B.N.P. Energy spokesman reluctantly resigns in disgust.


B.N.P. shadow Energy spokesman and former Cornwall Organiser Brin Jenkins has reluctantly resigned from the party citing some of the “dubious party management decisions”.

“Well that’s it, I am resigning my membership. Its with some regret, I have made many pals in the last six years but enough is enough.

Control of the party is now in the hands of intellectual pygmies paying big salaries and silly fines out of my contributions.

The wrong people have been sacked or got rid of. Dowson, the lying snake oil sales man has wrought havoc in and behind the scenes.

Brin Jenkins, ex Cornwall Organiser and energy spokesman.”

Unfortunately more and more decent members are beginning to feel that they can no longer tolerate the current ineptitude atop the party.Ed.

Brin remains a nationalist and we here at G.W. thank him for his years of party service and his current brave stance. Ed.


14 thoughts on “B.N.P. Energy spokesman reluctantly resigns in disgust.

  1. Anonymous

    How come last year before the euro election it was all dowson,videos of the call centre,sackloads of begging letter etc,etc but now before an important general election nothing ? Brin welcome to a growing army of ex members and pissed off members.

  2. Nemesis

    As the small but growing nucleus of REAl British nationalists, following only the principles and values of nationalism and the Code of Honour of our movement, we welcome you.We salute you for your courage, honsty and integrity in standing up for what is right and for opposing what is so clearly wrong.Many of our colleagues, or former colleagues, still lie beholden and transfixed by Griffin and Dowson and the rest of the hierarchy who have sold them the snake-oil that they still believe will work.When they wake up from their hypnotised state they will follow us and join us …to victory.

  3. Anonymous

    A few words of wisdom from one of the East Midland member\numpty" WHY DO WE NEED A CHANGE OF LEADERSHIP"typical of the disilusioned ex labour suppoters that now infest the party!

  4. Anonymous

    Who are the real British Nationalists and where can I join them. I am totally hacked off at my donations and hard work not going anywhere except in the pockets of the corrupted and the funding of their lifestyles.

  5. Anonymous

    I don't know Mr Jenkins and have never heard of him, but he speaks the truth about Dodgy Dowson, his statement just reiterates what many of us have be saying recently about the state of the BNP under the incompetent and corrupt leadership.

  6. sleeping satellite

    On a side note now that UKIP have sacked nikki sinclare wouldnt it be beneficial for griffin to bring her/him/it on board and stand it in the general election for brighton central ?

  7. EssexBNP

    Another good person leaves Griffin's rapidly sinking ship. Morale is low and Griffin's reluctance to appear on the BBC Politics Show is seen round here as a sign of cowardice.

  8. Anonymous

    It's irrelevant that 'Old Jimmy Boy' is going soon since Griffin is still well and truly in charge. Brin isn't the only South West official to resign this week. John Savage, the Regional Treasurer has also resigned in disgust at the way Mike Howson is mismanaging the region. He's another one that has to go before there's no South West left.

  9. St Pirren flagflyer

    I can vouch for Brin. He is a sincere nationalist and true British patriot. He has done wonders down here but was always frustrated by the "centre". His biggest obstacle was that useless idiot Hannam who caused more hassle than anyone.When Brin heard that the tw4t brain was made NATIONAL treasurer he wrote to GRiffin to complain. The lack of a meaningful response tipped Brin into a state of resignation.There is hardly anything left in the SW region. Most of us will either vote UKIP or not vote at all. That Nick Griffin really has some answering to do and to those very good people he brought (us) on board a few years ago.

  10. Anonymous

    colgate put hannam in the job so why not ask her why. i bet its something dodgy as he was sidelined for years then a top job. it stinks of something.


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