zionist/state operated safety valve, then we suggest a trip to specsavers, pronto!!!

The muzzies aren’t the only problem in our Countries and they most certainly aren’t the biggest problem, you know this, I know this and Griffarage definately knows this.
Note how Mr. Singhs turban has mysteriously vanished, so much for looking out for Sikhs eh Singhy.


15 thoughts on “And so it begins.

  1. Anonymous

    There are already 71 comments on the BNP website praising the Rag Head joining, one calling himself Mandela!!!!!! WEE PIXIE:This article more than any other has convinced me that I must finally join up – so I have – yippee!!! I've just filled in the online form and am awaiting a reply. I've wanted to do this for months and have only tonight found the courage to press the buttons but I'm well chuffed and look forward to really getting involved in the fight. ENGLISH LADY:Good for Mr Rajinder Singh, it's great to have him on board! Lets hope we have other ethnic members join us soon – Mr Singh supports and understands completely how we feel from his own experience of islamification of his homeland, and agrees we want to hold on to our identity as a people and a country – we welcome him and value his support. MANDALA:Rajinder, you are held in the highest regard by everyone who has met you, and although we've never met I wish you the best of everything. I enthusiastically welcome Sikhs into the party and hope to be bringing in at least two families into the mix myself. BRITISH BULLDOG:A very good friend of mine is a Sikh.I think I might tap him up now that Rajinder has joined because he shares the same ideas as myself. I think now that the door has opened we could find a flood of new members from the Sikh and Hindus.

  2. Anonymous

    Sikhs are a menace to White civilisation!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sikh Man murders ex-Girlfriend."A woman was stabbed to death by an infatuated ex-boyfriend outside a restaurant as her fiancé waited inside, the Old Bailey heard today.Gemma Dorman, 23, suffered multiple stab wounds from a seven-inch kitchen knife as she shouted “No” and tried to escape.Weeks earlier she had complained to the police that Vikramgit Singh was stalking her. He had bombarded her with up to 400 text messages in a week after they split up, the court heard. Singh, of Southall, pleads not guilty to murder in July 2008. The case continues."London Evening Standard 2nd March 2010

  3. Anonymous

    There are now over a hundred degenerate comments on the BNP's website concerning the Rag Head, here is a selection, we now know the moronic, racially unconscious types that the party is attracting!MANXMANSatsrikal meera paaji……[Greetings my elder Brother!]. Welcome to Mr Singh. Sikhs, Hindus and Chinese immigrants all commit less crime and get better educational qualifications than the indigenous British population. They are here in relatively small numbers and do not on the whole seek to impose their culture on us. They are a warrior Nation and it can genuinely be said that where Britain is concerned, they have contributed more than they have taken. It was Sikh friends of mine in Birmiingham who first alerted me to the dangers of Islamism, many years before I or anyone else took it seriously. Mr Singh is a brave and honourable man and I welcome him and any more like him who respect our right to be British in Britain. I thank you Mr Singh for having the decency and good sense to see through the media lies about our Party and to offer us your support. STANa very warm welcome to you, mr singh. i always knew (and hoped) that letting non-whites join our party would happen sooner or later, and will not only enable people from ethnic minorities who respect and cherish everything we hold dear to join us in the long fight, but also work AGAINST trevor phillips and the establishment who thought they could destroy us by playing their nasty little games. anyone know when trev's birthday is – i'd like to send him a biiig wooden spoon with engraving, saying "stir it too much and will splash over you". IANWelcome Raj I am not a racist. I enjoy curry, meeting new people, and travelling abroad. I have asian friends. What I dont like, are Islamofascists and the cowards who pander to them.

  4. Anonymous

    There is now 166 stomach churning, despicable comments on the BNP website. There appears to be a lot of scum named Walker in the party!Rob Walker:On behalf of Northants East BNP I welcome Rajinder to our group. Churchill Fan:“I am a Sikh and proud to be so, and I respect and support the right of British people to be proud of who they are, and their right to remain the majority population in their homeland." Well said Mr. Singh and welcome to the Party. William Booth:Go in peace Mr Singh and others like you,a belated welcome to Britain from my family since the 10th century. God bless you sir.

  5. Anonymous

    Buffoons is right. The very same people would have burned down mosques and temples if Griffin had ordered them to. The sycophancy in that party makes me want to vomit.

  6. GriffinWatch

    It will no doubt be Griffarages cronies posting many "different" posts to declare that they aren't "racists" what a waste of time, the B.N.P. are still called racists/fascists/bigots etc. etc. etc. by the M.S.M.

  7. Henry

    He has paid Griffin for this and you've seen the evidence in Singh's own words on this very site. See Here was born in what is Pakistan – it doesn't matter if he worships Allah, a Guru, or a Hindu cow, he's still a Paki.Griffin talks now of the 'Islamist menace' but I remember a time when he sat on the floor of Colonel Gaddafi's tent and supped goats-head soup in the hope of receiving Islamic money from a Muslim who had put Semtex and AK47s into the hands of the Marxist boyos of the Provisional IRA Belfast Brigade.Someone needs to develop a deadly virus that attacks people who are vulnerable to being hoodwinked by Griffin, and release it into the community forthwith.

  8. Anonymous

    The BNP are State sanctioned 'nationalists' in the same vein as their Plaid Cymru/SNP co-horts ie. cultural nationalists as opposed to cultural and racial nationalists.The BNP to use their own words, nothing more and nothing less than 'civic nationalists'.

  9. Anonymous

    When you say state, I hope you mean the bandit state of Israel.Rajinder Singh is a million miles from being a nationalist. He is just a mixed up and twisted fellow with a grudge against Islam. The sort of people NuBNP supporters want but what nationalists could do without. I had to put money on it I would say he is a Zionist Jew from Israel and not a Sikh from India.

  10. Nemesis

    Words frequently heard in the not too distant past:"I'm not racist but…"Words NOW heard from the BNP:"I'm not racist…in fact, many of my colleagues in the BNP are Blacks, Chinese,Asians, Sikhs, Hindus, Africans, Jews…"

  11. Nemesis

    The BNP can now formally announce its new logo in keeping with its new multicultural constitution and membership, so that it can now be a part of the multicultural, politically correct society that we all enjoy and live in.The new logo is%$£&!OR,"THE PARTY FORMALLY KNOWN AS THE BNP"(With apologies to the pop artist, Prince).


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