BREAKING NEWS. More support goes to the N.F. from the B.N.P.

“STOP PRESS! Ex-BNP sitting councillor defects to the National Front……Metro and Parish Councillor “

More to follow on this story in due course.


3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS. More support goes to the N.F. from the B.N.P.

  1. Anonymous

    Why is Griffin & Howson importing candidates from London to contest seats in the South West, I thought they said the party was expanding at an enormous rate? It's all total bullshit! This lady is a member of the Croydon branch from South London. "BNP to contest Bridgwater seat.The right-wing group announced it had selected 48-year-old Donna Treanor as its candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset."

  2. Anonymous

    The NF got a mention in last week's Yid Chronicle, looks like the Board of Deputies aren't happy at all. Well done to the NF, the BNP are no longer a threat to ZOG!Anger at National Front inclusion in government inquiry By Simon Rocker, March 5, 2010 Jewish Chronicle.The Board of Deputies has protested over the participation of the National Front in a government inquiry into racism in schools.In a letter to the inquiry head Maurice Smith, a former Chief Inspector of Schools, chief executive Jon Benjamin said it was "deeply concerned" to hear he had met representatives of the NF.Mr Benjamin wrote: "We are at a loss to understand what you hoped to gain by dignifying the National Front with your time and your attention. "We are aware of proposals to prevent members of far-right groups from taking jobs as teachers but we are unsure what benefit a personal meeting with these groups could have since they would inevitably resist the introduction of such measures with all means at their disposal."He said the Board felt "quite strongly" that the meeting had lent the NF "credibility that they do not deserve".Mr Smith, who is director of education at the Manchester diocese of the Church of England, declined to comment. He submitted his review last month to Schools' Secretary Ed Balls. According to the NF's website, the meeting with Mr Smith took place in November. "Ed Balls is seriously looking into banning National Front Members as well as members of other nationalist parties from being teachers," wrote NF press officer Tom Linden."I felt it was also important to point out that a teacher who was a member of the National Front would be as 'professional' as any other."A spokesman for the Schools Department said: "Maurice Smith is independent of government and how he collects evidence for his review is totally up to him. "But any report that ignored certain views could be seen as unfair and biased."

  3. Anonymous

    This has just appeared in the Stoke Sentinel newspaper, Darby may as well now stay at home in Wales watching Great Tits from his bedroom window?'But BNP deputy leader Simon Darby will now definitely come face-to-face with Alby Walker after the city councillor confirmed he is standing as an Independent in Stoke-on-Trent Central.Mr Walker quit as the BNP's Stoke-on-Trent leader earlier this year after becoming disillusioned with party politics.Mr Walker's campaign is being funded by an un-named benefactor after his £500 deposit was paid by two elderly constituents.He said: "I have applied for the election pack which I expect to receive once the election date is announced."I am standing but can always do with extra funding for leaflets and posters."


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