South West Regional treasurer resigns in disgust.

“Brin isn’t the only South West official to resign this week. John Savage, the Regional Treasurer has also resigned in disgust at the way Mike Howson is mismanaging the region. He’s another one that has to go before there’s no South West left.”

Griffinwatch will be watching Mike Howson (pictured above) very closely from now on.


12 thoughts on “South West Regional treasurer resigns in disgust.

  1. Anonymous

    Witness gross treachery in action tomorrow at the Central London County Court in Room 5 as Griffin drives a stake through the heart of the BNP!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I've heard there has been some resignations of officials in London also over mismanagement and Griffin's total capitulation to the Equality Commission. The regional Nominating Officer has walk off in disgust!

  3. Anonymous

    This was printed in the Guardian last Wednesday, I wonder if it's got anything to do with Gri££in backing out of yesterday's BBC Politics Show debate? It sounds as if psycho Lecomber has been taken out of mothballs?"……..when its people are issuing death threats. Two have been referred to the police in recent weeks. One by Dominic Carman, Griffin's one-time biographer who is standing against him as a Liberal Democrat in Barking. He says his threat came from an "identifiable individual, a BNP supporter". The other threat – a video posted on the web in the name of Wandsworth BNP – featured Equality and Human Rights Commission chief Trevor Phillips, the man the party loves to hate, and suggested he be "dealt with". Both men have urged Nick to intervene and condemn the culprits. For "this is London in 2010, not Berlin in 1933", says Carman. The response: silence."

  4. Anonymous

    This is the latest from Darby's blog, what an utter joke a 'battle,' Griffin didn't even jump the first bloody hurdle! It total capitulation to the wishes of the multi-racial EHRC organisation! "We seem to be in court quite a lot these days and tomorrow is no exception with the next round of our battle against the EHRC taking place in London."

  5. Anonymous

    Traitor Griffin has recently been on a holiday in Spain living it up and tomorrow will sell out to the Multi-Racial Establishment, what a complete and utter bastard, he doesn't care less about us ordinary British Nationalists! (this is latest from his blog) I wonder if he met Marxist Mandy Mendelson while he was out there?"You might have thought that a couple of days away in a tiny Spanish village with just two bars"

  6. Anonymous

    This is happening in every region ? this is deliberate ! WTF is going on ? why all of a sudden do the regional organisers either look like thugs or retards and have the I.Q. of rodney trotter ? the party is being closed from within !

  7. BNP and proud

    I used to do security for Griffin and others back about 4-5 years ago. Howson had the nickname "animal" for very good reasons.The depraved scumbag has serious personal problems which others have said should have seen him either sectioned or arrested. Strange that neither has taken place.I will name Simon Darby as the person, that Griffin trusts to approve these kind of appointments. A few years ago there was a team of young, idealistic and very capable individuals who took the BNP to new heights. When they noticed the utter scumbags being promoted by Darby(State)/Griffin and started telling others as well as bringing this to the attention of Griffin they were expunged.Each one was then smeared, attacked and in some cases taken to court by Darby/State/Griffin.You know their names; Sadie Graham, Kenny Smith, Nicholla Smith, Ian Dawson, Bev Jones, Steve Blake, Richard Chadfield, Danny Lake, Mick Simpson, Roger Robertson.Every one of them was attacked by Griffin but through their silence these past 2 years they have proven themselves the faithful and loyal.

  8. Anonymous

    Howson is Dowson's no.1 bully boy. He suspended 4 long serving and respected South West officials because they had the temerity to ask perfectly reasonable and justifiable questions about Dowson's monetary dealings vis a vis the party. The 4 suspended were Peter Mullins (party Defence spokesman and former RO), Jeremy Wotherspoon (South West no. 1 Euro candidate and party Housing spokesman), Joan Bridge-Taylor (party Social Affairs spokesman) and Peter Lucas (former Torbay organiser). Trigger happy Howson's fiasco had to be quietly patched up by the National Organiser at a meeting in Exeter which Howson was obliged to attend whilst the suspendees had their say. Howson was forbidden, on Eddy Butler's instructions, to open his mouth at this meeting. This humiliation was Howson's punishment. You'd think he'd learn a lesson, wouldn't you? Not a bit. He's informed the entire region that Peter Mullins is now forbidden to speak at any party meetings and that he is no longer the party's Defence spokesman. Just one thing – he's omitted to tell Mullins. Spite, resentment, ego and the desire for revenge have always gotten the better of Howson. One day the party will pay for it – big time.

  9. Anonymous

    Butler is Dowsons no1 bully boy,Dowson has only ever spoke to 'animal' a few times, no the bully boys are. dowson , butler, golding, colgate. This is the team that now run wild. they are all as chumy as hell but put a front on to fool the masses. THEY dont even like Howson.


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